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15 Photo Sharing Websites to Store and Promote Your Images Online

Here is a list of ideal photo sharing websites for those looking for storage and promotion for their photography.

By Nancy Young 2019-07-19 0 3,145
30 Awesome Mobile App Designs Featuring Counters and Graphs

The era of internet and technologies surround us with tons of information traffic. Information comes from all around and sometimes it’s quite difficult to comprehend it in its primary form. The designers find a way to turn this boring statistics into useful stunning presentation using graphs and counters.

By Nancy Young 2013-11-25 0 7,169
Top 10 Most User-friendly Content Management Systems

There are plenty of different content management systems all around the Internet. No matter you’re setting a personal blog, a corporate website or just want to start out your online business, the age of CSS and hand-codding pages are left in the past. Today all it takes is purchasing hosting and installing a content management

By Nancy Young 2012-11-16 0 6,339
50 Amazing Brochure Design Examples to Get Your Inspiration Out

I’d like to come back to the basics of web design, I mean printing products. Do you know that printed brochures is an old and classic way to represent different information about a company and its products in order to attract more people.

By Nancy Young 2012-11-01 0 12,622
Websites and Facebook Covers Halloween Customizations

Happy Halloween, our dear readers! The spirit of Halloween is felt in the air. Streets are decorated with pumpkin-lighting, wreaths, spiders and other stuff. October is a perfect time for witches, ghosts and goblins to come out and play. Halloween with its trick-or-treat visits, autumn colors and emotions is calling and it’s waiting for all

By Nancy Young 2012-10-31 0 3,004
Web Designers’ Life: 50 Funniest Pictures from all Over the Web

Nothing can be better than to be laughing and happy. Do you know that a minute of laughter prolongs life with five minutes? So try to smile more often.

By Nancy Young 2012-10-26 0 5,899
Take a Total Control of Your Website Typography: 15 Text Effect jQuery Plugins

Every person who runs a website desires to have the most attractive and eye-catching design. Typography plays one of the most important roles in website design. A good typography can easily draw the visitors’ attention or turn it away. It creates a mood on the website and carries an important meaning at the same time.

By Nancy Young 2012-10-24 0 2,768
Trick-or-Treating: 36 Halloween Print Ads to Scare You

The Halloween spirit is felt every autumn and especially in late October. Soon the streets will be filled with scary pumpkins. Kids in costumes will ring at every door shouting “trick-or-treat”. It’s obvious that a pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween. But do you know that the tradition of pumpkin-lighting went from Celtic? People created

By Nancy Young 2012-10-22 0 6,248
100 Smashing Websites with Full Size Image Background

Internet and a screen resolution are advancing, therefore more and more designers use full sized photos as a website layout. A background image is a quite old web design trend, but still it is worth to be noticed.

By Nancy Young 2012-10-18 0 11,775
Inspirational Breakdown: 60 Typography-Driven Websites

Today it’s quite hard to deny the fact that the world has a really powerful influence on the way of thinking. Therefore, a style and a manner of the text typing is a great instrument to influence on users’ behaviour. Making clean and cool typography is a basic skill of any web designer. But you

By Nancy Young 2012-10-12 0 19,764