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Nancy Young

100 Fresh & Free Packs of Photoshop Brushes You Should Have in 2012

Having a great collection of Photoshop brushes is essential for any creative person. These days the main issue with Photoshop brushes is not in looking for them, but in finding high-quality brushes. An overstock of materials for a designs creation leads to time loss.

By Nancy Young 2012-10-10 0 11,954
Collage Photoshop Tutorials Bundle: 70 Awesome Manuals

I’d like to talk about collage as a trendy form of art. Collage is a specific technique of art which is made of pieces of different artworks (or just ordinary things) which create a new perfected look. It can include ribbons, newspaper clippings, a bit of colored and handmade papers, text paragraphs, photos and other

By Nancy Young 2012-10-03 0 13,544
25 Free and Premium jQuery Image Slider Plugins

Development and designing of web pages has become easier with the development of jQuery. It allows developers to do a huge number of difficult tasks by writing a several lines of code. If you appreciate our previous collection of jQuery scrolling plugins then today’s post with free and premium jQuery image slider plugins will be

By Nancy Young 2012-09-28 0 4,119
Emotional Design: How to Make Things Work Better

Have you ever thought why people like a particular thing, but not another one? The philosophy of emotional design was created in order to understand the human vision of the world of things and its reflection in design. Donald Norman, the author of the book “Emotional Design: Why we love (or Hate) Everyday Things” presents

By Nancy Young 2012-09-24 0 2,249
Freelanсing: a Few Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Give Out

Freelancer’s way is one of the hardest ones. But if you drew yourself into the circle of freelancers, try your best to be good in it. No matter what kind of job you do, sometimes inspiration leaves you and you can’t bring yourself to work well for a few days or even a week. Sadness

By Nancy Young 2012-09-11 0 1,960
15+ Free and Premium jQuery Scrolling Effect Plugins

When it comes to developing web designs in the stream of the latest web trends, jQuery UI becomes one of the most popular and widely spread trend. The most important moment is that there’s no need to write down endless code lines.

By Nancy Young 2012-09-03 0 3,428
7 Creative and Useful Gifts for a Designer

Holidays make life better as they are always funny and memorable. Also we wait for holidays to get a gift or to give a gift back. On the Christmas Eve or a day before your friend’s birthday party you start looking for a gift. It often becomes a great issue to choose the right present

By Nancy Young 2012-08-28 0 1,527
Viral Marketing: Unlock the Secrets on How It Works

Coca Cola is a quite famous brand, which needs no advertising. You know this drink, you’ve tried it more than once and you wouldn’t abandon some Coke for lunch. In order not to lose their customers, Coca Cola keeps producing its advertising. Bright and colorful Coke video ad recalls the approach of Christmas, just take

By Nancy Young 2012-08-20 0 1,227