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We are always looking for your web design related articles, skillful tutorials, eye-catching showcases and fresh innovative ideas. So if your post meets the following requirements we’ll be glad to publish it:

  • We’d like your article to have 1800+ words. For this amount of words you are granted with a nofollow link in your Author bio.
  • One in-text dofollow link is provided for either 3000+ words or for additional payment. The link must be reviewed before the topic approval.
  • Please include at least 5 JPG images with source links to illustrate the article or 20+ items if it is a list/showcase. Send images in a zip file.
  • All pictures have to be 922x416px wide.
  • We don’t approve posts with duplicate content (i.e. the content that’s been published somewhere before). Please do not even try that old trick, we check each post manually.
  • Check your posts for spelling & grammar errors. We only approve well-written copies.
  • Please make sure that you have a Gravatar account with a picture.

We allow some contextual text links from the article body, but only in case they’re highly relevant to the topic! All the links are reviewed and moderated. The links can’t but be no-follow.

We also allow 1-2 text links pointing to your website or social media profiles from the “about the author” section. You may have maximum of 2 links, out of which the 1st may point to your website (use your company/brand name or your URL – like domainname.com – as an anchor text for your backlink) and the 2nd will be your social media link. These are no-follow links as well.

If all of the above works fine for you please write us at [email protected] and we will be in touch shortly.