Teen Websites to Break All the Barriers

When I just started thinking about this post I was sure that there are myriads of cool teen websites. It’s super great when you’re 15 and it might be reflected in web designs. That’s what I thought before. In practice everything appeared to be more oppressive.

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Three Levels of Web Design on the Edge of Psychology

This article is what we think will be very good and valuable for web designers who regularly interact with clients and understand the importance of being good at what they are doing. There are hundreds of tactics you may apply for a new project but you need to find out one working great for the

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36 Polygon Style Web Designs: A Magic of Geometry

Polygon art is deeply rooted in 3D modeling and video games designing. Now it is widely spread in graphics and web design and, frankly speaking, it is absolutely deserved. Angular geometric shapes bring a surreal experience into ordinary designs. In general, people like original solutions like that.

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The Art of Texture in Web Design

Do you like the use of texture in web design? When a designer knows where to stop textures can give a clear definite focus on every element. It won’t confuse, but will rather impress site visitors.

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Your Very First Website and Wedding: Surprising Things They Have in Common

Wedding is a fabulous day for most people. Typically it induces strong positive emotions and causes people to focus on happiness. This great occasion is unforgettable and we thought that it might be a good idea to talk about a website creation process as about a wedding ceremony. Outwardly, it may seem a weird thing.

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10 Yoga Principles You Should Apply in Web Design (Even if You’re Not a Yoga Fan)

In recent years yoga has become rather popular in many countries. It focuses on minds and physical perfection, so it matches people with different activity levels. Today we’d like to try to apply yoga principles in web design and to see how to improve your workdays.

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The ‘Sex Sells’ Technique – More Rewarding in Web Design

If you’ve ever worked on the web you probably know that the absolute majority of site owners and editors avoid accepting nudity content. While working on this post we were worried about even having the word “sex” in our title and URL – that’s how careful site owners and bloggers are about this topic. Everybody

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40 Famous Websites Built with Ruby on Rails

Have you ever tried to code with Ruby? It is considered to be one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages. It is fun and flexible, so everybody who wants can become a developer.

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20 Examples of Print Inspired Web Design

Gone are the days when we endure drab and uninspiring minimalist web pages. Companies, bloggers – and everyone in between – are embracing a return to the print design of yesteryear to make their pages stand out in an overcrowded world. They are trending towards olde world advertisements, traditional magazine layouts and brochures, with a

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Death or Design: 8 Places to Get Inspired

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. We never know when she will decide to grace us with her creative blessings. No matter what your profession—author, artist, physicist, dog trainer—there are bound to be unfortunate lulls in your creativity. Visit one of these 8 places to rediscover your inner design muse.

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