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How to Create Website: a Short Guide for Busy People [Updated]

Several years ago building a website was a super complex task and only professional web developers were able to cut it. Times have changed and now if you are a smart one you can create a website yourself.

By Ann Davlin 2021-09-24 0 13,642
100 Free Halloween Facebook Covers – Make Your Friends Green with Envy [Updated]

Nobody’s forcing you to celebrate Halloween. If you don’t like this holiday you can just ignore it and spend the day like an ordinary one. But in this case, all your friends, neighbors, and co-workers will have a day full of jokes and fancy-dress parties and you’ll miss all these delightful events. Don’t stay aside

By Ann Davlin 2021-09-10 0 78,554
Top Website Templates Designed in iOS 7 Style

Nowadays iOS 7 is so hot that even if you don’t use iPhone or iPad you’re still sure to have heard about all of the neat features and slick design elements of this operating system. Ok, probably you don’t know all the features exactly, but as techie person you are at least aware of the

By Ann Davlin 2020-12-18 0 8,914
50 Facebook Timeline Covers for Christmas – Enjoy the Holidays

Christmas time is here and the world around is so beautiful! Snow falls down and Santa Clause is waiting for the proper time to come. These days millions of people all over the world feel like children: they believe in fairy tales, leave glasses of warm milk on windowsills and decorate homes with Christmas trees.

By Ann Davlin 2020-01-30 0 42,987
30 Free Thin and Light Fonts for Your Very Best Flat Web Designs

The most memorable web design trend of 2013 is flat design. You may like it or not, but you will agree that this new style is what many designers are about to start working on. Millions of developers and site owners want to turn their web projects into flat. Some people get on in it,

By Ann Davlin 2020-01-22 0 23,448
Create Website Layout in Photoshop – 50 Step-by-Step Tutorials

Modern Internet is full of new ideas and encouraging opportunities to earn money online. Some say that it’s as easy as ABC and requires no extra efforts from your side. Others are not so self-assured and prefer to be more careful. Anyway, in most cases if you want to run a business you need a

By Ann Davlin 2020-01-18 1 37,570
38 + jQuery Carousel Sliders – Make Your Content Look Crazy Cool

There is nothing more impressive than an eye-catchy image gallery. Your site visitors will see it every other day and like it. The best thing is that these galleries can rotate images as well as text and video content. And that’s really awesome, am I right? That’s why I’ve found 38 jQuery Carousel sliders for

By Ann Davlin 2020-01-10 0 38,118
Color Combinations from Hell – Death Sentence for Your Designs

To design effective websites, you need to know basic color theory rules. These rules can save you from crucial mistakes, but today we’d like to draw your attention to those errors made by someone else.

By Ann Davlin 2020-01-01 1 117,347
Free Photoshop Actions for Retro & Vintage Effects

Would you like to save time when editing photos and images in Photoshop? Every professional designer and photographer have to know this secret, because it’s really awesome! Use Photoshop Actions and you’ll avoid many troubles and time loss! Once record an action in Photoshop and then use it forever. If you’re too lazy to create

By Ann Davlin 2019-12-14 0 50,147
11 Reliable HTML5 Video Players for Your Website [Updated]

HTML5 will probably be the new standard to show videos on the web. Recently Flash players were extremely popular, but now they are going with the times. More often users choose HTML5 solutions. It happens because new players are flexible, compatible with major browsers (their older and newer versions) and well displayed on mobile devices.

By Ann Davlin 2019-05-02 1 20,734