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Your Church Website Can Look Better With a Couple of These Secrets

A year ago in September 2013 we published a post on ‘How to build a church website from a template‘. The year passed quickly and now we’d like to refresh the topic with some new ideas.

By Ann Davlin 2014-10-23 1 2,399
24 Promo Video Ideas for Web Designers & Developers

Since YouTube had appeared for the first time we truly felt in love with all its videos and clips. Millions of people have accounts on YouTube and regularly look for files to watch or listen. Thus business companies of different spheres of interests start using this trend for their own. Marketers create promo videos for

By Ann Davlin 2014-09-25 0 4,751
Create Website in Metro Style: Frameworks, Plugins, Templates

If you like Windows 8 styled designs this post will fit you and help create website in metro style. This modern tile-based UI is good for different businesses like consulting, logistics, translation services, education and childcare projects. Bright and visually optimized designs are also great for creative site owners with portfolios.

By Ann Davlin 2014-07-24 0 3,039
Doodle Art in Web Design – How it Can Be Applied

Probably every web surfer knows what Doodle is. This fun logo is used by Google to celebrate holidays and all sorts of more or less notable events. It is comical and nobody knows how it will look in a day or two. So millions of people enjoy these changes and willingly keep after them.

By Ann Davlin 2014-07-14 8 5,423
Teen Websites to Break All the Barriers

When I just started thinking about this post I was sure that there are myriads of cool teen websites. It’s super great when you’re 15 and it might be reflected in web designs. That’s what I thought before. In practice everything appeared to be more oppressive.

By Ann Davlin 2014-06-30 0 3,945
Three Levels of Web Design on the Edge of Psychology

This article is what we think will be very good and valuable for web designers who regularly interact with clients and understand the importance of being good at what they are doing. There are hundreds of tactics you may apply for a new project but you need to find out one working great for the

By Ann Davlin 2014-06-19 0 1,937
50 Free Square Patterns of Different Styles, Sizes and Colors

The reason why Internet is so great is an availability of a lot of freebies of different kinds. An online surfer can find almost anything in a few seconds and that’s great! Some can argue that there are too many similar elements to download. Such a wide range of choices confuses and one can easily

By Ann Davlin 2014-06-10 0 7,015
Sports Website Templates Serving Your Needs Online

Making websites aimed at your favorite sport activity can be a real fun. Whether you’re an advanced developer or a lowly sport fan you’ll enjoy the process of designing and creating a website for active people. Now we’d like to talk about sports website templates that can help you on this way. Don’t think that

By Ann Davlin 2014-06-06 0 2,363
Productivity Tips for Designers Who Care about What They Do

Do you know what to do and what not to do to enjoy your workdays and to get the most out of them? With these productivity tips for designers you’ll be able to control your business without getting burned out.

By Ann Davlin 2014-06-02 0 1,407
40 Retro Websites with a Spirit of Nostalgia

Retro style applies to 1910 – 1950 years. Some people claim that this term is longer valid and that retro goes on till the late 80-s, others are sure that the late 80-s are about those vintage years. But either way, both vintage and retro techniques are quite similar and can easily supplement each other.

By Ann Davlin 2014-05-30 0 3,574