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24 Promo Video Ideas for Web Designers & Developers

Since YouTube had appeared for the first time we truly felt in love with all its videos and clips. Millions of people have accounts on YouTube and regularly look for files to watch or listen. Thus business companies of different spheres of interests start using this trend for their own. Marketers create promo videos for companies and separate products/services. When done well it works really great and people who are concerned in online business want to have more winning movies.

24 Promo Video Ideas for Web Designers & Developers

The main problem of promotional videos is a wide use of advertisement that is rotated on TV, in supermarkets and big boards located in streets. People are tired of being forced to do a thing, so they try to avoid everything that sells (even if they need it). So there is a real deal to keep viewers from clicking away when your promo video just starts running. The only way is to make the video short and instriguing. Interested how to do it right? Define your audience and understand what really matters. Than you’ll know what to showcase and how to arrange it in the most proper way.

There is no standard categorization of promo video styles. So many people so many opinions. However, we’d like to feature 4 types of promo videos differentiated by aims:

  • Product/service launch video. It is usually made for popular brands that are already known by users. They want to prepare the market for a new thing launching.
  • Introduction. Online courses usually have this kind of movies. It presents just a little valuable information about lectures or whatever else. To know more about the subject people need to pay money.
  • Product reviews. Web development agencies prefer to have several videos of this kind. Such short films promote products and present useful information on how to use them in practice.
  • Video testimonials. Thankful clients are usually well disposed to companies they are pleased with. That’s why they can agree to make a short film for you. Online surfers like such videos and trust them more than any other advertisements. You can also combine several clips of this kind.

And now let’s find out another classification:

  • ‘Talking head’ interview. A professional actor or a company member can spread a word about the business, its values, aims and of course products.
  • Infographic/Cartoon video. Colorful drawings-based promo videos are very popular among users. They are usually fun and have an interesting plot.
  • Phone/Tablet app based video. There is no sense to promote mobile apps and devices without showing them in use. That’s why developers create so many app demo videos.
  • Live action. This kind of promos need real actors, locations and a professional video camera. It can be rather expensive because of costly and time-taking post-production process.
  • Screencasts. If you’re going to promote an app or a framework you can record changes users see on a computer screen when working with you product. This is a quite effective and really useful kind of promo videos.
  • Whiteboard videos. These simple and eye-catching videos feature a hand drawing on whiteboards in real time. Such movies usually look like comics and are well perceived by viewers.

Below we collected 23 promo videos of web designers and developers from all over the world. They apply different animation styles, so you can choose the most effective one.

Betrue Web Design Promo Video

Excel with Business (Web Design) Promo

Orange Country Web Design Company and SEO Experts

Scott Lawrence Talks about MotoCMS

Website Design Promotional Video

Chilliwack Website Design Promo Video

OuterBox Solutions – Promotional Video

Promo for Web Designer

E.Q. Web Design – Promo Video

Ex[;ainer Video Production Company

Rio Rancho Web Design & SEO Services

FloCreative Promo Video

Darley Web Design – Responsive Design Promo

Ice Cube Web Design

George Hahn Old Web Design Promo Video

GwebVDEO Web Design & Marketing Promotional Video

Web Design & Development Promo of ANP

Envision Web Solutions

Microtek Corporation – Web Design Company

Vocso – Premier Web Design Company

NJ Web Design Company

Cognus Technology, India

Reno Web Design

.Miami Web Design Company – Absolute Web Services

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