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Car Website Templates – Points to Look For

When starting an online vehicle business you can’t be sure it will be profitable. All autos-related markets are highly competitive and you should be ready to work hard to succeed there.

By Ann Davlin 2014-04-30 0 2,708
Your Very First Website and Wedding: Surprising Things They Have in Common

Wedding is a fabulous day for most people. Typically it induces strong positive emotions and causes people to focus on happiness. This great occasion is unforgettable and we thought that it might be a good idea to create a wedding website for a wedding ceremony. Outwardly, it may seem a weird thing. But let’s give

By Ann Davlin 2014-04-28 0 1,388
10 Yoga Principles You Should Apply in Web Design (Even if You’re Not a Yoga Fan)

In recent years yoga has become rather popular in many countries. It focuses on minds and physical perfection, so it matches people with different activity levels. Today we’d like to try to apply yoga principles in web design and to see how to improve your workdays.

By Ann Davlin 2014-04-17 0 1,298
40 Famous Websites Built with Ruby on Rails

Have you ever tried to code with Ruby? It is considered to be one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages. It is fun and flexible, so everybody who wants can become a developer.

By Ann Davlin 2014-03-31 0 7,956
Online Ruby Courses to Make Learning More Fun

Ruby is one of the most beginner-friendly and flexible languages on the web. It’s more popular than you can imagine. Really! GitHub. Fiverr, CrazyEgg, Hulu, Imgur and other popular websites are developed with Ruby.

By Ann Davlin 2014-03-26 0 1,928
Badge Rewards as a Website UI and Engagement Experience

From the early childhood we know when doing right we’re getting a reward and when being wrong we are punished or ended up with nothing. It works for grown ups as well. Some adults will do just about anything to get a peophy, even if it is non-material one.

By Ann Davlin 2014-03-07 0 2,847
Web Design Myths under the Microscope

Internet is a place where reality and digital world come together. We’re sure you can’t imagine your life without computers, phones and wi-fi connections. Virtual life becomes as much important as our daily routine and that’s why the way your site looks can affect all spheres of life.

By Ann Davlin 2014-03-04 0 2,077
Improve Website Conversion Rate by Simplifying Your Web Design

Would you like to improve website conversion rate? Or let’s ask another way: would you like to get more purchases from your site? It sounds great, yeh?

By Ann Davlin 2014-02-24 0 1,323
Transparent Elements in Website Templates Design

Transparency can help you create really awesome visual effects. It also adds some dynamism to static designs and conveys information rather quickly. This effect is usually used on backgrounds, images, menus, texts, icons, etc.

By Ann Davlin 2014-02-19 0 4,675
Web Design Conferences 2014 – The Most Anticipated Events for Developers

Web design conferences are great because they bring new opportunities into your professional life whether you’re a freelancer, an office employee or a business owner. On such meetings you have an opportunity to talk with true experts and to learn a lot from their experience. Web design conferences are also good because there you can

By Ann Davlin 2014-02-12 0 3,010