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Julia Blake

4 Tips for More Effective Website Images

With the right photos, you can accentuate your website’s design, complement its content, or even develop a visual hierarchy. In order to obtain the ‘right’ photos however, you need to learn a bit more about what is required for effective website images.

By Julia Blake 2017-09-25 0 511
Roofing Advertising: Powerful Techniques You Need to Know About

Marketing is a field that requires people who can think on their feet as well as individuals who are adaptable to the changing waves of technology. Currently, people are slowly moving from the expensive television, radio, and print media to online advertising.

By Julia Blake 2017-09-16 0 431
40 Best Handwritten Fonts 2017 For Your Fascinating Designs

The popularity of handwritten fonts 2017 has significantly increased in recent years. Their straight lines, curves, and swirls add the touch of elegance and uniqueness to your message.

By Julia Blake 2017-06-14 4 3,335
Best Movie Websites – Oscar 2014 Nominees Edition

Do you remember that the Oscar Show is coming this weekend? A few days left to this big day and big event. Still and all, you have some time to learn a bit about this year nominees. In this showcase I gathered the official websites of the movies fighting for the Oscar.

By Julia Blake 2014-02-25 0 488