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Top Stock Photography Trends to Look out for in the Future

The market for stock photography was already oversaturated by over 1.2 trillion photographs in 2017. Yet it is important to recognize the fact that photography is not simply about the number of photos generated. Photography is all about the subject, technique, and artistic value. While the number of photos is certainly astronomical, the market is still yearning for more. Many buyers who look for images will keep buying more. It is because of the simple fact – the best and most detailed stories one tells through pictures. Here is a roundup of some of the top stock photography trends for the future.
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Stock Photography Trends: Hard Lighting

The idea of matching solid-coloured backgrounds with bright hard lighting is an upcoming stock photography trend that is hard to ignore. This trend is bound to increase in popularity as it highlights the simplicity, authenticity, and positivity of the subject in focus. A cursory look at clothing posters and catalogs in department stores reveals that hard lighting will continue to be universally accepted into the future. Stock photos with these features will continue to be in demand. It is due to the clean and solid backgrounds which allow the customized use of things like logos and content.

Stock Photography Trends: The Need for Creativity will Rival Authenticity

Although the need for authentic photos will probably remain unaffected, there is a notable increasing trend in stock photography. Fresh and creative ideas are certainly becoming indispensable. An increasing number of photographers already understand this. Moreover, they are using natural settings and incorporate real people and real emotions. Additionally, more photographers will continue to use apps to edit photos and retouch images to achieve more creativity. Click more info to learn more about being more creative with photo editing applications.

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Stock Photography Trends: Images that Arouse a Sense of Strength and Freedom will be in Greater Demand

Let’s go ahead into the future. Images that hold an air of magical realism with the intrinsic beauty of ambience and models will gain precedence. Photos with dreamy backlight and warm undertone will become more popular with business owners and photographers.

Latest Photography Trends: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will Radically Transform Image Post-production

In the age of AR and VR, the technology still lacks the ability to copy how photographers compose pictures. The fact that individual personalities are different means that each photographer bears the responsibility of using their intuition when taking shots. Major changes in technology influence how we work and live. Unravelling the secrets behind stock photography trends is a daunting challenge in stock photography. From model, background, and lighting, virtually all aspects of a picture can be changed. And they can be changed to desired specifications or needs using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. In the future, AR and VR will radically transform the post-production aspects of image production.

Current Trends In Photography: Drone-Enabled Aerial Photos

Drone imagery is increasingly becoming the order of the day. There is a growing demand for stunning aerial clips and photography. To capture aerial clips and sell them certain local commercial licensing requirements might be applicable. So it is always advisable to confirm any restrictions before proceeding. Nevertheless, all the leading stock photo agencies will continue to demand great aerial stock photos.
drone photography

New Photography Trends: Lifestyle

Lifestyle and travel photography have long been dominant in the stock photos arena. Demand has radically increased in the internet and digital eras. In the not so distant past, there was a need for picture-perfect models dressed in high-end designer outfits in the backdrop of office environments. Nonetheless, there has been a notable shift towards more realistic lifestyle shots. Busy messy offices, workers in some dirty dungarees, and normal individuals rather than fancy supermodels. Additionally, there is a growing demand for models from the LGBT community. What is more, there is a greater representation of ethnic or racial minorities. Generally, lifestyle has always been in demand. Now it will continue to be in demand going forward, but there will be certain stock photography trends within the genre.

Stock Photography Trends: Time-Lapse

The demand for time-lapse images has been growing steadily for some time now. This goes hand in hand with the increasing quantity of video content. An ideal time-lapse photo will condense 30 to 60 minutes of coverage into a 10 to 20 seconds video clip that expresses a sense of motion. Producing a time-lapse is often time-consuming. Nevertheless, since they are usually sold as a video they tend to command higher commissions.

Besides time-lapse, hyper-lapse is another form whereby the camera moves through a setting as the shots are taken. Hyper-lapse is more difficult to achieve because any significant inconsistency from the fixed path will be unsteady in the clip. Nonetheless, hyper-lapse can also command an attractive commission.

New Photography Trends: 360-Degree Images

This is a notable trend on the verge of becoming really massive. A couple of stock agencies have realized the appeal and potential of this trend. They have started tapping into this upcoming demand. Many others have yet to go with the flow. The technology is currently in its early stages in terms of cameras and virtual reality headsets. However, the second generation is not that far away and the cost of 360 –degree cameras is set to come down significantly. In fact, this will probably be the next big thing when it comes to stock photography.

Latest Photography Trends: Cosmic Universe

The modern space development technologies, pop culture as well as TV and film are creating visual trends based on outer space environments. In particular, ultraviolet colors are increasingly becoming popular. In fact, this tendency we strongly associate with the concept, which usually presents powerful oranges and deep purple tones in fantastic, futuristic imagery. This suggests that the latest developments in technology, especially in virtual reality and augmented reality, will keep influencing stock photography trends.
cosmic universe photography

Stock Photography Trends: Natural Luxury

When it comes to patterns, most stock photography pros will acknowledge that more people become interested in elegant designs with luxury natural elements. This may not be a new trend. It is a minor upgrade from recent stock photography trends that revolved around the natural design. For instance, although marble was a popular pattern in the recent past, it normally includes more earthy and noble elements now, like tree rings. Consequently, the need for natural patterns has been increasing for some time now. It is therefore important to note that marble-inspired visuals are going to be trendy for quite some time.

Current Trends In Photography: New Minimalism

The neat aesthetics of minimalism will continue to change as we move into the future. In particular, they will reinvent minimalism with an array of exciting, vibrant colors. There will also be simple but powerful patterns like neon circles and continuous lines. Not so long ago, minimalism was highly popular, but at that time it concerned white textures with patterns ranging from complex 3D designs to nature-inspired designs. Nonetheless, all the rage about minimalism predominantly was concerning light or white toned. Choosing neon colors might be a matter of choice. Although it is clear that minimalism will be more accepted if the minimalist-styled image can work better with a specific target audience.

Stock Photography Trends: Conceptual Homes Designed for Efficiency, Ecological Sustainability and Health

While this trend has been here for some time now, its popularity is set to increase. More people become concerned about sustainability issues. Some of the top-selling images for interior spaces have had natural materials and tones, along with luxurious architecture and fixtures. Stock photography industry experts predict that the highest demand for images of homes will be for high-end, luxurious home exteriors and interiors. There will be a growing demand for images of conceptual homes with efficiency, ecological sustainability, and health.
Conceptual Homes

Current Trends In Photography: Global Social Movements

This photography trend is normally in the form of a visual representation of the prevailing social or political affairs. They connect people across the globe in activism for common causes. Images that convey messages of highly social topics that cover a variety of sensitive issues will continue to be trendy. The world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology and media.

However, how long the trend will last will depend on the amount of airtime that the media will give to certain social or political issues. Judging from the current situation, socially aware photos or images will be trendy for substantially longer. The topics are likely to change and evolve with time. Any serious stock photographer will want to ensure that they maintain a sensitive eye when making use of such types of images. Additionally, a serious photographer will ensure that they fully understand the position of the target audience.

Final Words

In a nutshell, this compilation is just a shortcut to gaining deeper insights into the stock photography market. For businesses, these are some of the things you should be looking out for when seeking the perfect stock photos for your website, blog, print media, or social media pages.

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