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Julia Blake

Considerations to Make When Designing Software

Creating any piece of software from an application to an entire system is no easy task. This is especially true in the modern day, as customers and users expect a very high quality and can be unforgiving at times. If you don’t put your heart, soul and a whole lot of effort into your software,

By Julia Blake 2018-03-27 0 1,495
4 Ways to Contrast Elements in Website Images

Contrast in web design is an extremely useful way to distinguish certain elements in website images and set them apart. In simple terms it involves differentiating the visual properties of certain elements so that they stand out. If you use image contrast effectively, you should be able to emphasize and draw attention to specific elements

By Julia Blake 2018-02-28 0 1,983
Make Friends with Online Essay Writing Services: 4 Tips

Utilizing an essay service for altering your work is an awesome method to give your paper an expert touch. When you don’t have a craving for inspecting your work or you need a specialist to check your essay. The correct editing service will be a significant advantage for your work. When it is your first

By Julia Blake 2018-02-12 0 1,584
Reviewing Defect Management Tool: Kualitee

Choose your own set of bug tracking tools to turn the boring testing hours into FUN minutes. Kualitee is one of such management tools!

By Julia Blake 2018-01-25 0 1,911
Brand Guidelines: Typography Role in Logo Design

This era belongs to the entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech geniuses. With the growing number of startups that have started dotting the business landscape, competition is higher than ever. While branding was important earlier, it’s even more important today. Of course, if you want your company to stand out from the rest and make progress. However,

By Julia Blake 2018-01-19 0 1,986
Can SMBs Overcome the Cyber Security Skills Gap?

A few short years ago, cyber security was mostly relegated to an organization’s information technology (IT) team. Sadly, cyber defenses were an afterthought to other network operational functions. As the threat of data breaches increased exponentially, IT personnel stepped up their game. But despite their best efforts, many IT professionals now don’t have the skills to respond

By Julia Blake 2018-01-18 0 1,259
Using Retail Data Analytics in an Omni-Channel Sales Strategy

The recent upheaval of brick-and-mortar retail has caused many people to completely rethink what it takes to be successful in the modern business world. Many legacy companies have lost their edge, or are on the verge of going out of business, due to an inability to react to changing times. Of course, there’s still a

By Julia Blake 2018-01-18 0 1,415
Why Freelance Work Online is Becoming Popular (and How You Can Get Started)

Some are calling it the rise of the freelance work online, while many have gone as far as making the bold claim that freelance jobs will take over 50% of the employment market by 2020. Let’s talk about it?

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3 Bundles of Free Lightroom Presets for Photography

Use these sets of Lightroom presets for portraits. Read the descriptions, view samples, and download the one you like for free.

By Julia Blake 2017-12-19 0 4,062
How to Find Your Social Media Voice

If you want to really stand out, talk about things that matter to your customers’ lives in a way that feels authentic to them. Here’s how to find your social media voice to help you do so.

By Julia Blake 2017-12-19 0 1,830