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Fashion Ecommerce Sites Design You Can Learn From

Fashion ecommerce has seen a boom in recent years and the fashion giants have turned their heads towards ecommerce. This has opened up the doors for many small businesses and lesser-known fashion brands to make a name for them in the fashion market. The fashion sales are a difficult task because you’re not selling a commodity but rather a living style and art form. This makes the design when you build a fashion website more important than the other ecommerce businesses. The fashion ecommerce sites do not only have to look like the art they’re selling but also involves a mix of ease of the shopping experience, clever copywriting and easy navigation.

fashion ecommerce sites
Moreover, the fashion ecommerce sites also have to anticipate the user problems and rectify them. Having said that, we’ve shortlisted 10 fashion ecommerce website design examples that every ecommerce website can learn from in this article. So let’s dive right into it and explore the journeys of these fashion ecommerce sites.


Reformation fashion website

We’ll start off with a store that has an amazingly eye-pleasing ecommerce web design. Reformation is an all-around fashion store that relies heavily on its amazing copy and marketing techniques. As soon as you enter the website, you are awestruck by their full-width slider background that draws you in. The background image sets the tone of the website and helps in getting the visitor excited about the store. When it comes to the fashion ecommerce sites, grabbing your user’s attention is very important. It would reduce the bounce rates and generally help in the SEO.

The personality of the brand is the unique selling point for Reformation. Reformation has a hip, witty tone set for all of their copywriting and it grabs the visitor’s interest like nothing else. For example, the tagline “Being Naked is the #1 most sustainable option, we are #2” is amazing.


The store uses the psychological element of scarcity by creating a separate category called “Almost Gone” where there are products that are not left in huge numbers in the stock. Scarcity is an essential part of fashion ecommerce sites design and is a driving factor behind generating more sales and increasing revenue.

Lastly, the website has unique product pages and the call to actions displayed on the product pages. The product page design is neat. Another interesting approach towards the CTA button is how it sticks around as you scroll down through the product pictures. Right at the bottom of the product page, they display similar products in a very interesting way. Reformation is definitely one of the fashion ecommerce sites which have an amazing ecommerce web design and other businesses and brands can definitely learn a thing or two from the website.

Sophie and Trey

Sophie and Trey fashion website

Next on our list is Sophie and Trey. When it comes to fashion web design, they seem to have incorporated all the elements that need to be there on a fashion website. As soon as you open up the website you see a background collage showcasing the products in an eye-catching way. The owners at Sophie and Trey model for their outfits themselves, hence making the customer feel connected to the brand. The top menu and the main menu is neat and there is no clutter.

Email marketing is a must-have for an ecommerce store out there and giving the visitors an option to subscribe to your email is an integral part of any fashion web design. This brand incentivizes the sign-up with a 10% discount. That is a great tactic that can prove to be beneficial in the longer run. You have the email of the customer to whom you can market and re-market your products for a long period of time in exchange for a 10% discount, while the customer can benefit from this first-timer discount; looks like a win-win!

sophie and trey

Another key element on their homepage is the social integration and proof. They display the customer photos on their home page that are uploaded on Instagram with their hashtag. This is a great way to establish social proof for the first time visitors of the website.  another

Another thing to notice is the chat option integrated on the bottom right of the page? ‘LIVE CHAT WITH A  STYLIST’. This is definitely something that a good fashion shopping website should have. Giving your customers the option to speak to someone with fashion authority and help them with their shopping experience is a great way to gain their trust.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal fashion website

Nasty Gal does everything right and more when it comes to fashion ecommerce sites design. It has all the elements that fashion ecommerce sites should have and goes a mile further in terms of design and services. The homepage consists of a neat menu and displaying all the right information that a website visitor requires when visiting a website. The delivery times and the discount offers are on display on the website. As discussed earlier, creating your email marketing list is essential for any business and Nasty Gal offers 30% off on their Cold Weather Essentials by grabbing a customer email.

Another amazing thing that Nasty Gal does is by supporting a charity. A part of the proceeds of the sales goes to the charity MTV Staying Alive Foundation. This establishes social awareness and proof that the brand is not just there to sell but to give something back to the community. The funky design and the bold statements that revolve around building a community makes Nasty Gal stand out.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal has amazing product pages. The pages have every single thing that a shopper wants. Product pages are the most important pages when it comes to fashion web design. The product pages of Nasty Gal have everything: amazing product photos, size guide, shipping and return policy and a hover to zoom option.


LOQ fashion ecommerce sites

LOQ has one of the most striking homepage designs that we’ve seen for fashion ecommerce sites. The stunning visuals and gorgeous photos arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way make you want to keep scrolling down until the end of the website. You just want more! The home page design is as minimalistic as it gets and out of the ordinary. When it comes to ecommerce web design, there are no set rules for what to do or not to do. LOQ takes a bold step out of the conventional design and sets the tone for its brand.

LOQ’s product pages are amazing in their own way. Taking a step away from conventional product page design, LOQ displays pictures in a grid. The product pages also include a conversion chart to make your sizes fit perfectly. The particular page that we have displayed includes a note to the shoppers to buy a half size up as the shoe is narrow in the shaft. A small, normally insignificant detail but it goes a long way in establishing customer trust.


Chubbies fashion site

While branding and establishing a brand identity might seem feasible for big giants like Apple or Coca-Cola but when it comes to fashion ecommerce sites, branding is everything. You don’t need a million dollar marketing budgets and big-name celebrities to establish your brand identity and Chubbies does just that! By sending out a clear message right on their homepage, the brand establishes who they are and what they believe in. Witty humor and taglines are a part of who they are.

The entire website is uplifting and embodies their brand spirit. Shopping for swimwear has never been this enjoyable.


Chubbies has carefully phrased the copies that they use on their website. Along with the words, the pictures that are used on the website cater to their target audience. A younger generation that would prioritize to enjoy the sunshine at a beach wearing funky colorful swimwear by Chubbies. The brand experience transcends across every page of their website right down to the product pages and the website footer.

The product pages have all the checkboxes required for ecommerce web design Chubbies does a little extra. They have this witty section just below the product pictures where they talk about the product. Apart from this amazing description, they also provide reviews on the product page establishing social proof. Chubbies is a fun store that makes your shopping experience enjoyable. That is why it falls on the list of our 10 fashion ecommerce sites designs that every website can learn from.

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel fashion website

Absolutely ravishing photography! That’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit Mansur Gavriel’s website. Photography is essential for any fashion shopping website and the team at Mansur Gavriel does it the best. The artistry behind the photos and the products is worth including it on our list. The shopping page has minimalist web design and has amazing visuals and of course amazing photography.

The white space is required in an ecommerce web design as it enhances the focus on the product. The minimalistic theme is followed throughout the website and the design is based around that. What really stands out for this website is the cart. There is no excessive information on the cart page. The design is extremely neat and tidy and no additional CTA’s are displayed. The minimalistic design theme is followed by the brand right to the end. Establishing a brand identity for fashion ecommerce sites is a difficult task but this website manages to do just that by following the brand identity of the luxury right to the end.


Missguided fashion website

Having a successful ecommerce fashion store involves a mix of a lot of key elements stirred into a perfect blend. Missguided‘s homepage focuses on incentivizing the visitor by offering them discounts and something that customers love the most. FREE DELIVERY! If you notice in the screen above, there’s a CTA button at the bottom right corner which further incentivizes the visitor by offering a 20% off.

Another thing we love about the Missguided home page is how they have created the subscription box for their visitors. Instead of using the normal boring copy of subscribing now they have made it interesting for the customer by using the words “Treat your inbox”. This would push the customer towards entering their email as it creates the curiosity of what they might receive in their inbox.


Missguided’s information architecture is amazing. There’s a menu button located on the top left of the page that creates a drop-down menu if you’re browsing on the desktop. The information and categories are in an organized manner and the architecture of this represenattive of fashion ecommerce sites is amazing.

Lastly, let’s talk about Missguided’s blog and appreciate how amazing it has been done. The fashion ecommerce store does not have a single category blog but has multiple categories included in their blog including company news. This is a great way to capture multiple types of customers and through proper analytics, the website can segmentize the customers depending on the interests based on the blog visits. This information is critical and can be effective in the re-marketing campaigns increasing the store ROI and revenue.

Bill Blass

Bill Blass fashion website

Stunning visuals and design are all you can talk about when you visit Bill Blass. Bill Blass breaks the rules but in the right way. The brand is all about stunning visuals and sleek design. If you scroll down below on their home page, you’d see an option to shop right from their Instagram account.

Establishing social proof and generating sales in one click. “Killing two birds with one stone”. The saying was invented for Bill Blass. Bill Blass follows the same code of keeping the design minimalistic and neat. There’s enough white space around the website to keep the focus on the products.

bill blass

The category pages have good design and include filters for the visitors to find their products. There’s a CTA button at the button right corner of the page for getting in touch with the website.

What we love about Bill Blass is how their product pages are set up. With amazing pictures and all the necessary information displayed on the product pages, what Bill Blass does is display pictures of the same product from Instagram right below the product pictures. Adding social proof and making the customer connect to the brand’s social media channels. There are essential social sharing buttons available that give a boost to the SEO of the website through social signals.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida fashion website

People often prefer buying from brands that give something back to the community. Pura Vida has been making waves in the fashion ecommerce industry by making charity the focus of their brand. What’s interesting here is their story: The brand revolves around supporting local artisans and then giving away a portion of sales to the charities including US Military, Animal, Cancer and Environment awareness foundations.

Pura Vida relies heavily on the exclusivity of the designs of their products and the website displays just that. The product pages stand out the most as they include social proof through reviews. Pura Vida also integrates the establishment of social proof by showing recent purchases pop-ups on their website. The charity pages include the products with the charities mentioned in the product.

pura vida

Pura Vida has a fun-filled subscription model that it successfully deploys. The design of the page is amazing and displayed fun-filled pictures followed by a clear CTA and options available for the customer. There’s enough information provided on the page for the customer to make a decision about their purchase. There are monthly subscription options that the customers receive from the brand which include 3 bracelets.

Pura Vida blog is another thing that we’d like to talk about here: The blog design is amazing and fun filled. There are different categories that users can choose from. Pura Vida incentivizes the blog visitors by providing valuable information to them. This includes DIY aka do it yourself.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios fashion

Acne Studios features last on our list but has every single thing that is required by a fashion ecommerce site. There’s a hero background, excellent photography and the focus on the product itself. This is one of the most reliable tactics for a fashion store and it works great. What we love the most about the Acne Studio website is how their product pages are maintained. They’re neat and stylish. The photography is done just right. As you keep scrolling down, you see further categories and collections. This is something out of ordinary as usually, the fashion ecommerce sites deploy filters in the product categories.

acne studios

Now let’s talk about the product pages. The product pages follow the same design theme as rest of the website. They’re neat with amazing photography done. The necessary information required by a customer is displayed on the product pages and the brand mentions free complimentary shipping on all orders. The size guides are given and the shipping and return policy is also displayed along a clear CTA button.

However, the brand displays the product pictures in a unique aesthetic way. You have to scroll down to find more pictures of the product and they’re arranged in an amazing manner. At the end of the product pages, Acne Studios recommends products to visitors. This is a great tactic that established relevance and authority. Especially if the customers are repeat customers, they would like to know what the brand prefers and recommends as the trust has already been established. Shopping is usually an impulse decision and the website visitors can bounce off your sales funnel at any moment.

Wrapping It Up – Fashion Ecommerce Sites

Are you still reading? Great! Now that we’ve shown your 10 fashion ecommerce designs that every website can learn from, what changes would you make to your fashion ecommerce sites?

There isn’t a single, definite sure fire way of getting the things done right. As a fashion website owner, one has to keep multiple things into perspective when creating the website design. The design should represent the brand identity, the sales funnel should be easy to navigate through, the home page designs should be conversion centric. There are many aspects when creating a fashion website. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to add any other amazingly designed fashion website and we will love to include that in our list.

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