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The Ugliest Website Colors: 7 Combinations To Avoid

Let’s look which website colors to avoid in any design, not just from aesthetical point of view, but bearing in mind your practical business aspirations.

By Helen Miller 2017-09-11 1 530
The Geek’s Depot: Top 10 Free Web Design eBooks

Whether you code, design, optimize, sell, cook, paint, or do any other thing, eBooks come in handy as great tools to pump up your skills. Basically, good eBooks are based on a professional experience, real-life examples, analytics, and other things that can help you to avoid mistakes in your business.

By Allison Reed 2017-08-08 2 1,604
10 Tips To Help You Create Magnificent Flat Web Design

It’s not a secret that web design trends come and go. Some of them, the minor ones, flash on the sky only once and fade, the others tend to evolve and have undulating popularity. Flat web design can be attributed to the latter group with no doubt.

By Helen Miller 2017-06-08 0 1,127
Huge Typography in Web Design

Typography is another way to draw audience’s attention to your website. Lately huge typography became a very popular web design trend and it started being used in corporate and business card websites, photographers’ and designers’ portfolios. Fonts, size, color, typeface – everything does matter when it comes to winning visitors’ favor. And as far as

By Ann Davlin 2011-06-22 0 498