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What’s below the fold is not visible for users. This conventional wisdom seems to rule the most of website designs today. Due to this trend website footer becomes one of the most neglected website elements that is paid little to no attention. Web designers use a footer as a place to store everything that didn’t fit the header. That’s why we see tons of mediocre footers with mosaics of information pieces that don’t combine well.

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When your company runs like a well-oiled machine, what are the top factors that contribute to your success? Alternatively, when challenges arise, what are their main causes? If your organization is like the vast majority of firms out there, then the answers to both questions likely contain something related to communication.

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With a plethora of highly-proficient web development tools and frameworks, it’s not hard to design and develop a website, like it used to be earlier. Most of us understand the significance of a website design. It is the face that represents your business; it not only epitomizes your online presence, but it offers a medium to interact with your audiences.

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The rules on modern web change faster than chameleon changes his color. To keep up with latest trends you need to trim your sails to the wind and know what trend may bring you benefits in your niche. Growing market of mobile devices as well as their affordability for most people dictates rules for website development. In this light responsive web design is a trend that seems not to fade away in the nearest future.

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Browser extensions are tools that may be helpful for any Internet user. They may speed up any process or boost user’s productivity by helping to perform various actions from searching for various stuff, managing your tabs or tweeting and sharing to social networks to more specific actions like bugs’ fixing or image editing.

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