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Grid-based design is simple and elegant. It uses pure classic forms like square and rectangle in various combinations. Such combinations are multiple and help to create unique layouts. Grid is the main organizing design for Metro style, but it’s not the exclusive Metro creation. In general, most of website layouts are based on grid structure that determines where each and every element should be arranged.

Grid-Based Design

Custom Error Page appears on every site when something unexpected happens with the page link. Technically, 404 error is a request error – this means the user has typed in the URL that doesn’t exist on the server. Even though it’s most likely the user’s fault, it’s still very disappointing for the user. Web designers today create funny and unusual 404 pages that make visitors stay with the site and prettify their unpleasant UX. Moreover, it seems like perfectly designed 404 Page can increase site conversions and even push online shops visitors to buy their products.

404 pages

1960s were a perfect period for artistic movements. Despite many elements of the 1960s art that are used in modern web design may be classified as retro or vintage, there are a few movements that should be perceived apart of retro style. Pop Art style in web design features bold and unbelievable color combinations, collage paintings, and ordinary stuff as an art object.

Pop Art Style

With a growing trend to simplicity and lightness that emerged during last year, more and more plain design elements stand out and gain popularity. One of such elements, ghost button, can now be seen on a great number of websites you can come across when browsing the Internet. It seems to be very useful and variative, however, as any new introduction, ghost buttons trend rises controversy and gains opponents as fast as it’s gained its backers.

Ghost buttons trend

One-color website designs and templates are the latest trend in design. Like another trend – minimalist style – monochromatic website design attracts people with its elegance, sophisticated ambience and unobtrusive look.

Monochromatic website design




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