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Commercial activity has already grown out of usual boundaries. Internet technologies changed the process of product purchase forever. The notion of ecommerce dug deeply in minds of consumers and business people.

No matter whether you have – a small business or run large company – you must have a website for your business. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail, because your enterprise will be undoubtedly crushed by competitors. So it’s time to make a selection of an appropriate solution for your commercial website. MotoCMS prepared for you something special to launch online store.

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If you’re part of the design community, then the flat design trend has been impossible to miss. From Microsoft’s bold transition to their Metro UI, to Apple’s latest move to a flatter, more minimalist design for iOS 7 – flat design is everywhere. And it’s not limited to user interfaces either – it’s also entered the logo design world, with logos that now appear to sit more flush to the background, and that have a significantly heavier reliance on color to convey meaning instead of gradients, shadows and depth.

Flat design logos inspiration

UPDATE. Summer continues a little bit more!

Great news for all our users! MotoCMS team gladly announced that MotoSummer promo is extended untill September 15! You can choose and purchase any MotoCMS template with 30% off for 5 more days!

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Another summer season has come to its end. Warm atmosphere of fun and freedom is fading away, leaving behind tons of cool memories. The days of bronze tan and fiendish heat are becoming aftersounds of the sunny season. If you already miss it all badly, don’t be upset. Our friends from MotoCMS has got some good news for you!

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A simple, clean and visually consistent website gives web users a feel of comfort and control. A viewer always wants to see soothing and consistent design, as it becomes easy for them to understand the desired message of a site. Therefore, many designers consider visual elements while designing a user-friendly website.

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The eCommerce market has become the fastest growing segment in the web world. And, given the rising popularity of eCommerce, retailers across the world are moving to online retailing. Simply put, retailers are building online stores to promote and sell their products.

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