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Flat design appeared a few years ago when users started getting tired of various gimmicks of the traditional skeuomorphic designs. New style introduces alternative approach to the web design: simplicity of the structure, plain graphics and lack of textures. Flat website templates attract users with peaceful charms of the interface without overwhelming glossy elements. It is soothing for the eyes what makes such templates perfect for responsive design features.

Flat Website Templates

In the present corporate scenario, no organization or business entity can do without a website. A website has come to represent your organization’s front face in the virtual world, and whatever you present on the website makes a critical impression on its users. Therefore, most users scan the website zealously and look out for information pertaining to themselves. Most users take only a few seconds to determine whether the information presented is useful for them or not, otherwise they abandon your site and head off to the next one.

15 Critical Usability & Design Factors that Contribute to Website Success

Color is a powerful tool of many design fields. Beautiful color palette may attract visitors to the website, and vice versa – a poorly planned palette may ruin the impression and even kill website conversions.

Games are the important part of human life. Kids start learning and discovering the world around us with a help of the game. It’s no surprise that games are staying with us in adulthood. Computer and online games as well as mobile gaming apps are ones of the most popular leisure activities today. Thus, finding the best gaming website templates is essential for those who wish to promote the gaming business, share the latest game news and project announcements, as well as establish new connections with gamers from all over the world.

Gaming Website Templates

Finding the perfect rock band font for the band’s website is a hard-rock task. If the font is used for a logo it becomes even harder. The logo is a hallmark of the band, thus it should be unique and recognizable among all fans. Free rock band fonts that you can find here are perfect for website layout, logotype, album cover design and overall merchandise.

Free Rock Band Fonts




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