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Running a jewelry store online can be tricky. This niche is a very sensitive to many social, psychological and economical factors. So you need to carefully explore it and make some research to find out what kind of jewelry you are to sell and who will be your audience. And then you should choose a perfect design for your jewelry website that will convert.

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What do you imagine when hear the words “Hero image”? Most of younger population people will imagine pictures of Batman, Superman or other graphic novel characters. But for a web design this term has an absolutely different meaning. A trend for the use of huge photos and images on a Home Page emerged in web design during recent years. These photos got the title of “Hero images” and today hardly any cool website design goes without those big pictures in headers or backgrounds.

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Funny term is it, not? The old age term called “design is design” now seems to be dwindling and turning on its head and we have this entire cesspool of thoughts and inspirations that keep telling designers what to do or what not to do, how to think, how to be inspired, how to go about finishing a layout, how to go about making a UI, how to understand the customers – this list is endless. Are all of those articles worthless? Hardly but designers need to get this thought firmly embedded; crafting an innovative layout and marketing it are tow entirely different things.

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Does getting a brand-new website with an awesome design seems to you the main path to popularity and glory on the Web? Content is extremely important too and you should offer your visitors the best of the best. But do you really think it’s enough to get you terabytes of traffic? Yes! SEO! You should optimize your shiny new website to appear on top of search engine results page and get those unique visitors to your website.

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Medical industry is the field that (hopefully) can make us feel better, healthier and thus – happier. Happiness is closely associated with smile and laughter. And a perfect smile can’t be imagined without healthy and beautiful teeth.

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