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Despite the growing trend to visuality and great use of photos, pics and sketches to present data on the web, there is still much about text. Web is still 95% about typography and we still need to read lots of text to get all the necessary information. That’s why typography is still one of the main design elements that requires a lot of attention and thought-out approach.

Responsive Typography Main

When it comes to designing or developing a website, the tools or resources you utilize have a huge impact on the overall workflow and results of your project. The more reliable and time-saving your tools are, the better are the chances that you would focus on crucial things and make effective decisions. To create a foundation for lucrative results, it’s essential for both developers as well as designers to make use of resources that will help becoming faster and efficient.

Time-Saving Tools and Resources for Web Designers and Developers

A year ago in September 2013 we published a post on ‘How to build a church website from a template‘. The year passed quickly and now we’d like to refresh the topic with some new ideas.

Learn how to create church website

When it comes to web design, designers are keen to follow trends and justifiably so. Web designs can indeed help you to make a splash with your website. However, among all the blossoming trends, there are some trends which can – and must – be left behind, as they can prove to be the nasty burns for you website’s prospects.

The Obsolete Web Designing Trends That You Must Ditch. Now

Content sliders become very popular among website owners especially if they own online stores for their products. Such popularity is easy to explain. jQuery content slider adds vibrancy and freshness to the website. It helps with presenting the most important and useful content of a great amount of the website information as well as improve usability.

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