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10 Design Mistakes to Avoid in an E-Commerce Website Design

Before you start designing and setting up your own E-Commerce website there are certain things you should always keep in mind for optimal performance. Plus the success rate of the website also depends on how you avoid and tackle the most design practices that are part of E-Commerce design. The following 10 points cover most mistakes that should be avoided during the website designing process.

In recent years yoga has become rather popular in many countries. It focuses on minds and physical perfection, so it matches people with different activity levels. Today we’d like to try to apply yoga principles in web design and to see how to improve your workdays.

10 Yoga Principles You Should Apply in Web Design

If you’ve ever worked on the web you probably know that the absolute majority of site owners and editors avoid accepting nudity content. While working on this post we were worried about even having the word “sex” in our title and URL – that’s how careful site owners and bloggers are about this topic. Everybody knows that search engines can penalize a website for such content or punish it in another way. However, as long as sex sells brand owners continue using provocative photos, sounds and texts in their own web designs.

Sex Sells, Especially on the Web

Have you ever tried to code with Ruby? It is considered to be one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages. It is fun and flexible, so everybody who wants can become a developer.

40 Famous Websites Built with Ruby on Rails

Ruby is one of the most beginner-friendly and flexible languages on the web. It’s more popular than you can imagine. Really! GitHub. Fiverr, CrazyEgg, Hulu, Imgur and other popular websites are developed with Ruby.

Online Ruby Courses to Make Learning More Fun




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