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Finding the perfect rock band font for the band’s website is a hard-rock task. If the font is used for a logo it becomes even harder. The logo is a hallmark of the band, thus it should be unique and recognizable among all fans. Free rock band fonts that you can find here are perfect for website layout, logotype, album cover design and overall merchandise.

Free Rock Band Fonts

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social image sharing website that has taken the design world by storm. Created on the basic concept of real pin board (that you have in your home and office to pin-up all the nice things that you collect); Pinterest allows you to create and manage the theme based picture collections on a typical pin-board styled social image sharing website.

If You Haven’t Pinned Your Design on Pinterest, Know What You are Losing!

Website design today tends to use unique and unbeaten solutions. However, all designs, no matter how whimsical they are, are still based on classical shapes and forms that include geometric elements. Geometry in web design creates futuristic and appealing look adding rugged effect.

Geometry in Web Design

One of the main characteristics of a perfect website design is a sense of harmony and balance. Symmetry and asymmetry in web design are widely used to provide the website with a special image. In human mind symmetry is mostly associated with that balance, so most of us consider symmetry to deliver a true beauty. Asymmetry is much more about unbalanced and wiggy creations. But if we look closer, we can notice that symmetry is not always a beauty and asymmetry is not always a mess.

Symmetry and Asymmetry in Web Design

The term Whitespace in web design is usually referred to the blank space around all other design elements (pics, graphics, text, columns, menus etc.). In fact, it doesn’t necessarily has to be of white color. It just doesn’t have any functional elements, buttons, pictures and typography. This white space can provide the website design with many benefits if it’s used properly.

Whitespace in Web Design




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