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If you like Windows 8 styled designs this post will fit you and help create website in metro style. This modern tile-based UI is good for different businesses like consulting, logistics, translation services, education and childcare projects. Bright and visually optimized designs are also great for creative site owners with portfolios.

Create Website in Metro Style: Frameworks, Plugins, Templates

It may sound paradoxically, but retro style never becomes outdated. This style is one of the most flexible and light, so vintage website templates are extremely popular and can be used in various spheres of business and entertainment.

Delicate Beauty of Vintage Website Templates

It’s easy to forget just how amazing the Internet is. We can use it every day for practically anything.

Digital Cultures: How Do Other Countries Use The Web?

Probably every web surfer knows what Doodle is. This fun logo is used by Google to celebrate holidays and all sorts of more or less notable events. It is comical and nobody knows how it will look in a day or two. So millions of people enjoy these changes and willingly keep after them.

Doodle Art in Web Design – How it Can Be Applied

Grunge website templates are trendy during recent years. Usually people think of a good website as of clean and tidy designed web pages with strictly structured layout, geometric elements and bright colors. In most cases such designs look boring and unattractive. Ideal forms and straight lines are not specific for nature and asymmetric elements look more pleasing for eyesight. That’s why grunge design is so popular and attractive for customers.

Grunge Website Templates Add Personality to the Site




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