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Mobile-First Design: Converting DVDs to MP4 for Responsive Web Experiences

Mobile-first design is also called mobile-first approach. This particular approach focuses on designing and developing applications and website / content which is compatible with mobile devices. Since the whole world is now available in the palm of our hand due to everything accessible and available through the mobile phones. Every business, brand and big name has an online platform through web-based applications, other applications and websites. Some offer services and some only inform or communicate with their targeted audience by uploading new products, some sell the products online etc. All of these facilities are available online and through our mobile phones. The software development teams prioritize this fact while designing and developing these applications and websites. Once the development is complete, the application and websites have to go through a detailed process of quality assurance to ensure that the targeted content is compatible with all the smart devices views and screen sizes. It is tested to ensure that the application has a seamless and smooth experience for the user in both portrait and landscape modes.

Three-Step Process

Web design

The applications and websites have to go through a three-step process here:

  1.  The design team receives the requirement and starts with prototyping and sketching of all the screens of application and website. Then the designers start designing the approved sketches using dedicated tools including the main screen, the buttons, message popups and even the text is put into the designs.
  2.  Once the designs are approved, the development starts on all of the targeted views including website and all the screens of an application. The functionality is added to each of the screens and the transitions are added, the button clicks and leading to another screen are handled at this stage.
  3.  Next is the QA which is the department which tests and operates the website / application on different platforms and tests to ensure that the application is accessible and user friendly. The department tests if the application performs all the desired functionality smoothly and doesn’t hang or glitch.

Why Is the Mobile-First Approach Important?

If you are still wondering and not convinced about why the mobile-first approach is important, here is why:

  1. Designing the content with mobile-first approach prioritize mobile users while leading to increased and better engagement and a smooth user experience
  2. Since the screens are small, the content is designed and placed in a way that it is well managed and all the major functionality is available in a single glance which makes it convenient for the mobile users to avail the desired functionality
  3. With Mobile first approach in focus, the design is created for small screen initially which increases as the screen size increases, allowing the user to enjoy what they see and understand what is being offered to them in one glance

Converting DVD to MP4 for Web Responsive Experience

As mentioned earlier, the web responsive experience is enhanced with the mobile-first design approach as with the increase in size of the screen, the view becomes more engaging for the user to capture their attention. If you want to know how to convert a DVD to MP4 for web responsive experience, here are a few things which need to be kept in focus:

  1. All the elements which require attention need to be displayed in the right places and should be highly compatible with all smart devices
  2.  All of the content should be optimized including video, images and transitions to allow a seamless experience to the user
  3. The typography used should be fluid which would adjust according to the screen size so everything is placed according to the screen size and fit it perfectly
  4. All of the functionality including touch of a button leading to another screen or a pop up along with links and other elements should have the feature where touch functionality is enabled for the smart devices.

Benefits from Converting the DVD to MP4

  • Optimization allows the video and images along with audio to be loaded faster and the transitions play smoothly. This enhances and improves the overall experience of the video which increases the viewership. The faster loading and streaming don’t let the viewer to divert their attention towards anything else.
  • Optimization of the title and descriptions allows the chances of the video / mp4 to appear in more search engines which in turn increases the viewership. While converting these DVDs into mp4 it is essential to put in the correct metadata to increase chances of appearing in the search engines.
  • Such optimized videos are watched, liked and shared by a large number of audiences with increase engagement and interaction with the viewers.
  • When the videos are optimized, they take up less space which leads to reduced cost of bandwidth as well. Converting the DVD into mp4 reduces the file size while keeping the quality and leads it to load easily when accessed.
  • This process of converting DVD to MP4 makes the video compatible with all the smart devices as they use the HTML5 supported format. They are easily accessible, load faster and allow the user to have a good experience. MP4 files are accessible on a large number of devices and across a huge number of platforms which makes it easier for the content to be shared on a variety of platforms leading to reach a large number of audiences.
  • As shared earlier, MP4 files take up less space which is very less as compared to the content saved in DVDs. During the process, the quality of the content is not compromised so the user gets to enjoy high quality video in less space occupied.

To summarize, the web responsive applications and videos enhance the user engagement and have a higher probability of being access by a large number of audiences. If you are planning to share your content on an online platform, it is important to convert it into a format which is web responsive to make it accessible to a large number of viewers / users.

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