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5 Most Popular Node.js Framework Examples in 2018

Enhancing JavaScript capability for server-side scripting, Node.js Framework development has come to the forefront among the programming languages in 2018. Node.js brought a noteworthy move, of running JavaScript outside the browser which is largely acknowledged by the JavaScript developers. Being technology contributors we are already aware of the Node.js backend development and web application development capability.

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Due to its distinguished features, Node.js is high on the demand of backend developer community and technology giants. Major features consist of the single-threaded event loop and asynchronous and non-blocking input/output processing. Using this primary features and approaches of Node.js, many performance-driven frameworks are being innovated. These Node.js frameworks can be leveraged to speed up development cycles and gear up the power of Node.js development.

The applications built on these frameworks have varying advantages and strengths and all share one common advantage that is, all are written in JavaScript, hence are compatible across devices, operating systems, and browsers. These Node.js frameworks let you to craft real-time end to end web applications without any other third party app server, web server, technology or tool.

Node.Js Development Companies and Freelance Node.js developers who are seeking distinct strategies to speed up their web development workflow, without compromising the results should look at these notable frameworks.

Here, we are describing 5 Node.js frameworks that have extended the core functionality of Node.js with latest features and will be emerging rapidly in 2018.

Express.js Node.js Framework

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Express.js is one of the most important web application development frameworks for Node.js and has brought Node.js to next level. It is a flexible and minimalist Node.js web framework for developing robust web applications and mobile app programming interfaces.

Express.js is incorporated applicable features, like simplified multiple routing, database integration, template engines and so on. Moreover, Expert Node.js Developers can also write extension or plugins or packages for express. Well-known websites and apps such as Geekli.st, MySpace, Yummly, Klout, and Segment.io are built in Express.js.

Express gives the flexibility to use any template engine conforming to the signatures, any user authentication scheme, and any third party database. It helps you to define the project directory structure the way you want.

Hapi.js Node.js Framework

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This Node.js web framework has great potential for developing application program interfaces and other software applications. Many full stack developers prefer Hapi.js for developing meaningful and quality applications. The framework acts as a stable, secure solution as well as helps to deploy the application.

It is mainly known for its robust plugin system and numerous key features, consisting configuration-based functionality, input validation, error handling, implement caching, logging and more. It is especially good for passing around a DB connection.

Hapi.js is considered as go-to-technology for both enterprises and startups. Several large-scale websites, such as Concrete, PayPal, Disney, Wal-Mart and more are leveraging the Hapi.js framework.

Mojito Node.js Framework

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Mojito is another markable Node.js framework and JavaScript framework based on cocktails, Yahoo, and another powerful mobile application development platform developed by Yahoo Developer Network. It also acts as an MVC application framework and can create high performing mobile and web applications with JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5.

Mojito offers developing high performance and standard based cross-platform applications that run both on client and server side since both the client and server components are written in JavaScript. It also provides a convenient way for data fetching and perfect for local development environment and tools.

It works like a module that connects to other core Node modules very well and implements Cocktails’ on-line/off-line, hosted application and multi-device platform. Mojito is suitable for simplifying library localization and internationalization.

Meteor Node.js Framework

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Meteor is powerful open source MVC Node.js framework for developing web and mobile applications. The framework lets you build real-time applications for both clients and serve. Meteor mainly supports Linux, Windows, and macOS.

You can create an application with fewer JavaScript code using reactive programming model offered by Meteor. Some of the popular applications like Blonk a Job search application and Respondly a team collaboration app are built using Meteor.

Meteor has the DDP protocol which lets you connect to anything in the backend, like enterprise data warehouse and a simple database, to the IoT sensors. Meteor can quickly integrate with MongoDB.

Metro is having good demand in the market as per its 28K+ stars on GitHub and huge supportive community. Everything in meteor works seamless and out of the box.

Socket.io Node.js Framework

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It is the best server and Node js web framework for creating real-time web applications, allowing event-driven interaction between a node.js server and a browser. It performs as a server-side library for node.js and as a client-side library in the browser.

The prime features of Socket.io comprise binary streaming, asynchronous input/ output (I/O) processing, and instant messaging and more. It allows real-time concurrency for the need for document collaboration.

The framework is compatible with every operating system, device, and browser. Top technology companies including Microsoft, Trello, Yammer, and Zendesk have been using this framework.

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