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UI Design Inspiration: 10 Best Examples for 2018

As the technology is developing every second, the edge of competition is increasing with that. You need to be ready for all kind of actions to be taken, not just the creative one, but also the necessary one. Creativity cannot be born in one day. It needs a lot of actions to be taken. It is like still water without any ripples. The ripples are the distractions that will delay the time to reach the creativity level. In order to get a decent UI design, one needs to brainstorm his guts out of mind. Or you don’t have to spill your gut out if you are inspired enough. There are many ways to which you can easily get inspired to create an attractive User Interface. There are many advanced tools which can help you to find UI design inspiration and create your unique project.

UI Design Inspiration

In this post, I will cater some of the best UI designs which will functions as an inspiration to you all. They will give you the knack of design that you are searching.

So, let’s get straight to the UI design inspiration websites that will help you grasp an idea of your design.

Find UI Design Inspiration



Mekanist is a design in our collection that requires adapting to loads of content. For this spot, the secluded system was an insightful choice, since it spares the site from looking muddled and grimy. Everything is conveniently organized into a lattice structure that is reinforced by the best possible use of white space. The coloring is additionally well-thoroughly considered: settling on bland white is a triumphant solution.

IMDB User Interface Concept

IMDB User Interface Concept

The format shows a decent utilization of a time-tested framework that places everything all together. The craftsmen have accomplished a visual lucidity. The design is natural and effortlessly readable while the pictures don’t barrage the crowd. Thus, the mockup has a well-disposed style that welcomes visitors to explore the venture all the more effective.

F.L.A.X – Voice-Activated Assistant

F.L.A.X – Voice-Activated Assistant

F.L.A.X has a particular techno vibe that is created by the image setting and smooth and cleaned graphical material. The halftone impact altogether reinforces the subject. The easygoing coloring plan where blue and green take up the main parts likewise adds to the environment. The interface impeccably catches the state of mind of the application and mirrors the thought.

Travel Website Redesign

Travel Website Redesign

The entry tries to stay with a perfect look, clear route, and natural format. In spite of the fact that at first sight, the travel website appears somewhat content overwhelming, notwithstanding, everything is watchfully composed into segments, and guests have an opportunity to investigate the task without getting lost. Watchful coloring decision additionally fortifies the topic. Blue and green are utilized to concentrate consideration on essential points of interest while white and light dark help the content.

EasyJet iPhone application

EasyJet iPhone application

Orange shade manages the perch in EasyJet application, setting the appearance to the cordial one and additionally adding inviting qualities to the interface. Matched with an impartial dark and white, together they do all the difficult work: separating out the content, focusing on the CTAs, and adding the need of primary highlights. With respect to the structure, it is as it ought to be: straightforward, simple and clear.

Intel Enthusiast

Intel Enthusiast

The Intel Enthusiast UI has a great deal of character and identity. The ‘appreciated’ area with a sharp, lively note is basically hypnotizing. Whatever is left of the design is standard and unsurprising: the content has organized into sections with wide drains and cunning arranging. The tone is set by the splendid photograph foundation on the header. Sidebar on the privilege and settled base route are intriguing traps that improve client encounter.

Futurico UI Design Inspiration


Futurico is a pack of watchfully made fundamentals to model UIs of different complexities in a short request. It is conveyed in two shading choices (dull and light), with two hundred things (counting gadgets, profiles, mixed media players, sliders and considerably more), two examples of predefined plans.

Tripilot UI Design Inspiration


Tripilot is an average case from the skeuomorphic period. Sewed impact, shiny metallic surfaces utilized for little handles on a slider, bulgy catches with solid colors, flawlessly made openings: everything adds to the environment from that period. Alongside that, the design stays exemplary, showing the content in maybe a couple section structure. The essential coloring is very non-exclusive.

Impressionist UI Pack

Impressionist UI Pack

The item represents itself with no issue. This engaging UI pattern was made to inspire its proprietors with extraordinary potential. The bundle is broken into a few obstructs that element a huge amount of helpful, pixel-immaculate and great realistic materials. It helps with making any interface you require, beginning from the fundamental corporate site and completion with the refined versatile application. Accompanies 200 symbols and a few shading choices it is equipped with every kind of weaponry.

Daelim Museum UI Design Inspiration

Daelim Museum

Daelim Museum produces an impression of very much adjusted, deliberately made the task that considers such indispensable factors as coherence, data progressive system, and client encounter. Regardless of being content concentrated, despite everything, it looks lovely and helpful to peruse and explore. Each screen is a beneficial interaction for content and dispersing that play magnificently together.

Concluding Remark About UI Design Inspiration

So, getting inspiration from these UI patterns is never been that easy. Inspiring work by some of the great web developers motivates thousands of developers and designers. There are millions of websites on the internet and most of them are unique in many senses. For me, these unique website’s creators are an influencer in one way or another.

I hope you like my post. Do you have a list of your own? Please share with me in comments. I love testing out new design patterns. Till then, have a wonderful day ahead.

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