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Choosing Best Programming Language for Mobile Apps: 8 Options

The world of technology, the world of computers is slowly on the rise. In fact, the dawn of digitization has come upon us and we have no choice but to become a part of it. Everything starting from the morning alarm to the night sleep reminder has now been digitized and can be accessed by few touches on your smartphone. However, do you ever wonder how is that these features become so simple? How does everything we utilize becoming digitized? The answer to these questions is the programming language. There is a variety of best programming language for mobile apps which carry out these tasks and make life simpler for you.

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Today we mention top 8 best programming language for mobile apps which have been popular lately amongst mobile app developers and are being used for making human life simple.

Choose the Best Programming Language for Mobile Apps


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One of the most popular languages for mobile app development is Java. Java now is regarded as the favorite mobile app development language across the world by top developers thanks to its easy portability and flexibility in working with various platforms. This language which was developed by Sun Microsystems allows code reusability and easy debugging which makes it absolutely smooth to work with. Previously users couldn’t utilize the Java made applications on IOS devices, however, to remove such barriers Total Cross technology has been brought into practice which allows easy portability of any code to IOS and thus imparting in all the more flexibility.


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Called as the mother of programming languages C is probably the oldest mobile app development language ever used by the developers. This language which served as the base for Java, C#, and most other programming languages was the first language which started the era of digitization. Although the cross-platform compatibility was absent in C it still could produce a robust code with high-end graphics. This language is a bit complex and so is the code portability however once mastered it surely is one of the best mobile application development language in the world.


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While most of the best programming language for mobile apps may confuse you with their syntax and lines of code, Python is the exact opposite. In fact, the easy readability and understandability of this programming language is what makes this language one of the most used languages in mobile app development. A great learning for beginners, Python can produce finer results despite it being fairly simple. It has been used in coding of powerful search engines such as Google after being successful in which it became popular, and is now being used in mobile applications such as Instagram and Pinterest.


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A modified and a bit simplified version of C is the C++ language, which has been known to help the developers with small level mobile application development. This language which has easier to understand syntax is used mainly in coding for Android and Windows platform. The language has been known to be the basis for coding popular software such as Firefox and Adobe Photoshop. The code developed in C++ is easy to port which is one of the fortes of this language.


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Called by many as the programming language of future, Swift has the potential to overturn and completely change the way mobile applications are being developed today. Invented and utilized by Apple for its IOS app development, Swift is on the verge of becoming the most utilized language in the world. Based on the same line of syntax and command as C this language does have features of Python, Objective C and Java combined which makes it one of the most powerful languages to be used in mobile application development. The best part of this language is that it takes very little time to master and the code it produces is absolutely top notch with detailed intricacy in output which is clearly visible.


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If objective C is something which Apple owns, then C# (called as C sharp) is the language which Microsoft can be credited with.  This language has the potential to accomplish and develop almost any web application and mobile application you can think about however it is widely used for developing mobile games and other interactive 3-D applications. Though people might disagree with it being popular most developers still use code snippets of C# in making mobile application as this language is very easy to learn. The coding is so simple in C# that a popular U.S startup coded their mobile application in the time span of a single day, yes one day, that is how easy C# is.


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While Ruby isn’t directly used for coding a mobile application, you can code applications in Ruby utilizing platforms such as Rhodes or RubyMotion. Ruby is the second most popular and best programming language for mobile apps after Java in the world. Learning as well as coding in Ruby is extremely easy and one can make popular Android and IOS applications in Ruby within 10 minutes. This language has dynamic typing option which means it supports the developer with every step of their coding and hence they don’t require to remember all the long syntax and rules for this language. It has portability and reusability feature embedded which does make it any developer’s favorite in no time.

Objective C

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Used by Apple for making numerous IOS applications, Objective C is the language which most of the IOS applications have been coded in. The language which is a child of C is used to produce bug-free applications and thereby IOS applications also are strong in terms of security. This language focuses more on the visual appeal of the application while not at all compromising on internal working. With supporting features such as dynamic runtime and dynamic typing it sure is still utilized in making web applications despite Swift making its way to the market.


So this was the list of top 8 best programming language for mobile apps which are being utilized in making high-performing mobile and web applications. If you are thinking of learning any programming language than we would suggest you to learn Swift as it is what people call as the- programming language of future. If you are planning on hiring any developer for any mobile application you wish to be built, then go through the advantages of each one and then hire someone who understands your needs and can suggest the best possible framework for the same.

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