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Papervision 3D Websites for your Inspiration

Papervision 3D is not the only one source to create realistic three-dimensional objects in Flash. But it helps to create really unique 3D models which you can turn anyway – in every position objects will be perfectly looking. Today we’d like to bring you a new portion of joy with Papervision 3D websites that will

By Tina Zennand 2011-07-12 0 2,662
The Most Useful Papervision 3D Related Twitter Profiles – Part 2

We continue our series of the most useful Papervision 3D related Twitter profiles. Today we have compiled for you a fresh list of the most experienced Flash, AS3 and Papervision 3D developers Twitter profiles as well as other profiles related to the PV3D subject.

By Tina Zennand 2011-06-27 0 1,418
Cool Flash Websites: Top 10 from DesignWebKit

Flash will never stop surprising us with the widest opportunities it opens for web developers. With each year the technology becomes more and more advanced, and web designers keep pleasing us with new Flash masterpieces. I can hardly imagine something more impressive than an interactive Flash website with its creative menus, stunning galleries, intuitive navigation

By Tina Zennand 2011-06-21 0 3,316
A Collection of 3D Artists Portfolios

Hey guys, It’s time for viewing creative artworks again. Today we decided to take quite an unusual, but really interesting theme for the showcase. We have collected some cool portfolios of skilled 3d developers and artists that exhibit their 3d modeling works online. You will see a bunch of fantabulous 3d models and surely get

By Tina Zennand 2011-06-07 0 2,526
Roundup of the Best Away 3D Tutorials

Away 3D is a powerful real-time 3D engine for Flash or Flex. This great technology allows us to create 3D models and perform various 3D computations. The technology was started as a port of PV3D in 2007. Today we have collected some of the best Away3D tutorials for all those who would like to study

By Tina Zennand 2011-05-26 0 2,674
Creating 3D Carousel: The Best Tutorials

Hey guys, Today we have collected some excellent tutorials as to 3D Carousel creation. You will learn how to build a simple 3D Carousel withAS3. The tutorials contain source codes and demos. We hope the collection will come in useful. 1. TheFlashBlog A cool video tutorial by Lee Brimelow showing how to use the Math.sin()

By Tina Zennand 2011-05-20 0 4,865
A Fantabulous Showcase of Papervision 3D Artworks: the Pastiche

Hi community, We are here again with a new inspirational bunch to please you:) We know how much many of you, dear readers, enjoy viewing Papervision 3D artworks, so we try to showcase the best pieces of Flash created with this wonderful technology. Today we have collected some of the most impressive Papervision 3D masterpieces

By Tina Zennand 2011-05-09 0 2,510
Papervision 3D Games: an Ultimate Collection

Papervision 3D is a powerful tool for the developers to build really amazing 3D object animation. That is why it works so great for game building. The most user-interactive games ever made were created with PV3D. So, today we’ve collected a bunch of really cool Flash games created with Papervision 3D. We hope the collection

By Tina Zennand 2011-04-29 0 2,346
Most Useful Papervision 3D Resources – Part 2

Hi guys, Here is the Part 2 of our series of the most useful Papervision 3D tutorial resources on the web. We are sure that the collection below will be useful for both skilled developers and beginners who are going to get started with this wonderful technology. 1. Flashmymind.com A Flash and Actionscript tutorials resource

By Tina Zennand 2011-04-22 0 1,337
Flash 3D Websites: Most Professional and Impressive Works

Hi guys, We continue the series of stunning 3D websites that, as we think, deserve your attention, and today we present a new portion of the most impressive 3D Flash websites on the web. You are going to get a bunch of inspiring elements and bold unusual design solutions. Each of the websites from the

By Tina Zennand 2011-04-14 0 1,546