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Creating 3D Carousel: The Best Tutorials

Hey guys,

Today we have collected some excellent tutorials as to 3D Carousel creation. You will learn how to build a simple 3D Carousel withAS3. The tutorials contain source codes and demos. We hope the collection will come in useful.

1. TheFlashBlog

A cool video tutorial by Lee Brimelow showing how to use the Math.sin() and Math.cos() functions to create a slick looking 3D carousel.


2. Simple 3D Carousel using Mootools

A tutorial by Andrew Sellick teaching how to create a basic 3D carousel with source code and demo.


3. Integrating 3D Carousel with Components: Tooltip

A tutorial by  Advanced Flash Components that will show you how to integrate the 3D Carousel Component with the Tooltip component.


4. Vertical 3D Carousel with ActionScript 3

This tutorial by flashmymind.com will teach you how to create a vertical 3D carousel with the help of ActionScript 3.


5. Horizontal 3D Carousel in Flash CS3

This tut from imajine.in will teach you ho build 3D horizontal Carousel effect in Flash with the help of ActionScript 3.


6. Multiple 3D Carousels with ActionScript 3

From this tut you’ll learn how to create multiple 3D carousels in the same Flash movie with AS3.


7. A Simple Away 3D Carousel

A very good tutorial with source code showing us how to place items in a circle in 3D with «for» loop/math.


8. 3D Carousel in Flex and Papervision 3D

In this video tutorial the author demonstrates us how to create a 3D clickable Carousel in Flex 3 and Papervision 3D.


9. 3D Carousel with XML and AS3

This tut by flashmymind.com shows us how to create a Flash 3D carousel using XML and ActionScript3.


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