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Roundup of the Best Away 3D Tutorials


Away 3D is a powerful real-time 3D engine for Flash or Flex. This great technology allows us to create 3D models and perform various 3D computations. The technology was started as a port of PV3D in 2007. Today we have collected some of the best Away3D tutorials for all those who would like to study this advanced technology.

1. Away 3D — Getting Started

A cool away 3D tutorial for beginners by Matthew Casperson on how to get started with the Away3D Flash 3D engine.

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2. Away 3D –  Environment Material

A great tutorial by Matthew Casperson telling how to use the EnviroBitmapMaterial to create a real time reflective look in Away 3D.

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3. Away3D Tutorials

This great resource presents a bunch of various Away3D stuff, from the tuts for beginners to advanced users.

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4. Flashmagazine.com Away 3D Tutorials

This great resource contains the plenty of great Away tutorials, e.g. Using Away 3D with Flex, Away 3D Basics, Installing Away 3D for Flash, Flex or Flashdevelop, etc.

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5. Away3D Animator Class Tutorial

From this tutorial from trace (myBitmapdata) blog you will find out how to use the Animator class using the Away3D 1.9.4 library or higher.

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6. Away 3D Fog Filter Tutorial

You will know how to use the fog filter with the Away3D 2.0 library or higher.

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7. Multitouch Away 3D Application

The author of the tutorial teaches us to create a 3D object using Flash and Away3D Libraries.

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8. Reposition and Arrange Objects in 3D Space with Away 3D

One of the great tutorial collection from papervision2.com. From this tut you will learn how to arrabge objects into different patterns as the whole group animates.

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9. Setting up Away3D with Flex 3

This tut by thetechlabs.com shows how to set up a simple away 3D scene with the help of FlexBuilder’s enhanced programming interface.

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10. Flare3D Vs Away3D — a Simple Game

A really cool article written by talented Emanuele Feronato in which he compares Flare3D and Away3D to find out what engine works the best for making a simple game.

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