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The Most Useful Papervision 3D Related Twitter Profiles – Part 2

We continue our series of the most useful Papervision 3D related Twitter profiles. Today we have compiled for you a fresh list of the most experienced Flash, AS3 and Papervision 3D developers Twitter profiles as well as other profiles related to the PV3D subject.


@triqui – Emanuele Feronato, Italian geek and programmer.

@lyndadotcom – The profile of Lynda.com, one of the best online tutorial resources that helps you to learn, master and apply digital tools and techniques.

@Floorplanner – Floorplanner Tech Blog, which mission is to be the best way to create and share interactive floor plans online.

@infrared5 – Infrared5, a consulting firm that specializes in developing cutting-edge experiences for the Flash platform, Unity3D, etc.

@C4RL05 – Carlos Ulloa, Interactive Director @HelloEnjoy Test driver.

@newmovieclip – Koen De Weggheleire, a Flash Platform enthusiast from Belgium.

@zevanrosser – Zevan Rosser, a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, doing consulting for ad/design firms- Co-author of Learning ActionScript 3.0 a Beginners Guide.

@timknip – Tim Knip, a cofounder of floorplanner.com, core-dev of Papervision3D.

@JeffWinder – Jeff Winder, Author of Papervision3D Essentials. Independent Developer for Flash, Unity, Android, Augmented Reality, Physical Computing.

@pigiuz – Piergiorgio Niero, oftware Engineer from Italy. Senior Flash Platform developer specialized in Games, Visualization and 3D. ‘TheFlashMind’ Adobe User Group manager.

@hertog – Gert-Jan van der Wel, a floorplanner cofounder & cto. Netherlands.

@tekool – Frédéric Saunier, specializes in web development with Flash, Flex, JavaScript, Silverlight and Android.

@elsassph – Philippe Elsass, a talented Flash developer.

@simppafi – Simo Santavirta, a web developer, Realtime graphics coding geek, evoflash member from Finland.

@NeoRiley – John Grden, Flash, Flex, AIR, Papervision3D developer.

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