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Papervision 3D Games: an Ultimate Collection

Papervision 3D is a powerful tool for the developers to build really amazing 3D object animation. That is why it works so great for game building. The most user-interactive games ever made were created with PV3D. So, today we’ve collected a bunch of really cool Flash games created with Papervision 3D. We hope the collection will inspire you with many new ideas. Enjoy!

1. Red Bull Soap Racer

This game powered by RedBull is for those who enjoy cars and fast racing. The game is in full physical — enjoy the 3D!


2. FH16 700

A Flash game with Papervision 3D from Volvo Trucks. Developed in Goteborg, Sweden.


3.Switch Meta4rce

This great website powered by BBC is a really cool combination of episodes and games.


4. Q-ball

A funny game created with Papervision 3D by Dan Adjans and Brian Neon. You have to kick the ball at the golden premier cups and get as many cups as possible.


5. 3D Speedpool

A cool Flash game created with PV3D. The goal is to sink all the balls by dragging the table around.


6. SteveNote Expo

This game will let you experience what it feels like to be Steve Jobs before your Keynote presentation. You need to collect all 10 items for your presentation.


7. Osram

A really fun game for car and racing lovers. Click on the key remote to start, and avoid the moose in poor lighting conditions.


8. Chuckville

An arcade game, a tribute to Chuck Norris. A 100% hand made carton:)


9. Airport Madness 3

The third part of the Airport Madness series. Due to Papervision 3D, the effects are awesome.


10. Airship

A creative very well textured Flash game created with PV3D. The best part of it is the Airship model and the fans.


Stay Tuned!

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