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Cool Flash Websites: Top 10 from DesignWebKit

Flash will never stop surprising us with the widest opportunities it opens for web developers. With each year the technology becomes more and more advanced, and web designers keep pleasing us with new Flash masterpieces. I can hardly imagine something more impressive than an interactive Flash website with its creative menus, stunning galleries, intuitive navigation and unusual design ideas.

There are a great number of stunning Flash websites all over the web. In addition to a visually attractive layout, a website designed by a professional is functionally correct and loads in a few seconds. Such a website will always be popular among visitors; it will be included in round-ups, mentioned by website award projects, and so on.

We also thought about compiling our own rating of most attractive Flash websites. So, please meet the Top 10 Flash Websites from DesignWebKit Blog!

10. Skive

This gorgeous Flash gallery is a great example of a well-done developer’s work. The interactive image preview easily slides when we mouse over the page. Each big size image goes with a description. A really good clean design with no clutter. The 10th place.

9. Greydient

An amazing Flash work with a great concept, creative graphics and unusual image gallery design. The most catchy element is the panoramic menu that is navigated with a mouse. An interesting solution. The number 9 in our list.

8. Carl De Keyzer

An incredible Flash artwork! So unobtrusive, but really stylish and highly professional. The website starts from a movie created by combining the photographer’s works. The functional menu and gallery design and appropriate color scheme make it one of the most catchy websites in the niche.  The 8th place.

7. Red Interactive Agency

This award-winning Flash design really deserves the FWA nomination “Site of the Month”. Everything is neat, accurate and extremely convenient. The number 7 in our list.

6. Blue Collar

The website of the interactive agency Blue Collar. A surpassing professionally designed Flash website fool of unusual design solutions and fantastic animation. The 6th place.

5. Playful

One of the most stylish Flash designs I have ever seen! The most impressive in the whole design for me is the website menu that can be easily navigated either with a scrolling wheel or with interactive arrows. The gallery is full screen, and each image goes with a description that can be seen on the hidden panel that appears when you mouse over the page. The 5th place.

4. Por Liniers

This impressive Flash portfolio that belongs to the Argentinian artist Ricardo Liniers perfectly reflects the artist’s individuality and unique style. Full of amazing elements and bold design solutions, it captures the visitors from the first second. The 4th place in our Top 10.

3. Saizen Media

The 3rd place we are giving to the Flash website of Saizen Media Studios, a digital ad agency. This perfect work is a great example of how a professional Flash website should look. Every single element of the website is at its place. Stylish, neat and extremely functional.

2. Okay Dave

A creative Flash portfolio of Dave Werner, a graphic designer and illustrator. In spite of rich graphics and intractivity, the website loads very fast. The navigation is really convenient and performed in an unusual impressive style. The website went live in the middle of 2006. The 2nd place in our rating.

1. Biliouris

And finally the 1st place! We will give it to a breathtaking Flash website of the best Greek mushroom restaurant Biliouris. The depth of this Flash masterpiece is really wonderful. To tell the truth, it is hard to imagine something more impressive! The panoramic view creates an impression as if you are really in the restaurant, walking around. You will see a lot of other effects and technologies implemented, in addition to the panoramic view.

This Top 10 is based on our own vision, but of course opinions may differ:) Please leave your feedback in comments!

Tina Zennand
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