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30 Free Photoshop Actions for Retro & Vintage Effects

January 14th, 2013   |   Inspiration, Web and Trends

Would you like to save time when editing photos and images in Photoshop? Every professional designer and photographer have to know this secret, because it’s really awesome! Use Photoshop Actions and you’ll avoid many troubles and time loss! Once record an action in Photoshop and then use it forever. If you’re too lazy to create your own action or you just don’t want to be tied up with it, you can find some pack of Photoshop actions on the web and install them into Photoshop.

30 Free Photoshop Actions for Retro & Vintage Effects

Frankly speaking, I’m a quite lazy girl that’s why I prefer to download free Photoshop actions on the web and to install them with a few mouse clicks.

How to Install Photoshop Actions

Firstly download the Photoshop action you like to anywhere on your computer. And then choose the preferable way to install it.

  • Go to ‘Disk C:’ – ‘Program files’ – ‘Adobe Photoshop CS x’ – ‘Presets’ – ‘Actions’. There you’ll see several files with .atn extension. Drag and drop your new action into that folder and restart Photoshop.
  • There is also an alternative way to install Photoshop actions that is also rather simple. From the right Photoshop toolbar open Actions menu and from the drop-down list choose ‘Load Actions’. A small popup will allow you to upload any actions from your computer.

30 Free Retro Photoshop Actions for Vintage Effects

Now you know how to instal Photoshop actions. You can download each of the following ones. By using these 30 vintage Photoshop actions you can make your pictures look amazingly old. I know that you appreciate giving photos and images a retro grungy look and now you can do it on the fly.

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What are you waiting for? Retro Photoshop actions are waiting for you!

1. Vintage Dream Ps Actions

Free Vintage Photoshop

2. Sweet Love Photoshop Actions

Free Vintage Actions

3. Grungy Vintage Actions

Free Retro Vintage Actions

4. Vintage Chic

Free RetroActions

5. Actions – Vintage

Free Actions Photoshop

6. Photo Coloring II

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

7. Old Black and White

Free Vintage Actions for Photoshop

8. Exclusive Vintage

Free Vintage Actions

9. Dreamy Light Action

Free Retro Photoshop Actions

10. Magenta Pop Action

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

11. Old Retro Action

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

12. Photoshop Vintage Action III

Free Vintage Actions

13. Photoshop Action – Vintage

Free Vintage Actions

14. Photoshop Actions Pack 1

Free Vintage Actions

15. Beach Vintage

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

16. Vintage Actions

Free Vintage Photoshop Action

17. Retro-Vintage

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

18. Vintage Feeling

Free Vintage Photoshop Effects

19. Vintage ATN – Free Sample

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

20. Vintage Effect – Ps Actions

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

21. Variety Pack Actions 3

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

22. Classic 3.8

Free Vintage Photoshop Effects

23. The Semi-Vintage Collection

Free Vintage Actions

24. Vintage ii – Ps Actions

Free Retro Actions

25. Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

26. Love Everywhere – Vintage Action

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

27. Action oo1

Free Vintage Actions in Photoshop

28. Sun Kissed Photoshop Actions

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

29. Powerful Colors

Free Vintage Actions in Photoshop

30. Vintage Photoshop Action I

Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

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