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Marketing Strategy Tips for Instagram Stories

Social media marketing is now one of the best means of reaching out to new audiences and boosting sales. The thing is that there are many platforms with so many features, and sometimes you might get confused when choosing one of them. Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features in the realm of social media and is great for both social and commercial uses.

In this article, we’ll focus on how you can include Instagram Stories in your marketing strategies.

Why Instagram Stories?

Tips for Instagram Stories

Before starting your marketing on Instagram Stories, you’d better know some details of the power of this feature. Here are some statistics that show why this tool is so important for business growth and audience reach.

  • More than a whopping 500 million people use Instagram stories each day.
  • The users of stories are mainly Gen Z: 70% of Gen Z and 60% of millennials use stories on the platform.
  • 60% of Instagram users use stories to catch up with their friends.
  • IG Influencers earn between $40 and $700 for each story.
  • More than 80% of businesses use Instagram stories.

You can see how vastly Instagram Stories is used by people and businesses. That’s one of the reasons many of them try to buy Instagram accounts that have many followers. This way, they can put their content in the eyes of numerous audiences using Stories.

So you’d better learn some tips for using it in your marketing strategies.

Learn Technical Details of Instagram Stories

You must know the technical details of stories like dimensions, size, etc. Here are some details.


Instagram story images and videos should be 1920 by 1080 pixels in size or 1080 pixels wide and long. Stories’ aspect ratio is 9:16.

When you are writing your material, keep these dimensions in mind. Your material will be chopped or lose quality due to being too zoomed in if you submit a picture or video that doesn’t fit within these dimensions.


Videos on Stories can last up to 15 seconds as of the time of writing. A video that is longer than 15 seconds will be automatically divided into many separate Stories if you capture it or submit it. The corporation is reportedly testing recordings up to 60 seconds long, although this has not yet been made public.


Stickers let users add more interesting material to their Stories. Tap the square smiling symbol at the top to start applying stickers to your Stories after uploading your photo or video to them. As an FYI, Instagram Reels can also apply stickers. It’s said that stickers make 80% of videos get higher engagements.


As you probably know, hashtags are a key tactic for successful social media marketing, especially on Instagram. After you tag your Stories with a hashtag sticker, you’ll be able to tap the tag to see all photos and videos people have uploaded with that hashtag. This is great to compare your content with them.


This feature is really popular for saving Stories on your profile so that they can be found and seen even after the first 24-hour period. The highlights of your Instagram stories are shown underneath your bio.

Be Consistent

It won’t work to post one Story every other day and wait for Instagram popularity to come your way. You must frequently publish if you really want to use Stories as a vital component of your marketing plan.

Although it may seem quite simple, this is one of the simplest strategies to increase the number of people that view your Stories. Every time you upload a Story, as we already discussed, it will be shown at the top of the user’s Instagram feed, increasing the likelihood that it will be noticed.

You need to join the scheduling and automating club to take your Instagram Stories approach to the next level. Instagram may become a full-time job if you feed it. Because of this, scheduling material for posting on your Instagram account might save you a ton of time.

Some automation tools can assist you in automating the procedure if publishing several times throughout the day becomes too much.

Think of UGCs

Many businesses lack the time or resources necessary to provide fresh material for Stories consistently. It’s alright. Most likely, your fans are producing brand-related material that you may publish in your Stories. Use your user-generated content if your fans produce it since consumers love to see others like them highlighted on social media pages.

Have a Storytelling Approach

Remember that Instagram Stories are ultimately about conveying stories. Keep in mind that telling a narrative comes before selling when considering how to utilize Instagram Stories for marketing.

Consider what narrative and delivery method you want to use to promote your brand through stories. The substandard material businesses publish online daily is sliced through by great storytelling. Therefore, instead of doing what every other business does, find innovative ways to express your narrative to your audience if you want them to interact with you and get engaged.

Don’t Forget CTAs

Make sure your stories have clear calls to action so that your audience understands precisely what you want them to do after seeing them. This might be as easy as asking them to DM you or clicking on a product link.

Use Third-Party Tools to Improve the Visualization

Although Instagram Stories has many useful features for creating and editing your content, sometimes you need to use others tools to add extra features.

Creating a unique style and theme requires some expertise in using third-party apps for Instagram Stories.

Here are some of the best tools to help you improve the quality of your stories:

  • InShot
  • StoryArt
  • Unfold
  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • PhotoGrid
  • Typorama


Remember that Instagram users follow many pages, each of which sends stories daily. So if you push too hard for it, your followers might get bothered and therefore unfollow you or at least mute your account. So try to avoid sending stories too frequently. You can also ask your followers about your stories’ quality, time, and content.

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