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20 Examples of Print Inspired Web Design

Gone are the days when we endure drab and uninspiring minimalist web pages. Companies, bloggers – and everyone in between – are embracing a return to the print design of yesteryear to make their pages stand out in an overcrowded world. They are trending towards olde world advertisements, traditional magazine layouts and brochures, with a

By Oliver Randall 2013-12-02 0 3,211
Death or Design: 8 Places to Get Inspired

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. We never know when she will decide to grace us with her creative blessings. No matter what your profession—author, artist, physicist, dog trainer—there are bound to be unfortunate lulls in your creativity. Visit one of these 8 places to rediscover your inner design muse.

By Teddy Hunt 2013-10-02 0 1,577
Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions

All the professions around the globe teach a lesson to web designers. In this article I have laid down a few important things to learn from the most common professions around.

By Daniel Rusling 2013-09-30 0 2,335
25 Amazing Blue Website Designs to Inspire You

The statistics reveal us that, quite probable, blue is the most appreciated color all over the world. The idea is sustained by the fact that the blue is very rarely associated with negative aspects or feelings. It is the color of the sky and instantly is associated with freedom and independency. Blue is also a

By Daniel 2013-07-29 0 3,659
25+ Most Desirable Websites Inspired by Traveling

In summer traveling becomes very popular among many people wishing to go on vacation away from familiar surroundings. Lots of them look into destinations with a seashore, golden sand and beautiful nature while others prefer seeing new countries, cities, museums, galleries and learn about other people’s cultures and their ways of living.

By Elena Bizina 2013-07-19 0 2,994
50 Motivational Typography Quotes to Fuel Designers’ Creativity

There are two things that people like to look for on the web: everything about typography and inspirational quotes. Millions of people have a passion for beautiful typography and lettering, even more they try themselves in creating new type designs.

By Ann Davlin 2013-07-03 0 6,031
30 Fresh Websites with Parallax Effect

Many web designers often try to use parallax effect when it comes to create a one page website or a small business website, be it an online portfolio or a website of a real estate agency. Also, there is one more type of websites where the parallax effect is often used – those websites where

By Elena Bizina 2013-06-14 0 5,084
How to Get Web Design Clients If You Are the Very Beginner

If you are the very beginner in websites design, this post will help you make first successful steps towards clients. There is no magic – just simple actions to follow (don’t tell me you can’t or you’re too busy).

By Ann Davlin 2013-06-10 0 1,692
Pros and Cons of Skeuomorphism [Infographic]

If you are searching for some original ideas which can enrich your design with user-friendly elements, you should consider skeuomorphism. This trend is not the newest one; still it doesn’t lose its popularity and can be seen on many web sites. So, what is skeuomorphism? It’s making design elements look similar to their prototypes from

By Ivy Green 2013-04-15 0 1,547
Using Hand Drawn Pictures to Create a Wonderful Flipbook

If you are an artistic or creative person, then using the soon to be explaining technique is definitely a good idea for creating your very own animation, making your art come to life. This can be achieved through drawing a collection of sequential images, essentially creating a cartoon style storyboard which when motion is applied

By Daniel Rossiter 2013-03-18 0 4,129