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Emily Williams

7 Craziest Gadgets For Your Party

The expectation of the upcoming party brings a smile on your face. Everyone is happy, cause knows that the evening will be cool and amusing. With such a positive mood, the success of an affair is guaranteed, but how can you make it really stunning and outstanding against the other gatherings? We know the secret

By Emily Williams 2011-10-17 0 4,103
Interview with Christian Hecker, a professional Digital Artist and Matte Painter

Today we are happy to share with you the knowledge and experience of an incredibly talented digital artist and matte painter Christian Hecker, also well-known as Tigaer, professional designer from Germany. The author of stunning environmental artworks and the merited owner of CG Choice award on CGTalk and a Gold Award on CGHub for his

By Emily Williams 2011-10-12 0 5,465
The Inner Structure of Infographics: How to Create, Important Tips and Free Tools

Every day Internet users read a lot of data, look through news-websites and blogs, which are really overwhelmed with up to date information. It’s hard to remember everything important and keep in mind all facts we’ve learned during a day, sometimes some really valuable content is missed. So, how to convey effectively the main message

By Emily Williams 2011-10-07 0 7,747
Stay Connected With Facebook All Day Long: 7 Striking Offline Knickknacks

Facebook has entirely penetrated not only in our online life, but also in our daily offline existence. People get used to the engaging and fully absorbing online network that don’t even imagine a day without it. Moreover, they transfer Facebook accessories to their rooms and houses, decorate clothes with pretty Facebook logo and a well-known

By Emily Williams 2011-09-28 0 4,367
8 Shiny Twitter Tools You Can’t Live Without

There is no need to ask you whether you have a twitter account or not. We already know the answer 🙂 Our daily life is fully connected with the Internet, so each of us is a small part of this huge Web-World! We so used to share our interests and wishes with the online audience

By Emily Williams 2011-09-23 0 4,350
7 Magic Accessories to Cheer Up Your Work-Place

What is the best way to bring fun into your office and diversify your work-flow? You’ll say that the question is rather simple and everyone knows the answer, but we don’t need airy words and misty thoughts, we want concrete examples and actions 🙂 So, look around, what do you see? Empty walls and boring

By Emily Williams 2011-09-15 0 4,107
Why Google+ Won’t Kill Facebook, Ever

The stir around two giant social networks Google+ and Facebook is a good promotion for both of them.. A huge number of blogs, online magazines and newspapers compare these going head to head titans and predict there will be only one survivor in this severe online war. Some of them assert that the winner will

By Emily Williams 2011-09-12 0 3,765