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Why Google+ Won’t Kill Facebook, Ever

The stir around two giant social networks Google+ and Facebook is a good promotion for both of them.. A huge number of blogs, online magazines and newspapers compare these going head to head titans and predict there will be only one survivor in this severe online war. Some of them assert that the winner will be new improved Google+ which is based on a whole new concept of targeted dropping, others allege that Facebook always was the unquestionable leader, so it’ll save its position in future. We can’t look in futurity and see the outcome, but we can guess, analyse and make our own conclusion.

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Why everyone of us is registered in social networks? Of course the first answer is – “to connect with friends and find people from your past or maybe vice-versa to make new acquaintances”. Both Facebook and Google+ are perfect for these needs. They showcase the basic user’s data, such as: a photo, nickname, job, school, university, hobby, interests and list of friends. So, both networks have the common aim to connect people online.

It’s really easy to spread the information within these communities, “Like” and “+1” buttons share the news between users. On Google+ you can choose whether to make a post private or public. But as the most plussers utilize new social network for the promotion of their artworks, all of them usually make the shared pictures and articles visible to all Google+ audience. This privacy feature was available for plussers from the every beginning of the project, Facebook also tries to be on the wave of all innovations and its users got amazing opportunity to hide their posts in August 2011. Now Facebook lovers can also easily control their privacy settings.
Both promotional buttons are available on third party sites. So again, two social companies are in equal rights, quite alike and moreover Google+ has no essential advantages over Facebook.

Google vs. Facebook: Slapfight!

Next important moment is the process of sharing news on Facebook and Google+.
To share the data with your Facebook or Google+ audience you need to type it on the top of the page and choose the thumbnail for the news, so your friends or circles can comment it and show other users. As we can see there is again no difference between two networks and nothing innovative from Google+.
There is nothing astonishing in the entertaining circles design, these circles are the alternative to Facebook groups. Two different functions have the same aim – to organize friends in lists to simplify the process of sharing. Again, almost no distinction.

Do you want to see your interlocutor? If you are one of the plussers, use “Google+ hangout” or “Video chat”, if you are Facebook lover. Various names of the feature but both enable to do the chat. The only difference is that Google+ allows group conversations which is really more handy if you have to connect with many people at the same time. It’s the first prominent advantage of the New social platform.

Picture by timothyh75

One of the most significant options that every member of social network utilizes – is the opportunity to add photos. As it’s already known, Picasa is Google’s property, so the service of sharing photos is really convenient and easy on Google+.
But Facebook reacted quickly to Google+ novelty and improved its photo experience, now Facebook users have quicker access to the pics, photos load twice as fast and new updated photo viewer presents images in 960 pixels wide. And be attentive, there is a slight objection. 🙂 Compare the quantity of your friends on Facebook and Google+. Done? And what’s the result? I also have more friends on my old Facebook profile than on new Google+. So, what do you think? Is this new moder service worth hundreds of missing Friends’ views and comments?

Google+ tries hard to be like his older mentor Facebook, but what does it miss in its structure and why Facebook is still more engaging?

The first loss:
Facebook questions: Just click “ask question” and share your valuable opinion, cause if somebody asks he really needs the response. This feature isn’t available on Google+, of course it’s not terrible, but uncomfortable.

The second loss:
The absence of Google+ Business pages, we think it’s the most important omission of Google+. New social network allows plussers to share the posts and choose the target audience, it’s unquestionably very well-thought step for the business promotion. But till Google+ doesn’t present Brand pages, it will be the most valuable thing new social network had missed and should borrow from Facebook. The management promised to add this app, so we are all waiting for coming soon Google+ Business pages.

In the meantime, photographers, designers and simply creative people lose the winning opportunity to showcase their works on Facebook. Bloggers and journalist can’t spread their articles and boast of the alluring design of the eye-catching Facebook Fan pages.

Look over these amazing Facebook fan pages and see what a great promotional tool you miss:

Vitamin T

Vitamin T company presents creative and outstanding Facebook Fan page, that in spite of its simplicity and extremely dark appearance draws viewers attention at a glance. These funny fellows will surely help you to create a real design masterpiece 🙂


Desigual Facebook Fan page

Desigual Facebook fan page showcases energetic and bright design which reflects the young and spontaneous spirit of the brand. Press “Like” and share a perceptible dose of style and fashion with Desigual design team.


MotoCMS Facebook fan page

MotoCMS Facebook Fan page is the brilliant example of the engaging Facebook custom page. It announces all latest news and makes the fans first to know about the company updates and innovations. Just look at this cute MotoCms dog! How could you refuse it and do not press “Like” :).

Teesey Tees
Teesey Tees Facebook fan page

Teesy Tees has prepared a little funny obstacle for its fans. Do you want to know what is hidden behind the bricken wall? Just become a fan and see what the deal is 🙂

It’s well understandable, that every network has its own advantages and some trifles which should be improved and maybe remade, Google+ almost every day releases new features and useful updates. It has learnt a lot from the mistakes of Facebook and as it seems at the first glance, created a perfect clean network which isn’t overwhelmed with needless stuff. But nothing is perfect. And Google+ founders have to work tough to reach high Facebook level and gain users’ trust.

Remember, people have room in their lives for only one social network and one profile page, so soon we’ll see who is the real leader 🙂

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