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7 Craziest Gadgets For Your Party

The expectation of the upcoming party brings a smile on your face. Everyone is happy, cause knows that the evening will be cool and amusing. With such a positive mood, the success of an affair is guaranteed, but how can you make it really stunning and outstanding against the other gatherings? We know the secret recipe and will gladly share it with you. Are you ready? Let’s start 🙂

Pick your nose party cups

pick your nose party cups

The idea is pretty amazing! Two main advantages of these funny cups are: you definitely won’t mix up your cup with someone else’s and such odd accessories will make your guests laughing all night long 🙂 One more benefit of the cups is that because of their unique design they are perfect for beerpong, which can diversify your party programme.
The pack of bowls costs $8.95 and includes twenty four different nose based cups, so you can easily choose what face to try 🙂

Spread Heads Ketchup Charlie Bottle Topper

Spread Heads Ketchup Charlie Bottle Topper

We understand that you need something special for your guests at a party and have prepared this playful Spread Heads Ketchup Charlie Bottle Topper for you. Whether you like ketchup or hate it, Charlie Bottle topper will make your dish more fun. All you need to do is just replace your ketchup cap with this cute dispenser and squeeze!
You can pic up it only for $3.26. Happy eating 🙂

Fred Toothpick Holder

Toothpick holder

Voodoo toothpick holder will by far grab your friends’ attention! If you are going to cook finger food, this creative toothpick holder will present it in the unique and unusual way. It will be the best present for the black humor lovers 🙂 You can choose between grab grey and bone white colors. Think over, Halloween is on the corner, what can be more appropriate for this holiday.
The toothpick table accessory is available only for $10.99

Denture Bottle Opener

Denture bottle opener

At the first glance this denture is fragile and is going to break down, but it’s only at a glance! This plastic creation is an effective bottle opener. You can give it to your friends at the party or bring this hilarious bar tool alone. Would you like to make the joke more realistic? Put it into a glass of water 🙂
This funny party gadget costs $4.95

Fred and Friends Oh Snap Cheese Cutter

cheeseboard cutter

We think we’ve found the most striking cheese cutter. It’s shaped as a mouse trap cheeseboard and comes with a handy stainless-steel cheese slicer. This remarkable kitchen tool will not only amuse your guests but also make the process of preparing for the party more pleasant and quick 🙂
You can buy it for $15.49

Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker

Hillary nutcracker

Both elegant and reliable Hillary Clinton nutcracker cracks nuts with stainless steel teeth hidden in the upper legs. Handy party gadget is really very functional and humorous, just try it, cause it’s better then use your own legs! 🙂
At $14.97, it will definitely be something you might want to have at your kitchen.

DCI Hot Man Trivet

Hot man Trivet

Need a comical trivet to hold the hot pot? This funny kitchen decoration can serve as a platform for pots, plates, bowls and hot dishes on your table. The trivet is made of metal and is heat resistant. It will surely brighten up your space 🙂
Price: $13.64

Having even only one crazy gadget from the roundup you’ll be absolutely ready for the dazzling party. So, let’s have fun 🙂

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