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Landing Page Plugins – WordPress Plugins for Marketers

wp landing page plugins

The Gravity plug-in which is one of the best WordPress landing page plugins gives you an option you to form a spread of landing page varieties. The landing page builder comes with this plugin enables the user to form multiple sections among an internet page and additionally, it supports the creation and modification of different styles of backgrounds in blogs and sites. Parallax Gravity gives an option of shortcut to help you combine the third-party plug-in inside your landing pages.

Elementor – One of the Landing Page Plugins

Elementor has a unique advantage over other security WordPress plugins since the landing page plug-in is free to download. You might be thinking that the other plug-in would also give the same option but it has more in it. In fact, the main drag and drop editor is simple and user-friendly than all the other plug-in. It has millions of downloads and the users love it on WordPress.

The best thing about this plug-in is that you don’t need any coding system to use it. It is easily available on the internet and you can use it without any expertise. It is one of the only plug-ins that help beginners boost their landing pages without spending much time. Elementary supports any kind of template used for WordPress landing pages and has a collection of templates stored for you as well.

One of the fastest tools that exist on the internet its drag and drop editor might be faster than its competitors. You can use all of its features to boost your business and increase traffic on your page in a short period of time.

Divi Plugin

wordpress langing page plugins

The Divi plug-in is well-known as a builder that works with all WordPress templates. It’s a full web site builder with a superb WordPress landing page plug-in. Elegant Themes sells the Divi Builder, thus you’re required to register for using the outstanding themes. The membership is not that expensive as compared to the return it gives. This membership is for developers who aim to make a landing page that will make their business prosper. The $89 each year membership provides access to all the themes from Elegant Themes.

The themes and options are far better than the free ones and give you a feature of social media sharing. You can put your WordPress landing page in your social media accounts to further increase traffic. After getting membership in this plug-in you get a certificate and a license to amplify the authenticity of your WordPress page. You don’t get a free plug-in but there’s much more in this plug-in as compared to others. This plug-in is one of the best wp landing page plugins for marketers to use.  When looking at the features you’ll find a drag and drop tool which is powerful enough to integrate any theme into your landing page.

It also provides 46 different modules to help you modernize your landing pages like audio calls and social media sharing buttons. You get the contact forms and email marketing forms which are essential in the landing page game. If you are looking to boost sales through your WordPress page then this plug-in can make it happen for you.

Qards – One of the Popular Landing Page Plugins

This one of the landing page plugins is less famous than the other WordPress plugins, but it allows the user to create beautiful landing pages with the best writing skills. The entire purpose of Qards is for people to pump out landing pages without facing any difficulties. It operates by drag and drops feature that has cards to move above or below each other.

All the styles are responsive and user-friendly for simplicity and saving time. You’ll need the least amount of resources and knowledge to use this plug-in and you’ll be able to link all your email accounts to record leads and drop them right into your email in the form of notifications. It has a large database where all your files are stored and you can easily keep a record of your conversions.

Advantages of Qards

One of the reasons a rds is used by many WordPress users is its seamless media support. You can insert audio videos and almost any type of media in your landing page without inserting any extensions. You can insert Youtube videos or any videos that you prefer from any social media site. They can run in the background as well as an option of playing in the front as well.

The custom CSS language area units are easy to use and are nice for both designers and advanced users. , whereas the grid styling comes into play once you’re attempting to arrange content without a code. Qards have a free version but can only be operated in one domain. The cards and options are restricted, however, you continue to receive the email notifications, integration, customization tools, predesigned blocks, and Google fonts.

The primary premium set up comes with a price of 100$ which enables you to use all the features present in the plug-in. The problem with cards is that it does not come with built-in templates but you can integrate any template of your choice.

Insta Page

all in one wp migration

Instapage focuses on the goal of changing advertising bucks into conversions. Its main services include building landing pages, however, in addition, there’s a full collaboration tool, page builder, and improved engine which helps you in testing your page system. This feature makes it unique from others as it gives an option of checking the working of your landing page.

Instapage is a full suite of tools with wonderful testing options to check whether the functions are working in its simplest form. You get an option of heat map to check where people are clicking on your page as compared to dynamic text replacement. It shows who is clicking your site and where are people clicking. This feature makes it different from every other plug-in and is effective for marketers who would prefer to get information about their customers. It gives a view on the type of people who are viewing your blog and the text they are clicking upon.

Pros of Insta Page

The page builder provides drag and drops widgets for functions like CTA buttons, videos, and more. The collaboration tools are wonderful for providing instant feedback on styles and creating edits for others to see about your organization. All of the sharing modules are fully secure, and in addition, you can chat with others. Moreover, it gives you an option of editing items present on your landing page. This features make this plug-in more expensive than others but are worth investing upon. The thing that makes marketing succeed is the consumer insights that these tools provide to its customer. It offers more than landing page to its customers with a site full of optimization, collaboration, and page building tools.

This representative of the landing page plugins has a page builder for every need. So, if you are interested in creating a webinar than there are tons of options for you.  You are not only restricted to creating blogs but it also gives you an option of selling e-books. The template library of the instant page includes more than 200 templates that are customizable and simple to use. It has options that you can help you attract people to your page by giving them different options.

The library of this plug-in is said to be the largest found in any of the plug-ins to the internet. The library doesn’t only have templates but also includes a large collection of photos to make your landing page more attractive. The collaboration tool allows you to make a landing page with multiple people. You can give feedback to people and generate safe links. The creator who is the main admin gets a notification immediately after the edit has been made on the page by the other users.

Lead Pages – One of the Top Landing Page Plugins

Wordpress landing page site

The LeadPages is among the most popular landing page plugins. Its service comes with over one hundred thirty industry-based templates with easy style modules for things like popup forms, social media, and all forms on your landing pages. LeadPages is used for creating all styles of sales and landing pages. However, a number of the additional options that differ from the other plug-in are to see how it works when compared to its competition.

One of the examples can be LeadPages incorporating a Facebook Add feature for instantly combining together with your ads to construct a proper landing page. It is basically for socially active customers who spend most of the time reading blogs on the internet. It gives you an option of creating a buying cart where you allow people to directly order from the blog. This saves their time and your time as well while making the procedure of keeping records easier. 

The drag and drop tool does not need any coding procedures allowing you to clean any pages you want. The lead pages plug-in has an annual plan where a user gets two months of a free trial. It is more expensive than the other plug-in. However, if you are looking to make money through adds then lead pages is worth buying. Placing an advertisement on your word press landing page has never been easier.

The key feature is you can directly receive money from the landing page by sending customers to the checkout form. The plug-in also offers weekly coaching calls which do not exist in any other plug-in. It has 160 landing page templates which make it one of the biggest template libraries present in a plugin.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the greatest landing page plugins that allows you to build out conversions for your pages. You get a variety of templates as an option to build new pages and add color to your work. These templates are designed in such a way that they create a business funnel for effective sales. You can either start from a blank page or customize a page on your website that you find attractive. In addition to these standard features, you get tons of options for marketing purposes as well.  There are lead generation forms, user-friendly contact forms, buying tables and call to action buttons. You can also connect to your favorite email service provider.

Thrive architect has the highest number of API’s as compared to any other WP landing page plugin. The plugin company always looks to improvise and bring out new innovations for the plugin. You get an option of integrating other to thrive plugins to your plugin making it stand out from others. WordPress landing page plugins should be updated every now and then to make it helpful for targeting a large segment of people.

Strengths of Thrive Architect

Companies making such landing page plugins often make you wait a lot to carry out any function in your plugin. However, in this WordPress landing page plugin you get everything right away. Thrive architect is known as the fastest plugin for your WordPress and where you get things with affordability. Your stuff is beautifully designed to attract your audience and make them your customers.

You can create your own buttons to make your blog different from others. This plugin is compatible with every theme you have for your WordPress page and is much clearer than others. It’s the clarity and feasibility that make it the number one choice for a WordPress landing page plugin. The UI is cleaner than the previous versions making it attractive and the experience is totally reconsidered. The revamping has given a new flavor to the plugin and people who would like to market their WordPress page.

A plugin that gives an option of choosing any color any design and any function makes marketing much easier.  There’s a foundation option showing the most used icons for a WP page that further helps in marketing the page. These are features which show how user-friendly the plugin is. You can set page events or mark any activity in the time section. It helps you in executing the planned tasks. Reminders help you in managing your action plan while making a WordPress page.

The WordPress landing page plugin does not only saves time but it saves money too. This plugin has several landing page options and has an option of making a cover for your ebook as well. It’s an all in one solution for the WordPress landing page plugin. The conversion-friendly page converter shows how your page would appear on mobile and other devices.

Optimize Press

wordpress page speed optimization main image

Optimize Press is another unique of WordPress landing page plugins which helps people market their WordPress pages in many ways. The original page is one of the oldest plugins which shows their experience in the market.

There are tons of themes to choose from for your WordPress page. You can try every single of them by using the drag and drop facility. People who have gone successful using these plugins were the ones with a sales page or a brand page. It has helped market their product in the cheapest way possible. They have also earned through their pages by setting ads and increasing traffic to their site.

They have also integrated links of other pages in their main blogs. So,s the same traffic goes to the other blogs as well. It has all been possible by a simple plugin which is so easy and user-friendly. Marketing at WordPress has been made possible by these plugins. They have a separated marketplace where you would find new options and buttons for your landing pages. It gives you an update on what people are using to add traffic on their landing pages and what options you have.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages in not just one of the WordPress landing page plugins but it’s a landing page creator as well. You don’t have to spend your time wandering about how your landing page should look like. The website will give you several options to choose from. Its user-friendly option trains you for making your own webpage.

You can integrate you created a page to word press page via the land pages plug-in. There’s no limit for creating WordPress landing pages and has plenty of storage for you to store your creations. You can view all your created landing pages by using a dashboard option. You can add popovers to appear at your landing page which works best for adding additional information. They work great for your content updates and making it highlight on your blog.

If you want to market your WordPress landing page then this landing page is one the best option out there. There’s a birds-eye view for your pages for you to look upon from every angle. It will make your WordPress page perfect. Template marketplace gives you several old and new templates to choose for your WordPress blogs. There’s an editor for easy editing of your page to save time and get your lost work back.

Beaver Builder

Security of WordPress Plugins

Beaver Builder is primarily one of the drag-and-drop landing page plugins that are also used as WordPress landing page plugins. The front end visual editor will help you in creating eye-catching custom page layouts without a fuss. You can hide some options depending upon the kind of device used visiting your WordPress page. It also gives you an option of adding you several widgets to your page by using the drag and drop option. Opt-in forms, contact forms, and buyout cart are some features that this plug gives to a user.

To speed up page creation you save your templates and previous work is done. Then view it afterward using the dashboard. There’s a free version of this plugin available but to get all the options you would need to buy it. There’s a large section of elements for you to add functions to your landing page. This helps in building an audience for your page as well as differentiating it from other landing pages. To succeed in the market you need to have an element of uniqueness. This plugin helps in creating it.

The plugin helps you in associating your team as well as adding an option of creating your portfolio. These functions help you in presenting your services in the best possible manner. Marketing through WordPress has never been easier before. All you have to do is choose a plugin of your choice and leave the rest on it.

Final Words On Landing Page Plugins

These are the best WordPress landing page plugins present for a marketer to market a WordPress landing page. A landing page, however, accurately reflects the constant message you created within the ad, minimizing confusion for the user. The leads are generated through email, social media and search traffic. You can easily say that a strong set of leads get lost when directly sent to your website. Therefore those leads should be sent to your landing page rather than first landing to your website.

When your landing pages are keyword optimized and made speedy with the help of best SEO plugin they can help SEO in many ways. The more landing pages you publish it increases the chances for your site to appear on top in Google. You can take advantage of the high converting landing page on organic traffic.

The main goal of the landing page is to capture leads and turn them into your customers. A bonus of getting more customers is that you get a lot of data from them. This basically helps in targeting them again in the future where you know what will act in attracting them. You learn about their trends and behavior on the internet which tells you about their interests. You can target those interests and pull them towards your page again in the future. Your leads require you to capture data to sell those customers in the future. This helps you in building your email list where you can use email marketing in its most effective form. 

The plug-in which provides email integration, a testing feature and a library of several templates is the one to go for. These landing page plugins can really help a marketer in marketing its WordPress landing page.

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