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Low-Cost Responsive Landing Page Templates for Successful Online Projects

It goes without saying that starting an online project takes careful preparation. There are so many things to think of. To begin with, you spend sleepless nights developing the concept and planning every step. Next, you focus on your budget. Finally, you begin looking through hundreds of landing page templates to present your project to the whole world.

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It’s a common fact that you want your future landing page to do a great job. Obviously, you hope that it’ll help you find new clients and increase your profits. Consequently, you wish to make it appealing and functional at the same time. To put it simply, you intend it to be effective.

How to Make an Effective Landing Page

Do you want to know how to make a splash page capable of generating leads? We’ll gladly share several tips. Hope, they’ll help you grow your audience and bring your business to the next level.

To begin with, a landing page isn’t the same thing as your website homepage. Whereas a homepage generally resembles an interactive business card, a landing page is all about converting your visitors into customers. It shouldn’t include any unnecessary information that can distract your online audience. Actually, an effective landing page should contain just several basic components which will make its viewers click. Here they are.


As the authors of “The Definitive Guide to Copywriting” state, headlines are worth 90% of the advertising dollar in marketing.

Evolution Landing Page Template

A headline is the first thing your visitors see. Therefore, it should immediately grab their attention and convince them to stay. This means that the headline has to be short, clear, and include your unique value proposition.

Ad Copy

This section consists of your offer and benefits. To be more precise, it tells about your product and the advantages of using it.

Mars Landing Page Template

Write your copy with visitors in mind. Firstly, concentrate on the benefits, not just features of your product. Secondly, use “you”, not “I” or “we”. Thirdly, avoid professional jargon.


Images and videos can significantly reinforce your offer. Due to visuals you can highlight the benefits of your product, introduce your team or show your happy customers.

Cryptos Landing Page Template

There’s only one thing to keep in mind. All visuals should be of high quality.


CTAs are not just a must of any landing page. They are its main element. In fact, any other information on your page plays a supporting role and leads your visitors to the CTA.

Plumberix Landing Page Template

First of all, high-converting CTA buttons are highly visible. This means that they’re designed in a contrasting color and placed above the fold. Next, the text of the button shouldn’t exceed four action-oriented words. The best thing is when these words convey a sense of urgency.


On the one hand, the overall design of your landing page has to captivate your visitors’ attention at once. On the other hand, it shouldn’t distract them from the content. The design of your landing page should be clean and have a distinct visual hierarchy. If you have no idea how to achieve it, surf the net for the landing page design inspiration. Take time to examine the landing pages of your successful competitors.

Fashioniq Landing Page Template

Actually, you won’t have to design your landing page from scratch if you use professionally crafted landing page templates. They look attractive and already have a strong visual hierarchy to lead the visitors exactly where you want. Furthermore, with a bootstrap landing page template, you’ll easily edit any design to suit your needs perfectly.

Best Low-Cost Responsive Landing Page Templates

Honestly, choosing a great landing page template isn’t a piece of cake. It may become a time-consuming task even for a professional. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of the best responsive landing page templates worth your careful attention. Why do we consider them a great choice? The answer is simple. All of these landing page templates have each and every feature necessary to provide your effective online presence:

  • 100% responsive design;
  • A user-friendly built-in admin panel;
  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor;
  • Bootstrap compatibility;
  • A wide range of widgets to add any imaginable functionality;
  • A large collection of SEO tools;
  • Free regular updates via one click;
  • Superfast loading speed;
  • Free professional customer support 24/7.

Moreover, all of them are multipurpose and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In a word, there’s no need for the further search. As soon as you look through these landing page templates, you’ll realize it in full. In other words, you’ll definitely find a right solution to ensure the success of your online project. What’s more, with a convenient drag-and-drop landing page builder the whole process will be as easy as a pie.


Businesco Landing Page Template


Carsonetti Landing Page Template


SportFan Landing Page Template

Spa Salon

Spa Salon Landing Page Template


Webinar Landing Page Template


RealEstate Landing Page Template

Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis Landing Page Template


Industrix Landing Page Template


Photorson Landing Page Template


Metiane Landing Page Template

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