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World’s Top Social Media Apps Marketers Should Consider

Human nature by default has been programmed to remain active socially, which as a skill comes naturally to some people and for others, it becomes a tough call to even interact openly with others. However, the humans have always been looking for the ways to get connected to as many people as possible and in this age of digitization the job is much easier with the best social media apps. Being said that it’s nothing like people were not socializing in the past. It is just that the ways of getting connected to each other have become much easier compared to olden days.

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There are social networking apps too that not only help users but also to marketers to enrich their users’ count. Why not have a look at all these applications in order enrich the count of users on your social media account too?

Here comes the list of the best social media apps

Top Social Media Apps: Facebook

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Facebook needs no introduction today. The globally renowned social media channel has a whopping user number that has already crossed the billion mark. Apart from helping people to get connected to the friends and family members worldwide, the channel equally serves ar the best platform for advertisers to sell their products. There are different kinds of applications associated with the platform that makes it easy for the marketers to enrich their networking channel. There are features and functionalities a few of which includes ad display, ad boosting and a number of others to get the attention of the users on any particular platform.

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Top Social Media Apps: WhatsApp

WhatsApp social media apps

This instant messaging platform was acquired by the most popular social networking site, Facebook back in 2014 but its features make this channel a renowned one for the marketers. Besides the ability to connect and sharing people’s thought, the platform is a renowned one for advertisers. The app’s reach can easily be utilized to market the product in the right way by following the guidelines. Some of the companies have even started their marketing through the channel to gain exceptional visibility among the audiences. Besides the messaging feature, additional features such as voice and video calling work as the icing on the cake.

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Top Social Media Apps: Tumblr

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Yahoo owns Tumblr since 2013 and the channel is continually growing in terms of a medium that keeps the users connected to each other. At its core, Tumblr serves as the best social media app cum blogging platform. Through the channel, the users can find and follow anything they wish to. On the other hand, the channel equally serves to marketers by allowing them to post anything. This way, the marketers can utilize the opportunity to post advertisement and other business-related posts to get the uses’ attention. There is an additional opportunity to customize anything and everything that marketers post.

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Top Social Media Apps: Instagram

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Instagram for marketers is equally rewarding as it is for the users. The photo-sharing multimedia platform has a number of features that a regular user and a marketer can equally utilize. Instagram offers an exceptional opportunity to the marketers by displaying their works of arts on the platform. As users can use a number of filters that Instagram offers, it additionally can be used as a marketing channel for serving the users for the products they would like to purchase. Instagram’s image posting feature can help brands display their products to millions of customers in order to attain customers in the best way.

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Top Social Media Apps: Twitter

Twitter social media apps

The network leverages posting short messages in the form of tweets. Due to the on growing craze of online shopping, Twitter has attracted the attention of millions of marketers to display their products to the audiences with the prescribed character’s limit. As one of the best social media app & platform has a huge reach among the users, any marketer using the channel can have the benefit of getting their product’s visibility extend to global regions. Twitter also makes it possible to promote the business on the platform and do the marketing of the product through the channel. The number of active users is in millions and thus the platform can help to reach to millions easily.

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Top Social Media Apps: Skype

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Owned by Microsoft and popular as communication based social networking app & platform, Skype can help reach millions of users within a second. The platform allows users to connect to the users through online calls, which can help companies in their marketing efforts. The app can help marketers to attend or schedule meetings over Skype calls. Such calls can also be done to offer product demo to clients sitting at any of the global locations. There are facilities to have conference calls over the platform by connecting all the members of the group. And, the best thing about this exceptional app is it offers all the services free of cost. And, that’s an absolute benefit to any of the businesses.

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Top Social Media Apps: Snapchat

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This image messaging social media app is renowned for the stories that anyone right from the users to any the brands to a business can utilize. The story part allows users to post their most recent stories that everyone can see at the top of their respective feeds. Brands, on the other hand, can also make the best use of this opportunity by displaying their most recent product launch or any other such event as their stories. Viewing these stories is the most recent trend that every user is going to relate to. Such kind of promotion actually does a lot for a new brand to get proper visibility.

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Best Social Media Apps: Pinterest

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The photo-sharing and visual marking social media app is a lot better when it comes to displaying pictures under any of the categories. The platform is well-known for finding new ideas and displaying something unique to the audiences. Businesses can take advantage of the platform in a number of ways by getting ideas or by displaying their unique work on the platform. Pinterest can be used as an advertising network in order to promote the products as well as services of companies. There are unique ideas that a company can have to start something creative and innovative as well.

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Top Social Networking Apps: LinkedIn

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All these years LinkedIn has remained popular as a leading professional network but now the platform is used by a number of companies to advertise their professional strength through the medium of short advertisements. As a global networking channel that has millions of users worldwide, the platform is one exceptional to be used by companies. The companies can not only use the platform to make professional connections but also to display the services that it offers to the clients. As the platform basically serves as a medium to hire ideal candidates for the business, it can actually help a company to grow exceptionally well.

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Top Social Networking Apps: YouTube

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As the world’s largest video sharing social networking site, YouTube has a massive audience that uploads and shares the videos on the platform. The site is easily accessible to the global users, which is an advantage in the favor of a business. By posting a video that displays the products and services offered by a company, it gets easier for them to enrich the reach of the services to the millions. Such an endeavor can help companies grow their social reach to global regions just by posting business related videos on the platform.

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