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How to Find Your Social Media Voice

If you want a genuine relationship with your customers, one of the best ways to achieve it is through social media. However, there’s more to a social media presence than simply posting the latest information about your new items, special offers and events. If you want to really stand out, talk about things that matter to your customers’ lives in a way that feels authentic to them. Here’s how to find your social media voice to help you do so.

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So What’s A Voice Anyway?

Think of it like this; you speak to your business acquaintances using language common to your profession, but you communicate with your family and friends in a more casual way. This, when applied toward the written word, is your tone. Within that, the way you communicate—whether energetic, professional, or casual—is your voice. If you’re a doctor, you’ll want to convey competence, professionalism and authority. If you’re a children’s entertainer, you’ll want to express a playful attitude while also being careful to project responsibility to reassure parents.

Finding Yours

Observe the culture surrounding your niche within your field of endeavor. To fit in, make every effort to sound like them (without appearing to make an effort) so they know you’re of an accord. Keep in mind you also have to reflect the specific values you represent. This is how you’ll stand out when you are compared to others operating within your space. For example, Virgin America and United Airlines are in the same business, yet Virgin projects an aura of playful fun, while United comes across in a more businesslike fashion. To find your voice, you must get a handle on the image you want to project and communicate accordingly. By the way, if you’re also setting up your website, these elements should inform your choice of a free website template too.

Why Even Bother With All of This?

Getting back to our airline example, Virgin America stands out because it projects an aura of hip edginess. This is evident in every aspect of the way it conducts itself, from the terms it uses to define its various levels of service to the styling of its gates, aircraft interiors, crew uniforms and even the methodology driving its ticketing processes, Virgin is thoroughly contemporary. Meanwhile, United is decidedly old school. Millennials and those given to more youthful pursuits will be attracted to Virgin’s voice, while more conservative types will find United’s more reassuring.

How To Apply It

If your site were a person, what kind of a vibe would it radiate? What is the nature of the relationship you want to have with your customers? Do you want to be perceived as a trusted friend (which is the most ideal method for social media), a guide, or a parent? How do you want them to see you? Once you get a handle on that, compose a written description of how you see yourself and look for other companies (in any field of endeavor) who are already doing what you want to do. Borrow from them to establish your persona in your own area.

Learning how to find your social media voice and matching it to the way you do business is key to mounting a successful content marketing campaign. Your goal is to attract people who will appreciate your wares—without talking about your products. Instead, you want them to be attracted to you because you radiate an enjoyable personality to which they can relate. This, in turn, will create legions of loyal customers who will shop with you because you reflect their identity.

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