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Integrating Your Online Store into Social Media

The fun of being able to curate your dream wardrobe or vacation online, whether a digital bulletin board or reblogged travel destinations, is a phenomenon unique to the Internet. Users of social media websites spend significant amounts of time creating wish lists, inspiration projects boards, or reblogging images that resonate with them, all at no cost whatsoever. Users seek content to express their desires. This is one of the reasons that linking your online store with social media websites is a great marketing concept, with the added perk that being part of social media allows for the ability to share your favorites with other users.

Integrating Your Online Store into Social Media

Linking Digital Dreams with Reality

Creating a collection of images seems like a mundane activity. There’s no physical manifestation of a digital bulletin board curated around a theme, whether of fashion, art or food. However, the ability to dream in content without the necessity of currency or physical exertion is like having your pick of every wedding dress on the planet. It’s not real, but it’s fun to browse. Users that amass collections of intangible items, whether in text, photographs of actual material objects, or aesthetically pleasing images, can blog and pin to their hearts’ content without any type of practical restriction. There’s an opportunity at this juncture to introduce the possibility of acquiring a tangible piece of that dream, by allowing a user to both pin and then purchase your product.

Making the Final Destination a Place to Be

Using social media platforms to draw users to your online store is the tactic, but once they get there, make sure they stay. If your business is accessories, make sure your template reflects that. If someone is reblogging or pinning an image of your product, the destination of the actual website has to fit the dream ideal. All eCommerce providers offer templates, both free or at a cost, and it’s a prudent decision to invest time in tweaking your online storefront to reflect the dream. Having the right template puts your product’s best face forward and keeps the transition from a personally curated collection to an online store seamless.

Tools to Get Started

Most eCommerce websites offer a wide of variety of ways to integrate your business into social media, catering specifically toward the most popular networking websites. One good thing to keep in mind, however, is where you’re going to find your customer base. Know who your target audience is, and what they sort of products they want. These specific parameters must be taken into account so you can decide where to focus your energies. It may be worth investing the time to establish your presence on a particular website if it’s more likely generate the customer base you’re looking for, but such ventures are do not provide instantaneous results. However, slipping in your content as an imaginary image with the potential for a tangible product can be well worth the effort.

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