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Entertainment Apps for iPhone – 11 Top Apps Riding the Tide

Nowadays the world loves smartphones. For a while now, mobile apps have been a significant player in the online world. Your smartphone is maybe full of them and downloading one from app stores has never been easier. Statista stated that some 3.2 million applications can be found on Google Play Store and 2.2 million mobile applications on Apple Store alone. There arу handy apps that can really assist in work and study. For instance, useful apps for students. Other apps are made for pure entertainment. Now, let’s say you’ve been searching for the list of the top entertainment apps for iPhone. The question is where to find them and what are they.

Entertainment Apps for iPhone

YouTube – the Most Popular among Video Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Youtube Entertainment Apps for iPhone

First and foremost, as for the U.S. audience, YouTube’s app holds the No. 1 position place on the list of top mobile music and video entertainment apps for iPhone. Moreover, the vast worldwide popularity of YouTube has so far resulted in 1 billion downloads from the Google Play store alone.


Earlier, viewing YouTube videos on a personal computer, it was essential to have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in to be installed in the browser. YouTube launched a new version of the site that used the built-in multimedia abilities of web browsers supporting the HTML5 standard. It enables videos being viewed without requiring Adobe Flash Player or any other plug-in to be installed.

3D Videos

YouTube software engineer announced that YouTube users can now upload 3D videos. The videos can be viewed in numerous different ways, containing the common anaglyph (cyan/red lens) method which makes use of glasses worn by the viewer to achieve the 3D effect. The YouTube Flash player can display stereoscopic content incorporated in rows, columns or a checkerboard pattern, side-by-side or anaglyph using a red/cyan, green/magenta or blue/yellow arrangement.

360-Degree Videos

YouTube supports 360-degree videos which can be viewed from Google Cardboard, a virtual reality system. YouTube 360 can also be seen from all other virtual reality headsets.


All users of this one of the most famous entertainment apps for iPhone can upload videos up to 15 minutes each. Users who have a good track record with the site’s Community Guidelines may have the ability to upload videos up to 12 hours in length, as well as live streams, which requires authenticating the account, normally through a mobile phone. Video titles are made using speech recognition technology. Such captioning is usually not perfectly precise, so YouTube offers several options for manually putting in captions for greater accuracy. YouTube’s indicators show that interlaced videos are still being uploaded to YouTube, and there is no sign of that actually declining. YouTube features it to uploading of made-for-TV content.

Quality and Formats

YouTube originally presented videos at only one quality level, displayed at a resolution of 320×240 pixels with mono MP3 audio. It added a selection to watch videos in a 3GP format on mobile phones. Videos on YouTube are accessible in a range of quality levels. The earlier names of standard quality (SQ), high quality (HQ), and high definition (HD) have been exchanged by numerical values representing the vertical resolution of the video. YouTube introduced videos playing at 60 frames per second, in order to duplicate video games with a frame rate comparable to high-end graphics cards. The videos playback at a resolution of 720p or greater.

  • Founded: 14 February 2005.
  • CEO: Susan Wojcicki (5 Feb 2014).
  • Headquarters: San Bruno, California, United States.
  • Launched: February 14, 2005.
  • Founders: Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen.
  • Parent organization: Google.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

Netflix – Pop-Culture Leader Among Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Netflix Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Netflix‘s primary business model included DVD sales and rental by mail. Hastings discarded DVD sales about a year after Netflix’s focus on the DVD rental business. The streaming service has other features and options than ever, as well a secret features, and some very useful add-ons that will help you make the most of your Netflix experience.

Unless you’ve been sitting under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably about the phenomenon of Netflix. Watching movies and TV shows on your TV, game console, and PC or Mac devices is endlessly gaining in popularity.


Netflix may be a streaming service, but they are also your own private media library. Which means you can download any movie or TV episode you need and save it for later.  That means no streaming and no wasting data.

Get a Sneak Peak At All the Upcoming Movies and TV Shows

Wish to know what’s coming up on Netflix next month? MTLBlog is the first in Canada to publish the list of all the new publications, so keep an eye open every month between the 19th and the 22nd for the latest list.

Automatic Subscription to Every Netflix around the World

Did you know that if you have a Netflix subscription, it is used worldwide! That means that when you go to a different country that has their own version of Netflix, you can automatically access that country’s movie and TV show selection.

Kick Off Your Ex

Many people share Netflix passwords with their colleagues or significant others. But after you move away or breakup, you may not want to have all these people accessing off your account. Fortunately, you can boot them out by going to My Account. Sign out of all devices. Just verify update your password afterward.

  • Founded: August 29, 1997.
  • CEO: Reed Hastings.
  • Headquarters: Los Gatos, California, U.S.
  • Launched: February 14, 2005.
  • Founders: Reed Hastings, Marc Randolph.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

HBO Now – TV Network in Your iPhone

HBO Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Home Box Office is an American best cable and satellite TV network that is held by the namesake unit Home Box Office, Inc., a division of WarnerMedia. This on-demand, streaming service is available for buying through a payment package from your local provider. Once you get your HBO login, the world of popular TV shows, movies and documentaries will be yours.

  • Launched: 15 October 2014.
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States.
  • Founder: Richard Plepler.
  • Parent organization: HBO.
  • CEO: Richard Plepler.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

Let’s discuss some other top entertainment apps for iPhone in the music category.

Spotify – Music Leader among Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Spotify Entertainment Apps for iPhone

On Spotify‘s, one of the top entertainment apps for iPhone, music can be browsed via several parameters, such as artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. People can create, edit and share playlists, share tracks on social media, and create playlists with other users. Spotify offers access to over 35 million songs. The price for such a desire is $10 a month. In return, Spotify gives you choices to create predictive playlists, create your own, or enjoy the existing ones.

Add to Queue

When you tap Add to Queue on a song, it gets added as the next song in your queue and not at the end. With Apple Music, if to compare, there is a Play Next option to play a song next and a Play Later option that adds it to the end of the queue. With Spotify, Add to Queue actually means play next, which is super annoying if you’ve got some songs lined up next and required to keep adding songs to the end of the queue.

Make an Order for Your Playlists with Playlist Folders

Have you got a point where you have many playlists? Fetch some order to them with playlist folders. You can then drag playlists into a folder with the help of a desktop app. You cannot generate playlist folders and drag playlists into them with Spotify’s mobile application, so you must do all of your playlist organizing on the desktop app.

Recover Deleted Playlists

If you need to get back a deleted playlist, you’ll need to go to Spotify’s web client. Log in to your account and then click Recover playlists from the left panel. Find the playlist you need to take back and click Restore.

Sound Hound for Missing Lyrics

When you come across a song for which you want to see the lyrics of, just hop over to the Sound Hound app, tap the listen button and Sound Hound will identify the song and start displaying the lyrics. You can even click the lyrics preview to open a larger lyrics panel that will highlight each line.

View Album or Artist Info

If you like what you hear and want to hear more from that artist, there’s a rapid way to jump to more songs from that artist without requiring to search. You can go to the Playing panel, click on the triple-dot button along the right edge below the album artwork, scroll down and tap View Album or View Artist.

  • Launched: 7 October 2008.
  • Headquarters: Luxembourg City Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Founder: Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon.
  • CEO: Daniel Ek.

Shazam – Now You Know Who’s Singing

Shazam Entertainment Apps for iPhone

You know that moment when you hear a wonderful song, but you have no idea who’s the singer and what’s the title? Shazam has established a fantastic mobile app that identifies music from TV, mobile, and other media devices.

Shazam is one of the best entertainment apps for iPhone and finds songs built on an audio impression based on a time-frequency graph called a spectrogram. It uses a smartphone or computer’s natural microphone to collect a brief sample of audio. The user tags a song for 10 seconds and the application generates an audio fingerprint.

  • Launched: 7 October 2008.
  • Headquarters: Luxembourg City Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Founder: Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon.
  • CEO: Daniel Ek.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

Movies, media, and games app are also in our top entertainment apps for iPhone list.

Clash of Clans – Online Mobile Game

Clash of Clans Entertainment Apps for iPhone

This popular online multiplayer mobile game is now one of the entertainment apps for iPhone iOS and Android mobile platforms. The aim of the game is to construct a community, whereby a player is a chief of the village. In addition, players can construct their own town, create clans and protect them. Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game in which players from communities, called clans, train troops, and attack other players to get resources. There are four resources in the game. Gold and solution can be used to construct and refill defenses that protect the player from other players’ attacks. Elixir and dark elixir are used to train and upgrade troops and spells. Gems are the premium resource. Attacks are estimated on a three-star scale and have a maximum timed length of three minutes.

The game was launched for iOS on August 2, 2012, and for Android on October 7, 2013.

AskGamblers App – Top Mobile Casino among Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Askglambers Entertainment Apps for iPhone

AskGamblers is a high-class mobile casino app that retains players, affiliates and gaming specialists up-to-date with the latest happenings from the world of online gaming. This is one of the top-ranked entertainment apps for iPhone and it comes with a live notification system.

Live Notifications

Subscriptions with a live notification feature guarantee that users will never miss an essential update if they’re interested in new casino bonuses, latest news, or they simply need to keep track of a certain complaint.

Real Player Reviews

Get real players’ reviews about online casinos, bonuses, and slots contained on AskGamblers. They strongly inspire all their users to share their experience and provide honest information about online casinos worldwide.

Latest Reviews and News

The full AskGamblers casino listings are accessible through the iPhone and Android apps. Players can use this feature to get info about any of the indexed casinos. Besides, all casino bonuses, online slots, and the latest news are just a few clicks away anytime, anyplace.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run Entertainment Apps for iPhone

Temple Run is a gaming entertainment app for Android and iPhone, perfect for those who need to play just as much as to breath. The result focuses on running over exciting obstacle courses, gripping powers and having fun while doing so. Although the character is running, the player can swipe left or right to move the character to either side of the screen to gather coins and/or avoid obstacles.

Different Kinds of Coins

There are three kinds of coins while the character is running: gold, red, and blue. Therefore, the coins can be used to buy and then increase power-ups and/or other characters. Coins can also be gained by the player through in-app buying with money payments. If the player wishes to jump over an object, the screen can be swiped up; if the player wishes to slide under an object, the screen can be swiped down.

Endless Running

Temple Run 2 is an “endless running” game, which is a platform game that has the player directing a character that constantly moves forward on a never-ending path. These games’ controls operate by letting you swipe to change directions and jump while avoiding approaching obstacles and pitfalls. Temple Run 2 changes up the formula of these types of games by letting the player pick up power-ups, upgrade different statistics and ride in pit carts during certain sections of the game.

Diverse Characters

There are four diverse characters that can be used during the many cases of Temple Run 2’s stage runs. Here are all the characters and the coins requirements to unlock some of them: Guy Dangerous – unlocked from the start; Scarlett Fox – 5,000 coins; Barry Bones – 15,000 coins; Karma Lee – 25,000 coins.

  • Founded: 16 January 2013.
  • CEO: Natalia Luckyanova.
  • Headquarters: ‎Raleigh, North Carolina‎, United state.
  • Founders: Natalia Luckyanova, Keith Shepherd.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10.

Face App – One of the Most Trendy Entertainment Apps for iPhone

faceapp Entertainment Apps for iPhone

The list of the most typical entertainment apps for iPhone wouldn’t be the same without the Face App. It corresponds to corresponds to IOS app development trends. This app permits its users to vary their face with the help of artificial intelligence. Options include adding smiles, getting younger or older, charming more attractive and other interesting features.

Easy Photo Editor

Beauty Plus can create your photos look like faces in an animation movie. You can alter the skin tone, enlarge eyes and make the face look slimmer and longer. The app can also provide your face a lovely and youthful look by blocking out dark circles, acne and give your teeth a pure white look.

Face Emoji

Face Emoji can style your selfies come to life by letting you apply emoji’s, stickers, funny animal faces on them. So, the face swap tool modifies your entire face by applying funny animal face filters over it, while one can use Emoji to make photos look a lot more cheerful. You can also apply some of these filters in videos and alter your voice in the recordings.

Selfie on Tilt

Front cameras have enhanced a lot, but it is rare to find a front camera that can beat the main camera in terms of picture quality. Obsolete Selfie Tilt lets users apply their phone’s main camera from time to time for that special selfie moment. Users won’t be able to see how the picture will look while taking a Selfie, but the entertainment app for Android will lock emphasis by itself and vibrate the phone when the photo has been taken. Once a user saved an image, they can give it a final touch by modifying color contrast and put on filters.

  • Founded: January 2017.
  • CEO: Yaroslav Goncharov.
  • Founders: Yaroslav Goncharov.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

Instagram – Don’t Judge by the Name

Instagram Entertainment Apps for iPhone

No, it is not the Instagram one of the most well-known social media apps, though it shares the same name. The one out of entertainment apps for iPhone permits users to enjoy viewing popular cartoons made by Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and MGM. Presenting Boomerang from Instagram, a new video app that lets you turn everyday moments into somewhat fun and unexpected.

Video Features

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Instagram Video posts – they’re like regular photo posts, excluding they allow for video up to 60 seconds long. You can add a filter, a caption and tag your location previously you share the post. Video posts create more user engagement than photos on Instagram.

Stories Features

One of the biggest add-ons to Instagram as of late is the Stories feature. Stories feature is similar to Snapchat in that users add clips of video to a story which is on display for 24 hours before it disappears. You can view Story content as several times as you want within that 24-hour period.

Your Favorite Filters

There are 40 Instagram filters for you to get innovative with when you’re posting new Instagram videos or photos. But, as a business, you’re going to need your content to be reliable in terms of brand image and style. If you have extra one person managing your Instagram, it can be difficult to keep your look and feel consistent. Instagram allows you to manage your favorite filters by choosing the gear icon at the end of the filter list.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram revolved out a feature allowing users to shift between different accounts from within the application. This made running multiple Instagram accounts much more efficient for dealers and businesses. This is best for agencies or brands that want to feature certain kinds of content on different accounts

IGTV – TV Episodes on Your Instagram

igtv entertainment apps for iPhone

Instagram TV is an app in Instagram that gives users the capability to share videos that are up to an hour long – like a TV episode. This is big news for content makers who are into video content – one of the fastest rising trends in content marketing as over 80% of businesses are using video marketing. What is more, IGTV gives marketers the capability to share longer video content with the benefit of your users being notified when you share a new video is shared.

  • Founded: October 6, 2010.
  • CEO: Kevin Systrom.
  • Headquarters: New York City.
  • Founders: Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

Snapchat – the Funniest out of Entertainment Apps for iPhone

snapchat igtv entertainment apps for iphone

One of the most wonderful mobile entertainment apps for iPhone or Android is used for sharing photos, text, videos, and drawings. It corresponds to modern mobile apps design patterns. The finest part about Snapchat is their “self-destruct” feature, which makes messages disappear from the recipient’s phone after a few seconds. Having all this in mind, it’s no surprise why mobile apps are so popular and why Web users download and use them daily. The app has evolved from initially focusing on person-to-person photo sharing to now featuring users’ “Stories” of 24 hours of sequential content, along with “Discover”, letting brands show ad-supported short-form content.

Snapchat has become well-known for representing a new, mobile-first direction for social media, and places significant emphasis on users interacting with virtual stickers and augmented reality objects.

Adding ‘Lenses’, Filters and Effects

With your face in vision, tap and hold on your face. You’ll get a white grid to appear, then some new circular icons will seem to the right of the close button. You can scroll through these ‘Lenses’ to add several filters and effects. Some filters will instruct you to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows to become the full effect. Some can also change your voice, for which you’ll need to record a video rather than a Snap.

Face Swapping

The Face Swap is one of Snapchat’s best popular features. You can face swap with a person stand-up next to you or using photos in your phone’s photo gallery which has directed to some very interesting swaps.

Editing Your Snap

Moreover, having taken a Snap you’ll get new icons to appear on the right control of the screen. These let you add text, make drawings and add stickers. The bottom selection lets you set a time limit for how long your friends will be able to see your Snap. The beauty of Snapchat is that unless you precisely save or screenshot an image it will self-destruct after they’ve viewed it.

  • Founded: September 2011.
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Founders: Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.

So, as you see the range of entertainment apps for iPhone is really wide and the apps with their multiple functions are diverse to please every customer.

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