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Useful Apps for Students: Top 15 Apps That Can Help Them Study Better

Studying and practicing is the only way you can improve your grades and get the degree you want. Whether you are studying at a traditional or community college or an online institution, you need to organize your time and do your best in order to organize your workload according to the set deadlines. New digital technologies offer a lot of useful apps for students that can help increase their productivity and maximize the benefits of the hours they spend studying or working on their tasks. From nursing essay writing service to creative design software, there are a lot of tools out there that can help young people achieve their goals and learn new skills.

Traditional ways of studying are boring and might not be even suitable for the topics college students study today. A smart student would know how to use the best study helping useful apps for students. These applications are easy to access and customize so you can use them to cater to your personal needs. They will allow you to study at your own convenience wherever you are so you can always stay on track.

Since going to college is one of the most important decisions that anyone can take in their lives, you can make use of some of the most practical software programs. They will help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Even if you are not ready for college life, these amazing applications and tools will definitely make life easier and studying more fun.

useful apps for students top 15

How Can I find the Most Useful Apps for Students?

In order to find the most useful apps for students which help in studying, you might need to experiment with a few until you find the right for you. Some of them will suit your studying style and your personal needs while others won’t. You might also want to adjust these tools to help find a reliable application that you can depend on. Studying in the digital age offers new opportunities that were not available to people who studied decades ago. You should understand that progressive web apps change all the spheres of life nowadays, including education.

Now you can make use of the best argumentative essay maker or an incredible online library to finish all your assignments in the best quality. These tools allow you to finish your tasks with minimal effort without being overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to submit before a certain deadline. Here are the top 15 most useful apps for students that you can use to improve your grades.

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This is definitely one of the best organization useful apps for students. If you are overwhelmed by the tasks that you need to finish then you definitely need to depend on a reliable tool. When you are in class, you want to have access to a tool that will allow you to take notes fast and in a practical way. Evernote allows you to take important notes, share them, edit them and access them through different devices. You will have all your study notes stored in one place so you won’t get confused or lost when you are trying to study before a test.

The best thing about using Evernote is that unlike taking traditional notes using pen and paper, you will have the opportunity to add audio files, attachments, and links so that your notes are more useful. It comes in a free version and a premium one that doesn’t cost much per year.

iStudiez Pro

This is definitely one of the best iPad apps for students as it helps you plan your homework and study schedule. A lot of students get overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have to finish over a short period of time. This app is one of the most remarkable organization useful apps for students because you can access it through your phone. It is also available for Android and Microsoft users.

If you always end up procrastinating your tasks until you are running out of time, then you would definitely love this app. It will remind you of the assignments and tasks that you have to submit. You can also store your colleagues and teachers’ contacts for easy access wherever you are. This planning application is going to help you draw a line between your personal and academic life. It is also very easy to use.

Accelastudy Vocabulary Builder

Are you trying to improve your writing skills? Writing an essay might be a dreadful task but it becomes easier if you know a lot of impressive words. An average college student knows about one-quarter of the words in the English language. This tool is a vocabulary bank that will help you learn new words in a fun way.

The best thing about this application is you can learn new vocabulary words fast. You will learn through interactive games, quizzes and flashcards so you can become better at writing. It is one of the most useful apps for students who want to improve the quality of their essays and other writing assignments. It is considered to be one of the best educational apps for students who are studying literature or have to do a lot of writing. Using relevant vocabulary shows your college professor that you are good at what you do. You don’t have to use repetitive words. Applying new vocabulary will make your assignments more interesting for your professor and whoever is going to read your paper.

useful apps for students vocabulary builder


Do you have a professor who is completely intolerant to plagiarism? A lot of students don’t mean to copy other people’s work but they end up being accused of unintentional plagiarism because they fail to list the bibliography in the right way. This tool Bibme is one of the most useful apps for students of colleges as it helps them submit excellent and original assignments every single time.

The citation of an essay or paper is an overwhelming task and you might not be sure about the right way to do it. This tool checks your writing for plagiarized work and cites in the right way and format. It is a complete writing tool that will help improve the quality of your writing assignments because it also checks for grammar and language mistakes. Using this app will guarantee that you will always submit the best tasks papers.


This is a comprehensive software program that will allow you to see and check all your files in one place. It is one of the most remarkable study-helping useful apps for students that you can use if you want to stay organized.  A lot of students get confused about where their files. Especially if they are using multiple services like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drives to save their documents. This app can access them all at the same time and allow you to check all your files in one place.

This app works on different operating systems. One can use a phone or a laptop to read Microsoft documents, view images, annotate PDF files, and read e-books. What is more, you will never forget where your files are because they can all be on your phone or laptop. You don’t have to sign in into different services every time you want to look up a piece of information. This is one tool that will help you save a lot of time.


Although you might think that you can cheat using this app, it is actually one of the most impressive and best educational apps for people who are studying programming and coding. This app offers a lot of cheat sheets that contain relevant information about different topics.

If you are running out of time you need to have access to a tool that will offer only the most relevant pieces of information. You don’t want to waste your time browsing different books, papers, and other resources to work on your academic assignment. This app Cheatography offers to the point and updated information that you can use in your research. Today, you can find thousands of sheets that cover various academic and fun topics.


Although you are studying for college, you also need to take care of other tasks and chores. You have to do your shopping, laundry, probably meet a friend, go to the doctor, and the list goes on. You might remember to watch a show that you don’t want to miss. For instance, with the help of Telegram movie channel list. But sometimes you might get confused and this is where this app comes in handy.

A lot of people believe that Wunderlist is one of the best organization useful apps for students because it has a lot of impressive features. It is very easy to access and can be used to create reminders. You can easily create multiple lists or share your to-do lists with others. This is a great tool to use if you are working on a group project with the rest of your colleagues. Moreover, students just love it because it is free of change.

useful apps for students wunderlist

Scanner Pro

Are you looking for an application that can help you study without actually having to carry your books and papers? This app exists and it can help you go paperless so you can easily study on the go. There are a lot of tools that facilitate studying especially if you tend to travel a lot. However, this one produces a clean PDF version of your scanned document with no effort whatsoever.

It is one of the most popular iPad apps for students. This app turns your phone into a portable scanner. It scans all documents and allows you to edit them later on. You can use it to scan book pages, research papers, resources, and even receipts using your phone camera. The images will be stored to your phone so you can access them whenever you feel like it. You can save your scanned documents to your iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive for easy access later on. You can easily edit your documents make remarks without having to carry an actual scanner wherever you go. Moreover, this app is extremely affordable which makes it one of the most useful apps for students.


In order to study, you will have to do a lot of brainstorming, planning, and organizing. Whether you are working on multiple tasks or a certain one that requires your full attention, you need an online app that will help you finish all your tasks in the best quality.

Coggle is a great online study app that allows you to create and share mind maps for all the projects you need to finish. It is the best tool for students who get confused and lost because they are unable to visualize information. Mind maps are very useful especially if you are working on a complicated task and don’t know where to start. It will help you write down all your ideas and clarify your thinking. So you can finally come up with the one refined idea that you need to implement in your project. You can create a plan for your upcoming task or write down the points that you need to cover in your research paper.

This is a great online study app. It helps increase your efficiency and productivity whether you are working alone or with others. You don’t have to download it to your phone or computer as it works on your browser for maximum convenience. It will help you stay focused on the task you are working on.

My Study Life

Are you looking for a free app that can organize all your work, assignments, classes and all the tasks that you have to submit? This might be the one for you. Lack of organization is one of the challenges that most college students have to deal with. You might remember everything on time but keeping track of all the details is never easy.

A lot of students prefer My Study Life over others because it is free and very easy to access. It allows you to keep all your important information in one place so you can always be on schedule. If you usually forget about the tasks that you need to submit or the deadlines, this app will help you. You can plan every day ahead of time so you maximize the benefits of the hours you spend studying. It also doesn’t need Wi-Fi, so you can easily check it wherever you are. You will be able to synchronize your data and access your information across multiple devices.

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This is not just one of the most useful apps for students. It is a great app that can help everybody who is trying to avoid a security breach. You probably have hundreds of online accounts for different useful apps for students and websites for them. Certainly, you can use different passwords for each one of them. Remembering all these passwords can be impossible. Especially if you are trying to retrieve a certain piece of information or file that you stored on an account that you can’t even remember. Or you might think that you should use one password for every online account you create. This means that if your password gets exposed, all your private information will be lost forever.

Dashlane is a smart app that generates different and unique passwords for all your online accounts. It keeps them on a safe platform that you can easily access wherever you are. You don’t have to go through your phone or notebooks to remember your passwords. The app does the job on your behalf. This way, you can always guarantee that your information will be safe.


Whether you are a native speaker or not, you are probably looking for one of the most useful apps for students which help in studying different languages. A lot of students choose to study different foreign languages and are asked to submit assignments in a language that they can’t master. You might be traveling abroad and want to practice your vocabulary before you hop on a plane. You may also be trying to improve your chances in the job market by becoming fluent in several languages. There is a list of the most needed languages in the business world nowadays, learning one of which will benefit your career.

Today, there is a reliable tool that can help you achieve your goals without sweating it. Duolingo is one of the most useful apps for students who are studying abroad or in their home countries. Even if you have studied another language in the past, this amazing app will help you remember all the words that you might need for an important task or assignment.

This is a fun application that you can use on the go. Unlike other traditional methods, using this tool will help you learn new languages fast. It uses interactive games and quizzes that can help you assess your level. Using games helps students learn in a less stressful setting and allows them to progress according to their own pace. You can download this program to practice another language whether you are on the bus or the train. You won’t feel like you are actually studying because you can easily access it through your phone. It is like having an online interactive tool in your pocket. You can access it at your own convenience to improve your fluency in a certain language.


Being professional is the key to success in college. You might get with a few typos in your text messages that you send to your friends, but sending an email to your professor is something else. Before hitting the “Send” button, you might want to check your writing using this amazing tool. Grammarly scans your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes. It comes in a free version that supports both American and British English. This application is offered as a Chrome extension so it can automatically improve the quality of your writing when you are writing an email. It is one of the most useful apps for students of colleges.

If you are working on an essay or paper, you might want to check it using Grammarly before submitting. Simply copy and paste and follow the instructions as it highlights mistakes and makes suggestions. It shows the readability score of your writing so you can know if it will be interesting enough. The premium version also suggests using stronger vocabulary so you can improve the quality of your writing. Using this application regularly will allow you to keep track of the mistakes that you usually commit. You can also keep an eye on your progress as you use it to improve the quality of all the assignments and tasks that you finish.

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Dragon Anywhere

Do you ever have a wonderful thought but have no access to a paper or a pen? Does typing take too much of your time? Dragon Anywhere can solve your problems as you can simply record all your ideas and thoughts. This is a wonderful program that will allow you to record thoughts, dictate documents and even edit them using your voice. Don’t worry if you have no access to a notebook or even a place to sit and work on the laptop. You can download this app to your mobile and use it while jogging, cooking or even when you are dead tired and lying in bed.

The best thing about this app is that will make the edits so you can save your hands for working on something else. You don’t have to stop doing your regular chores because you remembered that you need to work on an assignment. You can also send your documents to other applications like Evernote for easier access.

Wolfram Alpha

Are you studying Math or Sciences? Do you need to find useful apps for students which help in studying market trends and changes? Wolfram Alpha is by far the one application that you should always depend on. All you have to do is type in a question, a mathematics problem or a formula. It will tell you the answer and show you how to get there.

Regardless of your major, adding mathematical data shows that you have spent a lot of time and effort working on your task. You can use this app if you are not good with Math and still need to include relevant data in your assignment. It will help you identify trends and mathematical functions so you can submit accurate data that will boost the quality of your essay or paper. This is a cheap app. You can download it to your mobile phone and use whenever you need to work on a challenging mathematical problem.

These some of the most useful apps for students who want to improve their performance and get the grades they have always wanted. Using these applications and tools will help you learn better and faster. They are very easy to access and will always allow you to finish your tasks in the best quality.

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