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Telegram Movie Channel List – Best Channels to Follow

Perhaps, there’s hardly a person who doesn’t like movies at all. What can be better than watching a good film after a hard day’s work? Thousands of movie fans start surfing the net for the best movie websites as soon as they have a free minute. As a rule, they spend much time and effort on searching high-quality trailers, the newest productions, and the latest episodes of their favorite series on the movie streaming sites and platforms, like VPN Check. However, there are ways to considerably reduce the time of the search. A carefully chosen Telegram movie channel can become an indispensable helper for anyone fond of movies.

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What Is a Telegram Movie Channel?

Actually, Telegram is one of the best messenger apps nowadays. In case you’ve not dealt with Telegram channels before, it’s a good thing to find out what a Telegram movie channel is.

Like any Telegram channel, a movie channel is a tool to broadcast public messages to large audiences. In general, the number of Telegram movie channels is enormous. Some of them focus on definite movie genres. Some are all about the fresh stuff in the movie industry. Some offer you movie trailers whereas others suggest links for downloading. Whatever your preferences are, you’ll definitely find a Telegram movie channel according to your interests. As soon as you join it, you will have complete access to the entire message history.

Top Telegram Movie Channels

Are you eager to join a Telegram movie channel? Then, study our list of the most popular ones among the Telegram users. I hope, it will help you make the right choice.

Not every user knows that telegram also has a desktop version and you can easily watch movies from your laptop and don’t get annoyed with torrent sites or online-spam-sites. It’s actually so much user-friendly, and movies it’s not the only feature of desktop Telegram, just take a try and download it, probably you would love that.

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Members: 153208

Posting frequency: 10-12 movies daily

FaibersGate Telegram movie channel

FaibersGate is one of the most popular Telegram movie channels. Frankly speaking, it’s not surprising. FaibersGate suggests you a large choice of movies for any taste and age. It shares them via links, files, and captures. Although there are no film annotations or reviews, each movie is defined by genre and viewers’ rate.

Cinema Hub

Members: 73183

Posting frequency: 3-4 movies daily

Cinema Hub Telegram movie channel

Cinema Hub is another great Telegram movie channel. It gives you free access to a great number of Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian movies, and anime. The best thing is that they always mention the language and the resolution quality level of every movie. Moreover, once a week Cinema Hub provides you with a list of the week’s top Telegram channels to join.


Members: 37281

Posting frequency: up to 20 movies daily


RickyChannel is an endless source of new and old movies. That’s why it definitely deserves your attention. As a rule, the key information on the movie is at your disposal. With RickyChannel you’ll always know the director and the leading actors as well as the film length and rates. Furthermore, they offer you a one-sentence description of the film together with a trailer.

Movie Club

Members: 30542

Posting frequency: 5-7 movies daily

Movie Club Telegram movie channel

Movie Club is one more amazing Telegram movie channel that offers a bunch of popular movies at no cost. The channel allows you to choose from hundreds of movies in multiple genres. Adventure and action films, thrillers, comedies, and dramas are available alongside with anime and cartoons. In a word, there’s no movie genre that isn’t represented.


Members: 36521

Posting frequency: 20-30 movies daily

 MovieStarsOfficial channel

To tell the truth, we couldn’t but mention MovieStarsOfficial in our Telegram channels list. This Telegram movie channel is a reallocation of the huge number of current and classic movies. It gives everyone an opportunity to find something to his liking day in, day out. Believe, even the most demanding movie fans will be fully satisfied with MovieStarsOfficial.

Download Movies

Members: 33352

Posting frequency: 5-7 movies daily

Download Movies Telegram channel

Download Movies channel is an excellent solution if you don’t want (or have no opportunity) to watch a movie online. This Telegram movie channel enables you to download the latest movies and TV shows with direct links and uploaded files. The best news is that you can even request the movie you’re eager to watch.

World Movies

Members: 15652

Posting frequency: 5-10 movies daily

World Movies Telegram movie channel

World Movies is a Telegram movie channel that possesses a big collection of movies from all over the world. Do you want a full-length movie that will make you laugh or cry? Are you in search of something that will scare you or inspire to hug the person you love? Whatever your aim is, you’ll undoubtedly achieve it due to World Movies.

New Release

Members: 22016

Posting frequency: 2-3 movies daily

New Release Telegram movie channel

Do you want to be aware of each and every new movie? Then, the New Release Telegram movie channel is especially for you. The channel keeps you well-informed about newly released DVDRip, HDRip, WEB-DL, and BRRip movies in all languages. Therefore, you don’t have a single chance to miss anything worth your attention.

English Cinemas

Members: 7840

Posting frequency: 2-3 movies daily

English Cinemas Telegram movie channel

English Cinemas Telegram movie channel is primarily for those who take interest in English movies only. Thus, if you don’t want to watch anything except English movies it may become your perfect choice. Honestly, the collection of the channel isn’t an original one. English Cinemas keeps an eye on the posts of other Telegram movie channels. Then it forwards their best English content directly to you.


Members: 26148

Posting frequency: 3-5 animated movies daily

FaibersAnime Telegram movie channel

As the name states, FaibersAnime is all about animation. This Telegram movie channel focuses on both anime and ordinary cartoons for children. Consequently, it could be a good choice not only for anime fans but also for parents who wish to entertain their kids.

Summing up

To sum up, there’s no need nowadays to spend hours in search of a good movie to watch. Everything you have to do is just choose a Telegram movie channel worth your attention. Join it via one-click and enjoy a good movie anytime you want.

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