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HandMade Fonts: That’s How a Really Cool Typography Looks

Have you ever heard about the new stunning HandMadeFont project? No? How have you lived with that? In case you need some unique and nontraditional fonts for you designs, this post will be in a great use!

HandMade fonts

As you know WORD has a power. With its help you can create a successful company or develop a cool brand, you can promote your business. Even web design is 95% typography – that’s what I’m talking about! It is difficult to overestimate the importance of typography in our life. That’s why you should think twice before choosing a font for your own business card, website, poster or something else.

Look at the awesome typography examples below. What do you see? Creative fonts that were made with the help of different casual things. Will you agree with me if I say that you haven’t even thought before that the font may be made of apples or air balloons. Isn’t it a great idea?

Unfortunately, all these fonts are not free… but you can use them as a source of inspiration, just like I did it. Take a look around! How much interesting stuff you didn’t see before! And what is the most enjoyable part – you can use it to create your own font. Use anything you want as a material. Just turn on your imagination!

Make your typography TALK to your visitors!

By the way, if you appreciate these HandMade fonts, here on DesignWebKit you can find some other alluring examples of fresh typography:

1. Beard font

bird handmade font

2. Foam Plastic font

Foam Plastic font

3. Hearts font

Hearts font

4. Sofa font

Sofa font

5. Toy font

HandMade Fonts: Toy font

6. Caviar Red font

Handmade fonts: Caviar Red font

7. Burn Paper font

Burn Paper font

8. Salami font

Salami font

9. Seeds font

Seeds font

10. A4 font

A4 font

11. Leathers font

Handmade fonts: Leathers font

12. Football font

Handmade fonts: Football font

13. “Lego Red” font

Lego Red font

14. Black Bubbles font

Handmade fonts: Black Bubbles font

15. Foil Gold font

Foil Gold font

16. Hair font

Handmade fonts: Hair font

17. Cosmo Milk font

Cosmo Milk font

18. Crust font

Crust font

19. “Moon Cheese” font

Moon Cheese font

20. “Tape White” font

Handmade fonts: Tape White font

21. Oil font

Oil font

22. Cvetok font

Cvetok font

23. Paperclip font

Handmade fonts: Paperclip font

24. Lace font

Handmade fonts: Lace font

25. Cord blue font

Cord blue font

26. Chocolate font

Chocolate font

27. “Thread Red” font

Thread Red font

28. Dust Fur font

Dust Fur font

29. Kniting font

Kniting font

30. Rainbow font

Rainbow font

31. Stick font

Stick font

32. Pencil fon

Pencil fon

33. Plump font

Plump font

34. Paprika font

Paprika font

35. Wood font

Wood font

36. Treecones font

Treecones font

37. Blueberries font

Blueberries font

38. Wheel Toy font

Wheel Toy font

39. Feather font

Feather font

40. Greeble font

Greeble font


41. Coffee font

Coffee font

42. “Magnet backside” font

Magnet backside font

43. Color Plastiline font

Color Plastiline font

44. Macadam font

Macadam font

45. Autumn font

Autumn font

46. “Oil yellow” font

Oil yellow font

47. 3d Rope font

3d Rope font

48. “Simple pattern” font

Simple pattern font

49. Branch font

Branch font

50. Candy font

Candy font

51. “Teddy bear” font

Teddy bear font

52. Brown Sugar font

Brown Sugar font

53. Black Ice Leaf font

Black Ice Leaf font

54. Currant font

Currant font

55. Fruits font

Fruits font

56. Experemental smoke font

Experemental smoke font

57. Bulletshell font

Bulletshell font

58. Peas font

Peas font

59. “Natural wood” font

Natural wood font

60. Fish font

Fish font

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