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Does Email Marketing Really Work?

Email marketing has existed for many years. This marketing strategy has experienced tremendous changes to suit marketers’ needs through the years. A question of concern is, does email marketing work? Well, yes. Read on to understand why an email marketing strategy is still an effective way to create relationships with clients. Emails Are Frequently Used

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The Right Marketing Mix for the Company

By using a good marketing mix, a company covers the most important marketing strategies to increase its market value. To reach this goal, the marketing mix method looks at any possible decision that can increase the demand for their product. Which decisions are these, and how do you use this marketing tool to your advantage?

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Top Innovative Instagram Marketing Tools for 2022

Instagram marketing is one of the best means of reaching out to niche audiences and converting them into loyal customers. Almost every business owner and marketer uses an Instagram account to market their products and services. Many try to buy existing Instagram accounts that have numerous followers. This way, they will soon reach their goals and can

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Getwid – A Magical and Functional Set of Gutenberg Blocks and Templates

Getwid is an excellent all-inclusive plugin solution for those who prefer Gutenberg as their core tool for building a website. The plugin enables customization opportunities for any element, such as layouts, fonts, colors, icons, and more. Therefore, you can easily create a specially designed site of any volume up to your preferences and needs. Getwid

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Is Your Website at Peak Performance? Here’s How the SE Ranking Website Audit Tool Can Help

What is a website audit? It’s something you should be familiar with if you want your site to rank in the SERP! An audit helps you identify any technical website issues that your site might be having that are hurting its performance and consequently, its rankings. A full audit covers a number of areas, including

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Stratum – Free Elementor Widgets that Make You Feel Like a Pro

Elementor is known to be one of the most prominent and efficient WordPress page builders. Now it has more than five mln global users and carries considerable weight in the community. Elementor’s main advantage is its potential for easy visual content editing. It can also boast stable work and free access. Indeed, a pro mode

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12 Marketing Tools You Never Knew You Needed

The life of a modern marketer is defined by generating leads, promoting products and services, improving brand image, and driving sales. With all of these responsibilities, this fun and dynamic career can start to feel like an uphill battle unless you have the right marketing tools. However, there are so many software options that it can

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Tips for Expanding Your SaaS Business

SaaS, otherwise known as Software as a Service, is a business model that refers to software licensing and delivery. Many customers love this mode of obtaining the software as it tends to have a lower initial price, it’s flexible, and upgrading is hassle-free. The creators of the software benefit too as revenue tends to be

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How to Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution in 7 Steps

The success of aggregator sites like Airbnb, Amazon, and several others is right before your eyes. You know that the future belongs to these fantastic sites that bring together the buyers and sellers on a single platform to close peer-to-peer e-commerce deals. Undoubtedly, the business model reflects that this game is worth your candle if

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5 Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that more than 48% of affiliate marketers earn $20k every year? Affiliate Marketing is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry. It’s not a passive income source anymore, rather the entire business. With the right resources and knowledge, you can do a lot in this field. But before getting started, you must understand what niche works for you. There

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