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What Is the Difference Between eSignature and Digital Signature?

There is no doubt that the process of global digitalization affects every industry in the modern world. What is more, the latest digital technologies affect not only large-scale production processes but small organizations and institutions as well. Thus, such simple and familiar to everyone thing as a signature has been also influenced by digital progress. It is impossible to imagine any business procedure, including such a global issue as an agreement with partners and such a routine aspect as an ordinary document signing, without a signature. It is especially true since a personal autograph is considered one of the best ways to verify the identity of the person and confirm the authenticity of the document.

Digital Signature

What makes a signature one of the most reliable methods of the person’s identity and the document originality confirmation? Of course, the point is its uniqueness, particularly because it is almost impossible to forge an autograph. Moreover, even if the forgery is high-quality and looks like an original, it is easy to establish the fact of fraud because of the unrepeatable way of the signature creation. Today, when the signature could be transferred to the virtual space, it is even easier to assure a high level of security for all business procedures. It becomes possible because the digitalization of documents and signatures ensures the protection of business information and personal data. In addition, the choice of the electronic signature API or a digital signature changes the signing process for the better.

Key Features of an Electronic Signature

An electronic signature is a virtual version of a traditional autograph, which you leave on paper with the help of a pen. Moreover, the process of the electronic autograph creation is the same as the classic signing act. Thus, to sign a virtual document, you need to provide the form of your sign with the help of a special pencil or just your finger on the screen of any gadget. So, factually, you draw your signature on the display of a smartphone or tablet.

Consider that you do not need to repeat the signing every time you have to sign a new document. Do it once and save the electronic version of the signature as a file and just insert it into the document when it is necessary.

Key Features of a Digital Signature

When it comes to a digital signature, it is necessary to understand that it is not similar to a classic signature, although it still performs the function of the determinant of the document’s originality and person’s identity.

A digital autograph does not have a handwritten analog. It is an encrypting algorithm, which, in addition to the identifying function, assures a very high level of security for any document.

Of course, the process of digital sign creation differs from electronic signature making. To create a digital autograph, you need to use mathematical codes and encryption programs. So, a digital signature is considered a private key, which assures access to electronic data.

Comparison of eSignature and Digital Signature

Both types of virtual signatures are quite popular today. However, it is necessary to take into account that they are useful for the realization of different purposes.

Thus, if you need to create a virtual signature in a short time, your choice is an electronic autograph. What is more, this type is appropriate for those who are looking for a simple method of document signing.

When it comes to digital signature, is a great solution for those who want to assure maximum protection for their business, financial, and personal data as the digital autograph helps to minimize the risk of information theft or data falsification.

Why Choose Virtual Signing

No matter what type of virtual sign you choose, it is definitely better than the classic handmade signing. The main benefits of the use of the virtual signature are as follows:

  • Simplicity and convenience. With a virtual autograph, there is no need to be tied to the location of the document you need to sign. Online signing allows users to provide a successful workflow on the go. What is more, with a virtual signature, it is easier to sign several documents because you can sign them at once in a couple of clicks.
  • Finance saving. Electronic signing keeps you from expenses on scanning, faxing, copying, and printing. No more paperwork anymore.
  • Expanded business opportunities. Digitalization of the workflow allows for providing international projects. It is easier to cooperate with business partners from different countries.
  • High-security level. Digital storage of documents is not just convenient but secure as well, especially when it comes to an encrypted digital signature.

The choice of an electronic or digital signature is a step toward a new stage of your business development.

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