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Cats and Dogs Playing with Computers – You Know Who Wins

If you have a pet (or want to have a pet) then you will probably like this article. As I’m a cats lover I understand those of you who can’t miss out any picture with cute fluffy kittens or a funny cartoon with them. Moreover, I’m pretty sure that dogs owners do the same. People like pictures of LOLcats and LOLdogs.

Funny demotivators and cartoons of cats and dogs playing with computers and laptops

What do you do when coming home after a long working day? I bet you turn your computer on to check your Facebook account (don’t you do it?)! And what does your pet do? It wants to play with you!

When I come home and try to surf the web my cat sits on the keyboard or lies on the computer mouse and starts purring. It is absolutely impossible to remove the cat out from the computer. So I have nothing to do just to give my social media accounts up and to have some fun with the cat here and now.

On the web I’ve seen many funny photos and cartoons that show things pets can do with your computer or laptop. So I decided to collect these pictures and to give you a portion of lough and inspiration. I hope you will really appreciate pictures of cats and dogs playing with computers. And if you have a story to tell, go forth and tell it.

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Are you ready to enjoy cats photos, comics, demotivational posters and memes? Here they are!

1. Cat Vs. Internet

Cat Vs. Internet Infographic

2. You’re a Cat…

White furry cat sits at a laptop

3. She Wrote Back Hallo

Photo of a cat on the web

4. Something Crashed…

The photo of a cat on a captop

5. Cat Proofing Your Computer

Cat Vs. Internet Infographic

6. We Didn’t Touch It

A brocken computer and a black cat

7. Remove Cat from Computer

Remove Cat from Computer

8. CatMatch

Cat dating website

9. Fix My PC

Two cats are fixing a computer

10. Geek Cats

Geek Cats

11. Laptop Fact

Funny cat comics

12. Cameraphones

Funny cats comics

13. Laptop Cartoon 8

A laptop and a desktop cats

14. Let Your Cat Play

Funny photo of a laptop after a cat played on it

15. Wait

A kitten fixes a computer

16. Yor Welcome

A black cat at a laptop

17. I Hate Computers

A kitten hates computers

18. Censor Kitty

A cat on your computer monitor

19. Today Password

A cat lying on a laptop

20. Request Denied

2 fluffy cats

21. You Call It a Laptop

You Call It a Laptop - cat photo

22. Writer’s Block

Writer's Block

23. Laptop Cartoon 3

2 fluffy cats

24. Internet is Down

Internet is Down

25. Places Cats Sleep in

Places Cats Sleep in

26. Hey! Shoo!

Funny cats cartoon

27. Sender is Cat

Sender is Cat

28. Mew? Mae!

Cats comics

29. Computer Sale Cartoon 6

Computer sales cartoon

30. Basement Cat Regret

Cats laptop

31. Dog-Chat Room

Dog-Chat Room

32. Cats Then and Now

Cats Then and Now

33. White Kitten Hat

White Kitten Hat

34. Microsoft Office Assistant

Microsoft Office Assistant

35. Laptop Cat

Laptop Cat


It was not so easy to find enough pictures of dogs playing with computers, but I did it. As you know I’m a cats fan but I do appreciate these photos and cartoons. I hope you’ll do the same.

1. Computer Sleeps

Computer Sleeps

2. Puppy and USB Port

Puppy and USB Port

3. Dog

Puppy on a laptop

4. You’ve Got Mail

You've Got Mail

5. Tiger

Computer cartoon

6. Ai Noes Wat u Been Doin

Dog visiting cats sites

7. Private Time

Dog at a computer

8. Parental Control Software

Parental Control Software

9. Netrayal

LOLCat sites

10. Even Dogs Do Its

3 dogs are chatting - cartoon

11. I’m in Ur Internets

Dog on the web

12. Can I play with Your Mouse?

Can I play with Your Mouse?

13. 5 Burgers for Lolgoggies

The dog is typing

14. Dog-proofing Your Computer

Dog-proofing Your Computer

15. I’m Talking

Puppy at a computer

16. Computer Apps

Computer Apps cartoon

17. Goggie GIF

Dog is typinf on a laptop

18. Homework

Homework cartoon

19. Online Shopping

Online Shopping

20. Computer Dog

Crazy computer dog says Hi

21. Dear Diary

Dear Diary

22. Puppy


23. Satelite Upload

Puppy on a laptop

24. Don’t Let a Dog Use a Laptop

Smart dog

25. This Is SO

Dog photo for Facebook

26. On Your Laptop

On Your Laptop

27. FireFox


28. Yummy in the Trash

Yummy in the Trash

29. Gogtech

Sleeping dog

30. Delete

Dog on your computer

31. On the Internet

On the Internet

32. You Will Play with Me

You Will Play with Me

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