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Web Design Contract – What Is It & How To Create A Good One?

A web design contract is an agreement that is legally binding between a web designer and the client. The agreement clearly states the pricing of the work, nature of design work, design elements, terms of payment, legal terms, and property rights of the client. The contract needs to be signed by both parties for it to be legally binding.

Web Design Contract

Elements of a Good Web Design Contract

Introductory Part

An outstanding contract for web design projects should start with an introduction that forms a good foundation for the contract. The contract should clearly define the parties involved, date of engagement, and lists of addresses in the introductory part. An essential element in the introduction paragraph is using the legal business name. Also, it is necessary to avoid using generic names, but you should use your real names.

Detailed Explanation of Services

It is essential to indicate the kind of services you are offering to the client. The services should be specific and in simple terms to avoid confusion. Please include all the services despite how minor they are. The list of services may incorporate search engine optimization, web design, or Programming.

Another critical aspect to include is the number of revisions you can offer. Including this in the contract helps the clients be aware of how often they can call you to revise. You can also define what the revision entails to avoid future conflicts with the client.

Web Design Contract – Payments

You can opt to charge your services per hour or per project. If you choose to charge per hour, you should give an average of estimated hours the project is likely to take. On the other hand, if you charge per project, you need to indicate the project’s overall costs.

Payment Schedule

Payment schedules differ depending on the length of the project and the charging method. For projects charged hourly, you can put a payment schedule weekly or monthly. While for projects that are charged according to the project can be charged according to the milestones achieved. For massive projects, you can request for upfront deposits before the start of the work.

Payment Terms

Payment terms dictate the method of payment the client will use. It would be best if you discussed with your client to find a suitable and convenient way for both parties. It will also define the expected time for the payment after the client receives an invoice.

Web Design Contract – Timelines

Project timelines help to measure the expectations of the clients in terms of expected delivery. Having specific deadlines helps the process running smoothly without frustrations for both parties. You should indicate the factors that may hinder the completion of the specified timelines. It would be best if you mentioned the conditions the clients must meet for the project to be completed in time.

Rights of the Work

Copyright is very crucial for any website and one should indicate it at the bottom of the site. The work’s rights help specify who owns the actions of the website to avoid future conflicts. The web designer needs to hand over the ownership of the site to the client upon completion of the final payment. However, some aspects, such as coding, can remain in your ownership.


Web design activities and any other discussions about the client’s business should be confidential. If you share such crucial information with third parties, the client can hold you accountable for a breach of the agreement.

Termination of the Contract

Both parties have the right to terminate the contract but should give reasonable notice and reason. However, if the agreement is terminated, all the payments made by the client are non-refundable. The termination clause is essential for both parties as they have the right to end the contract if the agreement terms are not meant or if the working relationship is not appealing.

Working Relationship

A working relationship forms a basis in the determination of fringe benefits and taxes. If you are hired as an independent contractor, it means that your client is not obliged to offer you any fringe benefits. Also, it would be best if you were responsible for paying your taxes.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are bound to happen in the cause of the working relationship, and you need to define a strategy on how to resolve them. The resolution methods need to be specific, and you should indicate the steps involved and various alternatives.


It is the final segment in the web design contract. The signatures signify that the deal is legally binding. It also indicates that both parties have read the terms and conditions of the contract and have both agreed to them.

Why You Need a Web Design Contract

Protecting the rights of both parties- a web design contract helps protect the rights of both parties by ensuring none of the parties is disadvantaged in the agreement. Smooth working relationship-a contract helps ensure the working relationship is well defined and conducted legally.

Avoid future conflicts-conflicts such as ownership of the website is well discussed in the contract to mitigate future problems. Manage the job expectations-the contract defines the expectations of both parties to help prevent frustrations. Define a reasonable timescale-it helps to avoid delays in the web design project as timeframes are indicated. Helps in the confidentiality matters-in the building of a website, a web designer indulges in the privacy of the business and sensitive business information. A contract has a segment that requires the web designer not to share the secrets of the company.

Web Design Contract – Bottom Line

A web design contract helps to form a professional working relationship between a web designer and a client. The agreement helps to establish a clear line when things go wrong in the project. However, it is often intimidating to identify the key elements that you should include in the contract. A good web design contract for projects should have the above critical items stated transparently and arranged systematically. The language of the contract should be professional, and the English should be correct.

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