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Tips on How to Master Programming

Every day, millions of people launch mobile applications on their smartphonesthis is an entire culture developing at a frantic pace. The developers of these applications are new romantic heroes, people who can instantly become billionaires, like the creators of Instagram, having several computers at hand and a marvelous ideaThey are not taught this anywhere, and in this, they feel their advantage and uniquenessit all depends on you. You take and write a program, and if it works, then you did everything right. If not, someone else will take your place at the top of the Apple Store. The fundamental thing to master programming here is speed. Its unnecessary to sit at a desk for five years to program.

Master Programming

How to Master Programming? – Where to Start?

Modern programming languages used to write applications for mobile devices are simple. To learn the basics and write your first application in a month is easy. You can start stamping unpretentious toys, standard faceless business applications, etc., even getting some profit from their sales. There are a lot of examples of such developers and such applications: in the App Store and on Google Play, there are probably 9 out of 10 such programs. But I would advise a novice developer to start from a unique perspective.

To make something on your own, unique, original, you need a fit foundation. You need to study computer science, classical algorithms, data structures, know what fast sorting is, and how long it works, how tables are arranged, and much moreYou need to understand the basic concepts used in programming in any language for any device: processes and threads, memory management, pointers, parallel computing.

Know C ++ by heart (useful and oh, how wrong those who send it to the dump of history). Understand and be able to put into practice design patterns. To know what a clientserver architecture is and how to organize the interaction of a client with a server in an unreliable communication channel with interference. As an elective, read something about encryption, data protection, network protocols, and Unix.

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What Beyond Technical Skills?

programming skills

Besides purely technical knowledge, to succeed, you need to instill an excellent taste. Because good software is not just software that works without errors, it is designed software made beautifully, elegantly, and convenient for the userIt is unnecessary to become an artistdesigner, but you need to study the guidelines, learn how to design the user interface, think through the logic of the application, take into account all cases, pay attention to the little things and find innovative solutions.

Does Marketing Matter as Well?

The third component is marketing. One must be able to feel the market, understand what will prove to be in demand, and what no one will need. It is not at all the same asfollowing global trends.”

There is a saying of the significant hockey player Wayne Gretzky, which Steve Jobs really liked to repeat: “I rush to where the puck will be, and not to where it was.” It is precisely this abilityto understand where there is a new niche on the market that is not occupied by anyone yet, but which can be filled with its own developmentin combination with the first two requirements, it leads to success.

Master Programming – Are You Willing to Start?

Nowhere in the world is there such a place whereby paying for a course of study, you can be 100% sure that you will become a successful creator of mobile applicationsA classic of the genre to program (specifically for mobile platforms) is considered a lecture course at Stanford University (USA)We can learn all the same from books and the Internet, but Im sure that a wellconstructed course allows you to achieve the goal much faster, straightening the path to it. But independent work on selfimprovement is necessaryThe next question is where to conduct development, where to open your own business? This issue goes far beyond discussing the prospects for mobile software development.

Everyone decides for himself where to live, where and for whom to work. In the era of globalization, borders are blurred, and in IT, they felt it like in no other industry. Nowadays, you can often live anywhere, and without leaving your home, work for the customer from the other end of the worldFor a lone independent developer, freelancer, or creator of their own applications in this sense, there are no restrictions.

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