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How To Increase Traffic and Sales – Five Efficient Design Tips

If I ask you the conversion rate on your website, will you be ashamed of it? Or will you proudly reveal the number to me? With the average conversion rate of a website being no greater than 2.35%, many people feel embarrassed discussing these numbers. This is because they think that having an online presence is enough to make the cut. But that’s not true at all. For every business in today’s world of digitization, an effective website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, generates leads, and is constantly updated/ upgraded is essential, but ways of how to increase traffic and sales are different.

web design tips

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To level up with the advanced technology and Google’s updates, businesses must always be ready to adapt. In fact, the constant changes in the search engine algorithms pretty much influence the factors that decide which websites are performing better than the others. Besides this, there are a lot of factors that have a massive impact on the website’s performance. One such factor is web design; it can make or break your conversion rates. This means if your website is unattractive, your bounce rate will be extremely high. 

That said, if you improve your website design, you will get a sustainable boost in sales – that the main secret of how to increase traffic and sales. On that note, here are a few website design tips that can increase website traffic and conversions.

 How To  Increase Traffic and Sales – Hire A Professional

Updating and upgrading the website on your own might seem an attractive option, but if you are no expert in website design and development, do yourself a favor by calling in professionals of website design Frederick, MD.

Don’t build an in-house team; it will cost you a lot of time and money. Rather outsource the services of a marketing agency. Building and updating a website requires expertise in web design, programming, search engine optimization, marketing, and graphic design to make it work effectively. One single person might not have all these skills, but when you work with a marketing firm, you can rest assured they will excel in every criterion.

Since website development is an essential department, you need to make sure that the website designer you are working with can complete the task before the deadline, and at a reasonable price.

Follow Hick’s Law

Hick’s law describes that the more choices you give to your users, the longer it will take for them to reach a decision. Although it is common sense, it is often neglected to infuse various plugins and too much functionality in a website.

Action is generally lost because of abundant choice options. Let me state a study for your better understanding. This study, titled “More Isn’t Always Better,” describes two incidents that occurred on different days at the food market. One day, shoppers found a display table that had 24 varieties of gourmet jam. On another day, the table displayed only 6 types of jam. On the former day, more people sampled the spread, but when it came to purchasing, people who saw the largest table were only one-tenth as likely to buy as people who saw the smaller display.

Bottom Line? Limit Decisions to boost conversions. Cut the number of options in the navigation bar. If you have a lot of links to click on, the user will get confused and end up not taking action.

Besides that, you should add a full-screen mat with only one CTA on your homepage. This gives only one option to the users in the beginning, and if they want to explore more options, they can scroll down. By minimizing distractions, you are improving your bottom line as every webpage achieves one main goal that is conversion.

Use Relevant High-Quality Content

While SEO practices may be an indispensable weapon in the battlefield, content still reigns over the digital marketing realm. That is why the best way to boost sales and increase traffic is to make your content customized and relevant to your target audience. When you build a fan following, the users visit your website with an expectation to obtain more information about the specific products or services – something that can add value to their life. 

Simply put, high-quality content can offer many rewards to your business, one of them being customer satisfaction.

How To Increase Traffic and Sales – Keep The Design Simple

How To Increase Traffic and Sales

digital composite of business graphics with office background

In the case of web design, the K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principle rules. Simplicity is what helps drive conversions and boost sales. When building the website, ask yourself if there is something that can be done to make the pages simpler and easier for the user to understand.

The majority of internet users cannot handle too much information at once. When they see overwhelming visuals and too much information contained on a page, they leave it immediately. Simple yet great designs are the pillar of high engagement. It means getting rid of anything unnecessary on the website is a foolproof way of creating a great user experience.

In a nutshell, keeping the design simple and minimalistic can get you a clean website that looks uncluttered, attractive, and engaging. 

Adopt A Growth-Driven Design Strategy

Building a website from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. Without a powerful strategy in place, it’s very likely that you end up burning a hole in your pocket. Until and unless you define your goals and set your priorities straight, results can be incredibly disappointing.

When creating an effective strategy, you must consider essential factors like budget, goals, and realistic timelines. Furthermore, the plan must include priorities, not just on the basis of objectives but also on data-driven optimization. Even after the website is live, it is crucial to update it regularly based on the measurements of success in terms of content and design.

Final Thoughts

The latest hoo-ha in the digital marketing space has baffled marketers and business owners to focus on concentrating leads, creating marketing campaigns, and put feet in many other boats sailing in the online marketing ocean. But, they often overlook the most important aspect, i.e., overall website design. 

When it comes to the question of how to increase traffic and sales, attractive website design is a crucial factor that keeps users engaged. So, what are you waiting for? Reduce your bounce rate with these five web design tips.

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