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Why Laptops Are Better Than Desktops For Online Business?

The number of online businesses has increased sharply in the past five years, due in part to the number of people wishing to make their income working from home and the increase in online shopping due to the pandemic. As a result, we have all been experimenting with various business ideas to run in our spare time, hoping to join the many people running an online business. So, after you’ve gotten your business scheme straight and gathered the courage to leap into entrepreneurship, you then need to think about your equipment and one of the questions is “Why Laptops Are Better Than Desktops”. Later in this article, we’ll find it out.

why laptops are better

Also, this not just your chair and your desk. Although comfort is a big part of how efficiently you can work, this is about what tech you’re going to need and what your office needs in it to help you in every situation. When it comes to running a business, it is good to be prepared for everything from the beginning, as it makes later on down the line so much easier and saves you from a lot of wishful thinking.

Which Pieces of Equipment Do You Need?

So, let’s start with what you will need above all else: a PC or a laptop. Having a good computer is essential when starting an online business. If things go to plan, you will generate your income using this device, so you need to ensure it is high quality and reliable. You first need to choose your preferred brand and operating system. This can be a Windows’s supporting brand, such as Chrome or the far more popular Lenovo, or an Apple product. It’s up to you to decide whatever you feel would suit you best.

Then you need to think about what style of computer you want: a desktop, an all-in-one, or a laptop. All have their benefits and disadvantages, but when you’re using it to run a business, the only imperative factor is that it’s reliable. Comfort comes next, and everything else is an added bonus. With that in mind, here are some benefits and disadvantages to desktops and laptops.

Benefits of a Desktop Computer

  • They are sturdy and have a long life. You can modify your PC as you see fit and can run without fault for a long time.
  • They are not only just for work. You can play games, browse and stream on desktops with no problems with performance or have any overheating issues.
  • Desktops can be better for your posture. If you are looking at a screen directly in front of you and not looking down most of the time, it might damage your neck.
  • Having a Desktop keeps everything in the same place, meaning that, if you want, you can keep your workstation as a workstation.
  • Lastly, you can get an all-in-one desktop computer, which means you don’t need to have a large bulky PC and a separate monitor. It’s a bit like the midway point between a laptop and a desktop.

Why Laptops Are Better Than Desktops – Disadvantages of a Desktop Computer

Desktops are notoriously awkward and challenging to shift, and there can be a lot of trouble when it comes to finding storage space for it. There are a lot of cables that can create a lot of mess. You might get caught or snag on one of these, and that might pull your equipment off of the table, causing it to break.

As well as paying for a desktop, you will need to buy the monitor separately. They might bet more expensive upfront than a laptop, which can put people off buying them.

Why Laptops Are Better Than Desktops – The Benefits of a Laptop Computer

  • Laptops are convenient. They can be easily stored and lightweight, so you can travel with them and work on the go, which helps if you have a long commute to work on the train, as you can carry on working without needing to sync your devices.
  • Laptops can be cheaper than desktops with a similar spec.
  • They are very good at handling one task at a time, which is good if you like to focus.
  • Very few wires and cables mean that things can stay neatly packed away without having a problem getting tangled.
  • Laptops are chargeable, so you can work anywhere around your own home and don’t have to stick to the same boring old desk, which can cut down a lot of needing to go forwards and backward if you need to get something.

Disadvantages of a Laptop Computer

For a hardware upgrade, you need to wait for the next model to be released and pay for a whole new system. Laptops can be fragile and easily broken. This can cost a lot to repair and can be inconvenient if it breaks while you’re traveling to work. They can’t handle a lot of things at once. You’ll probably find it starts crashing and stops working when doing three or more separate things. Laptops might not be so great for your posture, as you can sit very hunched over a laptop all day and not realize it until your back starts to ache. Laptop batteries start draining fast when the user starts consuming them simultaneously. The laptop battery life can be extended if operated cautiously.

Additional Equipment

Now we can move on to the next part, which is the additional equipment your office will need. These things are general office must-haves, as they make your working day much easier.

A (Preferably Wireless) Printer

A printer will help you when you need to make physical copies of documents or print labels for packaging if you’re working in eCommerce.

A Scanner (Possibly Combined with the Printer)

You can use this to back up physical files and move designs onto your digital storage.

WiFi Extender

This will boost the range of your Wi-Fi, which is a necessity if you have built your office in your garden shed.

USB Drives

Otherwise known as a thumb drive or a memory stick. These can help back up your files and software if you have a cyberattack and lose all of your data and sensitive information. Portable storage can be useful for transporting files from one PC to another if you haven’t synced your Cloud account properly.

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