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The Baby steps of startups: The Four Important Tips For Nurturing A Startup Idea

Startups are like millennials babies. It brought a vast number of opportunities for innovative youngsters who are passionate to implement their own business ideas for a change.

Interestingly, it has changed customers’ preferences and increased the number of job opportunities as well. This holds true with regards to the demand for freelance or independent workers, for example mobile app developers.

The traditional way of starting your own business is long gone as millennials have developed their own way of working and growing their businesses. Needless to say that it is a risky step but it has yield some highly positive results globally.

If the team is dedicated enough to put in a lot of work to achieve their goals then success is no far. Successful start-ups like Uber, Alibaba, and Airbnb have shown that it is better to go ahead with your idea if you think it can make a difference in everyone’s day-to-day life.

The majority of startups witness failures because there are various factors that shape up the success or a failure of any business. But it should not stop you from giving it a shot. Succeeding in achieving something that you dreamed off should work as the biggest source of inspiration.

The growing start up rage has encouraged people to take risks and given various support systems for them to convert their idea into a successful business, for example investment or funding agencies. It has changed the parents’ definition of success for their children and made them patient enough to give their children a chance to fail or succeed, or at least, test themselves and their caliber by supporting these youngsters.

Throughout the startup journey, one is expected to go through various crests and troughs that will be useful for you to understand more and more about how to reform the sustainable version of your idea. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to plan and structure your activities in various departments. This activity helps to build your brand and prepare mitigation plans to minimize risks and threats.
The reason behind having a tangible growth strategy is that your business plan needs to consider long term success. Because it is important for an idea to survive sustainably in the midst of high competition.

So, here are four important tips for nurturing your startup idea.

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1. Run productive brainstorming sessions

The most important tip is to keep on having brainstorming sessions once you have got an idea. It is highly productive for the growth of a business idea to have numerous brainstorming sessions. This will help you to come up with small ideas that might shape up the success of your business. You should always have a habit of writing those ideas down on a paper and work accordingly.

It must include discussion on what happened before and what is going to happen after it. Considering all the possible situations that might occur from all the possible angles while having a brainstorming session is extremely significant as it helps you in getting prepared with backup plans and mitigation plans to minimize risks. One should always be open to different ideas during brainstorming sessions and give everyone a chance to voice their opinions. Such an effective brainstorming session results in positive results.

2. Testing the Minimum Viable Product with Market

Once you have finalized the idea then focus on building your product and keep on testing the product in market in order to determine your target customers. It helps you in catering to the increasing needs of your customers and modifying your product according to their buying patterns and behaviors. To achieve this, you should be interactive enough on social media as well as on the offline platforms to maintain the desired level of customer loyalty.

It is also necessary to keep on asking for their feedback and responding accordingly. The ultimate motive should be to test business offerings, such as pricing, features, branding, and customer convenience. It would lead to cost efficient ways of attracting more and more customers and experiments that involve effective marketing techniques and product positioning pitches. It might consume a lot of your time, but effective tests would let you determine factors that shape up the success of your business idea.

3. Create a highly professional detailed business plan

Surely, you know your idea and how you are going to go ahead with it but making a business plan and sticking to it is as important as having a brainstorm session. In order to work effectively, it is important to create a highly detailed business plan involving relevant details. The purpose shall be to document each and every detail and build a calculated document that has a proper framework for the business.

It also helps you in identifying trends, deadlines, and setting up targets that shape up the long term success. Achieving these small targets is going to help you in achieving your main goal. While you are at it, ensure that you think of different viewpoints especially the investor’s viewpoint. Thinking of questions that investors might ask would push you to have a feasible plan. It will eliminate potential risks and give you ideas to sustain the business.

4. Brand your idea and promote it effectively

Social media is a chaos where everyone is promoting their idea or blowing their own trumpets on various social media websites and other digital platforms, It is highly important for all the youngsters to focus on the aspect of marketing. Moreover, the traditional way of marketing is long gone as offline platforms are not as effective as online platforms now.

Having said that, you mustn’t refrain yourself from promoting your business and products on offline platforms. Because this may help you to attract a wide range of customers.

However, online platforms must be your priority as you can attract a huge number of people in a short time interval which is quite fascinating. It is also necessary to have brainstorming sessions just to come up with innovative marketing ideas on online platforms, for example creating online campaigns or giving promotional items to customers, or coming with unique hashtags ideas for promoting your business.

Utkarsh Tiwari
Utkarsh Tiwari is a Vice President and business strategist at Peerbits, one of the top mobile app development company that delivers high-end mobile app solutions to Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises.
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