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Freelanсing: a Few Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Give Out

Freelancer’s way is one of the hardest ones. But if you drew yourself into the circle of freelancers, try your best to be good in it. No matter what kind of job you do, sometimes inspiration leaves you and you can’t bring yourself to work well for a few days or even a week. Sadness covers you and it makes you think you’re doing nothing useful. Also it makes you believe that all your acts are meaningless. But it’s not true. Especially, if it happens after a failure.

Freelansing: a Few Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Give Out

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Everybody has downtime. Sometimes freelancing doesn’t meet your expectations of comfort and flexibility. So, it’s extremely important to know what serves as motivation for a freelancer like you are. I have been a part-time freelance blogger, therefore I have an experience in this field. I faced a lack of self motivation and I found a couple of solutions of this problem. I use them when I feel that my battery is going low. I want to share with you my experience in order to reduce your difficulties and to help to maintain high motivation for everyday work.

Remember Your First Steps

Remember the reason you started being a freelancer. Even if everything is really bad think of where you are now and where you have been in the start of your career. As a rule, people become freelancers because they want to have freedom when choosing projects to work at and to take control of their working schedule.

It’s easy to break deadlines. It can be a problem of your time management or just a lack of motivation. If it’s really so you should understand one freelancing rule: the amount of money you earn is totally determined by the amount of time and work you’re putting in it. High productivity and hard work are the main things which contribute to a freelancer success.

Hard work will get back to you with the good clients’ feedback. Your efforts will pay off with more and better offers. As a result, you’ll get an opportunity to choose tasks that you really want to do.

The Fear of Failure

A person gains happiness from the ups and downs on the way to the main goal. The feeling that you’re doing something to achieve what you want makes you happy. Once Stanley Kirk Burrell said something like: “You’ll always find somebody, who tells you that you’re wrong. It’s normal. Everybody likes only the kittens.” So keep on doing what you like. Listen to your heart, but not somebody else’s.

Moreover, your laziness can be a warming signal that you need a rest. In this case you should review your timetable: sleep a few hours more, take more small breaks when you work or even take a vacation. A proper drafting of the schedule can help you to manage your energy.

Deep Passion

When your hobby slowly becomes your job and the main source of income, it’s very easy to lose your creative sense. Having a short period of time to complete the project makes the situation even worse. You concentrate on the process of doing the job instead of doing it aesthetically or creatively. It can lead to a failure or bad work results and totally kill your passion for your hobby and for freelancing.

Freelansing: a Few Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Give Out

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Sometimes you need to feed your passion if you don’t want to lose it. Spend more time viewing the designs that you like. Looking on the designs could awaken a desire to prove the world that you can do it even better. I’ve always been inspired by other designers’ works. They made me wanted to compete and prove to myself that I can do the same.

Earlier you did something (drawing or writing) for fun. You did it when you wanted to do it and when you were inspired. But now when your money depend on your favourite pastime it’s no longer funny. There is one more tip to help you. Draw something for fun, not for money. As long as you’re doing art not for work the fire inside you will be burning. Just keep it burning. Try to separate your work and hobby in order to save the balance.

See Your Benefits

There are a lot of advantages of being a freelancer. Just open your eyes to see them. You can take breaks, go for the meals and leave your workplace whenever you want. What king of job can offer such benefits as freelancing can? Use these advantages. Try to work in a garden, park or favourite cafe when your motivation is running out. The world has come up with a laptop, so you are able to carry it everywhere you go.

Freelansing: a Few Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Give Out

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The main thing is to understand the reason of why you gave out. Try your best to understand the nature of an issue. Maybe it’s a fear of failure, reluctance, fatigue, anxiety or something else. Try to give the honest answers to these questions in order to understand yourself better. It’s the first step to find a solution of any problem.

One more important moment to remember: the point is to be in love with your job. Passion is the key to success in freelancing. Therefore, dream what you want to do, dream who you want to be and dream big. You should remember, that everything is up to you in you life. You can become a spaceman and set foot on the moon’s ground. You can also become a great creator ever and find the philosopher’s stone of immortality. Impossible is nothing, you need just to want something really hard.

Maybe you have some other tricks to stay motivated. Don’t hesitate to share your thouhts in the comment section below.

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