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12 Amazing Website Footer Design Examples for Inspiration [Updated]

It is extremely important to give visitors something interesting once they hit the bottom of your website. From the examples given above, it becomes very clear that there are many creative ways to craft a page that makes could make a huge difference in page views, signups, social followers, and the clients you get. Take a look at the examples of marketing websites here to find the best inspiration for web design.

Website Footer Design

Many areas in the footer section are of paramount importance, like signing up for a service, the link to the blog section, or contact details. You need to be clear enough about your goals when designing a footer page for your business website.
This post presents some of the most innovative website footer design examples that can be used to create an engaging layout. Let’s give them a look:

Evolution by MotoCMS

Evolution footer

This website is for those who like dark-colored footer designs. The footer looks very stylish featuring a logo, social media buttons, and very clear navigation. The email subscription form fits the design just perfectly with a vivid purple button. The beneficial thing here is a Back To Top button – rather useful feature for all users.


ZoyoYogurt footer

This website footer design is pretty cool being creative and functional at the same time. The website features an attractive, intuitive and uncluttered foot design that features visually appealing graphics.

The design in the footer has also the essential elements to encourage smoother navigation to impress the target audience. All the categories are clearly defined and guide the visitors clearly.

Mom and Popcorn

Mom and Popcorn footer

The use of large images and bold typography in the website is used clearly to draw the attention of users and allow them to take a desired action. Being simple yet attractive, this website footer design is quite appealing to grab the attention and requires readers to understand the content clearly.

There is an option to subscribe for emails in which the users can enter their email address to get alerts and updates on recent activities in the site. Additionally, the social media icons increases chances of attracting brand awareness by maximizing reach on social networks.


Monocle footer

The footer in the design has been utilized at its best. The design places secondary navigation to utilize the areas of a website that are of least importance. This, in turn, adds to the usability of a website by helping declutter the main navigation.

This is an innovative approach for heavy websites. Here, the links are placed to less important areas of the website within the footer. Additionally, a search bar is included so that users can search for additional information without having to scroll back to the top of the page.

Design Your Way

design your way

43 Folders website footer design

43 folders footer design

Taking creativity to the next level, the footer design here combines creativity and functionality for a sparkling web presence.

Site Inspire

Site Inspire footer design

There are some websites that are reader-inspired like blogs and news websites which requires readers to attract attention by displaying the top quality of content. These websites rely on maximizing views to generate revenue. This can be achieved by offering links to popular posts within the footer as shown in the design here.

The footer on Site Inspire is visually appealing with a short profile and links to a recently posted content. Such a design allows readers the option of accessing more content when reaching the bottom of page. This ensures that your content gets more accessibility even when readers continue browsing the site.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project footer image

Placing large CTA in the footer is an effective strategy. However, there are many businesses who take a strategic approach by including forms within the website footer design, which, in turn allows users to perform variety of tasks like subscribing to newsletters, initiating a contact on every page and so on.

Tessmae’s All Natural

Tessmae’s All Natural footer

Presenting fat footer, Tessmae’s All Natural makes the best use of minimal look. Keeping their design stand apart from the rest ones, this site keeps the footer area lighter in shade, so as to enhance its readability.

Special emphasis is given on the newsletter signup in the footer section. The presence of larger text and signup form complements the overall appeal. Additionally, the placement of social icons and neatly organized columns add an extra effect to the footer section.

The interesting part of signup in the footer is that it encourages visitors to take the step or perform some action on the site. The second most prominent thing they would do is checking out Tessmae’s social profile or call them. In the end, the navigation links are going to be of great use if they simply want to browse the site.

Fusion Design Creative Solutions

Fusion Design Creative Solutions footer

Fusion Design Creative has a smooth-functioning footer that arranges navigation components in a creative way. Being darker in appeal with a nice image in the background, the design complements the content beautifully.

As you scroll down, you might come across a lot of background image sections. The design creates a perfect balance with social icons and a background image.

The Pixel

The Pixel footer picture

Pixel features a footer section that has small text, simple typefaces, contrasting colors and columns of different width. Everything in the footer section is organized and easy on eyes in terms of being able to quickly identify the different types of information being presented.

Viewers will have a choice to select from multiple options and deciding on what to do next.


HTMLPanda footer image

Apart from the visual appeal, the website footer design in HTMLPanda comprises the right mix of information, design elements, and usability. The utilization of lowermost space is done at its best to convey important information quickly and shortly.

The design is quite expressive with the correct use of colors, styles and graphic elements.

Wrapping it Up:

It is extremely important to give visitors something interesting once they hit the bottom of your website. From the examples given above, it becomes very clear that there are many creative ways to craft a page that makes that could make a huge difference in page views, signups, social followers and the clients you get.

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