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11 Amazing Website Footer Design Examples for Inspiration

Website footer is a part which is widely underestimated. However, that is where you present the most important information about your website which will be displayed on each page of your website. Taking into consideration its importance and peculiarities, this post presents some of the most innovative examples of website footer design that can be used to create an engaging layout. Let’s give them a look.

By Bryan Lazaris 2017-09-22 1 6,858
Website Footers: Modern Trends, Tips, Best Examples

When designing a website, even the smallest thing can make a big difference. A website footer is one of those “smallest things” that shouldn’t be ignored. Today more and more web designers tend to pay as much more attention to the website footer as possible. Some years ago most designers and users would tell that

By Tina Zennand 2011-07-28 0 2,918